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hewwwwkayyyy · 4 months ago
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Stargate Atlantis | Irresponsible 3x13
for @carsonsweebabyturtles to whom I sent my first SGA ask ever! 
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scifidancer · 10 months ago
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stargate365 · 3 years ago
[SGA] 3.13: Irresponsible
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Superheroes?? Please don’t be some nerd with an ancient artifact that knocks over buildings and shit.
Ronon and Teyla being realistically baffled by Johns childhood.
Well this dude is a wibbly. Look at him, his jacket serves no purpose whatsoever.
Wait... that guy. Quick, somebody shoot the bastard.
I don’t think I can take another 45 minutes of this guys bullshit.
“Thought you said that wasn’t going to hurt.” “I lied.”
I’m with Ronon on this. Facepalming the whole way.
John and Ronon poking holes in his story.
Him? Invincible? Meh.
Oh yes! Drop it on him, squash him like a... dammit. He’s invincible.
Rodney and John recognised that shield.
Crap. Bandits.
Wait, isn’t that the dude from a few days ago. The one Cam pretended to be in the Lucian Alliance?
...oh... this is all staged, isn’t it.
I mean come in, bandits show out right after he says that he’s only as good as his most recent victory or some shit?
And now he’s all popular again.
Hah! I was right!
Oh god...
I vote we leave them to their next disaster.
“You’re trying to figure out a way to hurt me.” “Yep.”
*screaming* “It’s not me this time, I swear.”
Fucking Kolya! I swear to god John, if you don’t manage to kill him this time around...
“And if they burn the town down around you out of pure spite...?”
Bet Ronon is wishing he thought of chucking Lucius in the Lake...
*snorts* The Squad aren’t dumb enough to trust he wouldn’t give them up.
“They weren’t there.” “Really? That’s weird... wonder where they could have gone.”
Wow, Kolya is actually kinda clever sometimes...
I have an idea too: Lucius Shuts Up
Sometimes I have to wonder if Kolya has a bit of a fixation on John. Always wanting his attention.
Johns got the shield... oh crap... did it just run out of juice?
Haha! How’d you like them eggs!
*suspenseful music*
God fucking finally!! It only took you three seasons John!!
“Thought you said that personal shield was depleted” “Oh yeah...”
“Hit me as hard as you can” *thwap* “Ow!!” 
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jumpingpuddles · 4 years ago
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Stargate Atlantis: Irresponsible
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colonelshepparrrrd · 20 days ago
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John Sheppard | Arms (and The Black T-shirt)
Tagging the interested parties 😏😘🤙
@gingerpolyglot @luredin @musicismagic-writes
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carsonsweebabyturtles · 5 months ago
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dedkake · 7 months ago
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it could’ve started like this: a mcshep get-together per episode
53/100: irresponsible | bullet trajectories, t, .6k
The sound of feet scuffing on cobblestones interrupts John’s spiraling thoughts, but he keeps his eyes closed. He knows that gait, knows the weight of Rodney’s presence well enough that he just relaxes more, tension easing out of his shoulders where he’s resting against the rough brick wall.
read it on ao3 | entire series & notes
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stargatecaps · 3 years ago
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annakiaora · 3 years ago
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Not much going on in S3Ep13 Irresponsible but the arms are pretty
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Rewatching Stargate Atlantis, Season 1 Episode 8: Underground (pt 1)
McKay is drinking 11 cups of coffee per day during a coffee shortage
He would have absolutely bought all the toilet paper in a store at the beginning of the quarantine, and he would have pushed several people out of his way to do it
Ooooh ok so I may have just fallen in love with this outfit
A lighter blue pair of stays, with cording, a white chemise/shift with a bit of gathering at the neckline (maybe a drawstring) and a brown petticoat, worn under the stays
And Sheppard just hit on this farmer's apparently betrothed daughter (I think)
Despite Teyla having won the hard earned trust and friendship from these people, this farmer is awfully suspicious of her
Whoops, ok so apparently this 'simple farmer' has a wrist communication device that he's hiding from everyone
He's "bringing them in"
Maybe the Genii secretly have a whole bunch of tech but present the whole simple farmers thing to outsiders, maybe as protection from the wraith?
"[these medicines] are capable of stopping bacterial infections entirely"
"hmm. We will need more than you offer."
"I don't think you understand how cool this medicine is." Lieutenant Ford I love you so much. Never, ever change (I know, I know, but I prefer to live in the delusion that the plot will have miraculously changed by the time that I get to season 2, and then we'll have Ford AND Ronan on the team).
Ok, so further notes on this costume: the stays are made of wool (on the outside), with what looks kind of like a horizontal boning channel, almost like an Edwardian bust bodice, they lace up at the sides with bows down near the hips (so it's not spiral lacing, though there was a woman who had spiral lacing up the back of her stays), and there are tabs at the bottom, and shoulder straps that are attached to the stays themselves, instead of tied on. The petticoat is worn under the stays, and the shift/chemise does have a drawstring neck and possibly a bit of lace trim. Also it's long sleeved, though they could either be 3/4 sleeves or they could be tied/buttoned up.
Please, dear God, don't show them C4.
They showed them C4.
But Ford was so excited! That makes up for the showing them C4.
Hey, isn't that guy on SNL?
No he is not. I thought he was Alex Moffat, but he isn't
Teyla is judging you, farmer
Ooh a harvest ceremony! Isn't that usually code for an orgy?
Ok, the sleeves are rolled up
Weir is so done with Sheppard and his low impulse control when it comes to promising people stuff
Once again, Sheppard is lost
And even though McKay is ragging on him about how the Genii gave them "very clear instructions", I don't think that he knows where they are either
And they just found a trapdoor covered by hay in a barn
A very ~technologically advanced~ looking trapdoor
Ooh, Secret bunker with a "powerful energy source"
I love that my phone automatically capitalized secret bunker
And now they have weapons pointed at them in the secret bunker.
And the stays also lace up in the back?
Jesus Christ how many weapons did McKay and Sheppard have with them????
And now the head farmer is wearing a military uniform
These are very stereotypical European military uniforms, I would just like to point out. Both the Pegasus Galaxy cultures that we've seen so far that were put together enough to have an official uniform for the military had very similar uniforms, and I hope we get to see more variation in the future, but seeing as I barely remember the stuff that I WAS interested in at the time that I last watched SGA, I have no clue if we do see more variation
The Genii that are still pretending to be simple farmers have just told Ford and Teyla that the wraith have arrived (but they haven't, it's really only to keep them from going outside to look for Sheppard and McKay)
Ok, the Genii just threatened to kill Sheppard and McKay and then blame it on the wraith, so, it's not going too terribly well at the moment
John goddamn Sheppard. Don't you fucking dare, this is the stupidest and most irresponsible thing you have ever said in your life
"Look, what you people do with your C4 is none of our business."
It is exactly your goddamn business, because you are giving an extremely dangerous thing to people who you hardly know, and have already admitted that they're not going to use it to clear out land so that they could make more food (as was planned).
Rodney, babe, your ego is showing
And apparently, what the Genii want is an atomic bomb.
Well, it is technically for use against the wraith
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ah, of course. The whole "we used to be super super powerful people but then the wraith destroyed us so now we have all of this written data/knowledge with no way to use it" thing. This actually featured a whole lot with the last episode, and it was done very well, especially the part where there was a scientist who'd almost cracked the anti-wraith serum, and he and his team of scientists worked through the next wraith culling to attempt to finish it, and all of them were killed, inspiring an entire nation to obsess over finishing his work, and (I especially loved this part) even going so far as to teach his lab books in school, with a large amount of the population being able to quote his last entry from memory.
Guys, I'm literally 17 minutes into this episode. I'm not even halfway done. Ok, I'm going to post this, and do a part two, okay?
Also I just read these back to make sure there weren't any glaring spelling errors or anything, and I totally predicted this y'all
Or maybe I just remembered this episode without realizing it.
Part 2
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hewwwwkayyyy · 5 months ago
team falling over itself to protect Rodney
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samcaarter · 5 years ago
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The Universe is vast, but British Columbia is small
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prettiestvisitors · 3 months ago
For the movies/TV show ask:
SGA episodes:
Oooooh ok!
never seen|not interested|don't remember watching it|on my watch list|ew|bad|meh|will watch if bribed with snacks|good|great|favourite|masterpiece|bury me with it
never seen|not interested|don't remember watching it|on my watch list|ew|bad|meh|will watch if bribed with snacks|good|great|favourite|masterpiece|bury me with it
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colonelshepparrrrd · 6 days ago
How about we name it later.
Please don’t reblog this, as I update it every time I make new content.
This is my master list for my gifs, fanfiction and artwork. I will post NSFW stuff, so here is your warning.
Please do not take any of my original content and use it as your own. Don’t be an asshole, give credit when it is due.
BAMF John Sheppard Gif Series
Remnants || Broken Ties
Walking and Talking Series
The Game Part 1
Song Lyric Gifs Series
Sheppard’s Emotional Repression + Can You Feel My Heart (BMTH)
Birthday Gifs
Sheppard and O'Neill (For carsonsweebabyturtles)
March 2022
April 2022
McShep Moments (For escriveine)
Sheppard is a Little Shit (For dedkake)
One Shot Sheppard or Stargate Gifs/Gifsets
Sheppard’s Arms
Sheppard’s Face (gif request)
John & Rodney | Echoes (gif request)
Sheppard | Travellers
Sheppard’s Trauma
Stargate Atlantis/See
John and Rodney | Tao of Rodney
Sheppard Climbing (for @ dailystargatebooty)
Sheppard HC
Random JFlan Gifs
Joe in Thoughtcrimes Series | Part 1
Joe in 6 Bullets || Joe has a … uh mmhmm || Joe’s Hips || Joe’s Puppy-eyes (Below the one of Sheppard in Irresistable) || Joe Interview (Hermiod) || Joe in Ferocious Planet (Blep)
A Weapon of War an ongoing series
What Lays Behind His Smirk (Dark Fan Fic/Heavy Angst/Sheppard!Whump)
Letter to an AU (Love Letter/Journal Entry format)
SGA Sheppard and McKay Version - Let It Go (Frozen)
Artwork and Memes
Dumbasses In Love aka The Water Fight (Romantic!McShep Fan Art)
Live Slug Reaction Meme (Yes I consider this art, its perfect)
Wet and Pathetic Sheppard
McKay Sass Levels
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a-solitary-man · a year ago
headcanon;; john's mother 
Tumblr media
aka sga acts like none of the main characters have mothers at all, so i'm going to make john's mother one of the most important parts of his childhood take that tptb
content warnings: death, illness
John’s parents divorced when he was 5 years old. His brother Dave chose to live with their father, and John chose to live with their mother. 
Although his father was rich, his mother was an artist, doing odd jobs here and there for extra income as necessary. She and John shared a love of movies and music. She called him Johnny, in part because they both loved Johnny Cash. She also loved the outdoors, and they’d often go hiking and boating in the summer and skiing in the winter. 
As a parent, she was not strict, but John usually kept in line because he wanted her approval. For example, every now and then she’d let him stay up late with her to watch a movie. He knew that if his grades suffered, she wouldn’t let him do things like that anymore, so he kept his grades up. Also, she and his father often argued about their extremely different parenting styles, so John was afraid if he started messing up, he’d be sent to live with his father.
When John was 10 years old, his mother broke her arm while skiing, and when she went to the hospital, they discovered her bones were fragile due to cancer. For the next 2 years, they lived with her parents, and John did his best to help take care of her. Whenever she was sad, he considered it his job to make her smile again, and he never wanted her to see that he was sad too.
Unfortunately, his mother died when he was 12, and he had to move back in with his brother and father. He was furious at them, because he felt that they hadn’t really cared about his mother, and they hadn’t visited her enough when she was sick. His relationship with both of them only deteriorated over the years. He became a troublemaker at school, regularly getting into fights and behaving badly in class. Dave considered John irresponsible and ungrateful, while his father continually sought to control John and set him on what he considered the correct path.
John does not mention his mother to pretty much anyone, including his family, and will avoid the topic if directly asked. 
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stargatevp · a year ago
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Thurs 25th of March SGA 3x13 Irresponsible. Host: @arrowsbane​​
Sun 28th of March SGU 1x13 Faith. Host: @dorothyoz39​​ ​
Time: 3pm EST / 8pm GMT / 9pm CEST
Links: Episode List | Watch HERE | Subscribe to Calendar
DM a MOD ( @arrowsbane​​​​​ @1989nihil​​​​​ @dorothyoz39​​​​​ @angelblaze​​​​​​) for the password.
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hewwwwkayyyy · 8 months ago
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McKay is a genius after all.
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hewwwwkayyyy · 5 months ago
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