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#send me a 🐄 and i’ll reply with a random picture i have saved
miekasa · 5 months ago
How do you think the characters would text? And what would they put people’s name as? Like their friends, s/o, and family? I have a feeling eren has some stupid-ass contact names 🙄 but I love him anyways LOL💗💞💕
I think about this every day, and I have so many thoughts about this, you don’t even know. I’ve actually considered making like fake text messages/instagram profiles for Eren and Levi before because I’m obsessed with it BUT! I know that @erencore has some and you should check them out if you haven’t 😌
Eren either saves you as your entire government name, or like My Little Honeybunch Sugarplum Venti Iced Mocha Latte with Caramel Brulee Sprinkles loml ✨💘 He texts you about anything and everything, no matter how strange, random, or mundane it is. He’s the kind of guy to be like, “haha i’m taking a shit rn but i want you to know that i love uuuu🥺🥺🥺” King of unprompted FaceTimes. He’ll FaceTime for a simple thing that could have been resolved over texts, but he just likes bothering you; and claims it’s easier to press one button for FaceTime than to type out a whole message. 
Mikasa saves your name with your last name as Ackerman, and is kind of shy about it (she wouldn’t tell you she did it), but it makes her really happy whenever she sees a message from you. She’s a pretty normal texter, and she uses the replies/reactions buttons on iMessage a lot because she feels awkward typing out “hahahah.” She gets really happy when you text her things and say that it reminded you of her. Lowkey takes screenshots of cute and/or funny conversations you’ve had to look back on them later. Precious girl, best girl. 
Contrary to popular belief, I think Levi would be a pretty decent texter, at least in terms of how/when he replies. He’s pretty good at communication, so he makes an effort to respond to you whenever he sees your messages; especially if he thinks it might be urgent. Gets upset when you only show your eyebrows on FaceTime (“It’s called FaceTime, not Forehead Time. Where is the rest of your face.”) He also calls a lot, but those are pretty regularly scheduled. He likes hearing your voice. 
Erwin sends the MeMojis at any given opportunity, and he’s lucky his is decently cute. He also sends a lot of audio messages, and when he does text, he uses regular/proper punctuation and it can be kind of scary LMAO. He loves sending videos, gets surprised by the automatic confetti things when you type things like “congrats.” He’ll text you asking about the same thing a few times because he forgot what you responded with and you’re like “Erwin, you know you can just scroll up, and see what I said right?” and he’s like “.... I did not. Thank you for letting me know.” 
Jean has your name saved with a heart at the end, but he never says your name when he’s texting you. It’s always some obscure nickname. You text him “Hey” and he responds like “What’s up little snail 🤩” and you’re like god, you’re lucky you’re cute. Begs you to send him pictures of you, and is constantly in your Snap messages, like he doesn’t already have your number. He triple texts with no shame. Gets pouty if you don’t text him or call him at the end of the day and is so mf dramatic about it. “I am but a poor farm boy waiting for his lover to come back from a long day collecting firewood in the fields, but alas, it seems that she has forgotten about her lovelorn mate 😖😖” and you’re like “Jean, I was taking a test 🙄 I’ll call you when I get home, bye” 
You wanna talk about a really shameless triple texter, though, then that’s Sasha and Hange. They will both blow up your phone all day every day over the stupidest little things, but they’re both so damn excitable and cute, you can’t be angry with them about it. Hange uses SO many emojis, and Sasha is so quick to reply and responds so enthusiastically to anything you send her. Fanastic, 10/10 for both of them. 
Armin begs you to send him pictures of you regardless of what you’re doing. Not dirty ones, just of you doing whatever you’re doing. You could tell him you’re in the library studying and he’s like “send a pic, I bet you look cute 🥺” He saves every last one of them. Types with an all lowercase aesthetic. Sends you links to things he finds cute and/or interesting all the time--whether it be cool news about something he’s studying, or something cute he saw on Instagram. 
Connie texts you random things he’s suddenly remembered in the middle of the day like “remember when you didn’t know that bacon came from pigs lololol” and you’re like Connie it’s 3:23pm on a Tuesday, why must you remind me of that. Sends you memes and 10 TikToks back to back at 4 in the morning, and gets upset when you don’t watch them all by the time he’s woken up. Makes memes out of screenshots from Snaps you’ve sent him and sends them to you whenever he feels like he’s losing an argument. 
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zouisbreakup · a month ago
hey xime 🐄 BUT I'll be reciprocal and send YOU a random pic
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zayn!!!!!! 💏
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here's your pic ! very true btw </3
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wrestlezaynia · a month ago
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This picture does things to me.
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korimi4 · a month ago
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Send me a 🐄 and I’ll reply with a random picture I have saved
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