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List of Tony Stark being Protective or Irondad stories. (Set 1)

No one asked for but still.

Since late 2017, I am reading too many Iron dad fanfictions, be it on wattpad, AO3 or FF.net. It is like one of my favorite time passes. Due to too much reading, my mind generated a very complex chemical reaction by mixing storylines and I ended up being a confused soul. So this list is more for myself but I will be happy if the list also helps you guys. Enjoy, I hope some of you get to read some new stories which you haven’t read yet. 

• First Impressions by ImBadWithWords  - Where Peter meets Avengers and proves to be worthy.

Messy Chocolate frosting by ImBadWithWords Swing by the Tower after work, I’ve got some gear for you, the text reads. The phone buzzes again a second later. Happy b-day, squirt :). Peter smirks and stuffs it into his bag before his boss notices.

• It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas by RoboTitaness - Two years after the civil war, and Tony spends a day with his team, his family.

• You’re Killing Me Smalls - Phoenixhp5 ( To be honest, this story is one of my favourite) - This story explores the growing father/son relationship between Tony and Peter, and all the trouble a teenage superhero can get himself into. WARNING: this story will contain disciplinary spanking at some points, but it is not the main focus.

 It’s My Problem by Namikaze Artemis - In which Peter is Tony’s illegitimate child, and he’s prepared to do anything to keep that a secret. Although, that doesn’t stop him from trying to get Tony’s approval. He is Peter’s idol, after all.

Sien, Illien by niewypowiedziane - (Not about or related to spiderson but super cute featuring dad Tony, if you haven’t read, give it a try. I kind of love this one) - Tony is bringing up his autistic son. The world - and the Avengers - are oblivious. They just think Tony is being typical self when he disobeys orders or just disappears. Encounters through years. Pepper, Rhodey, Natasha, Steve, Thor, Bruce, Clint, the team.

I’m Sorry By Dawnstorm101 : The final battle’s first casualty is possibly the worst casualty of all. To one person, it definitely is.

• What You Deserve by everythingsace : “Oh, no.”Quivering pathetically, Tony lifts his gaze off the floor, the vodka sloshing in the bottle and spilling onto his shirt. He finds Peter standing at the door, looking heartbroken at the scene. Tony drops his gaze to the floor with shame. God, fuck, this is why he was trying to stop in the goddamn first place. He’s a fucking wreck.

• we’ve got no one to toast our own by queenofthestarrrs : We formally invite you to the Graduation Ceremony for Midtown High School’s Class of 2017.Try not to get too choked up.

I will be back with my next set of stories with links, as and when I clean my bookmark tab. 

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It is @irondadweek - Free Day.

(As if earlier I was posting according to the schedule)

Tony Stark meeting Kid Peter Parker for the first time.

(Consider it as @agib-2002 ‘s Foster AU or any other AU)

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I read this cutely adorable ficlet by @agib-2002  and couldn’t stop myself creating a sleeping scene. 

So here’s small rough digital art I tried.

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Iron family I am obsessed with❤️

Happy Tony and Iron dad are my jam!

Here’s a little scene-

Tony can’t stop smiling because of the scene infront of him.

“Peter and Morgan reading Spiderman”

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Tumblr snapped my account!


I don’t know what happened but just like that without any warning, without any notice Tumblr terminated my old account “Tonystarksintern” and because of that I lost my content and 300+ Followers. 🙁🙁

So here is old me with a new blog.😊

Anyone reading,could you please reblog so that I can get my followers back! 🙃🤗💖

Yayie! My old blog is back!

Thank you @downeysgirl94 , You are a blessing. Thanks for letting me know.

Info: Tonystarksintern and Marvel-us-world are one and the same person. 🥰🙃

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My dedication to Dad!Tony & Baby!Peter story writers..

Here’s a small art dedicated to all the writers who wrote lovely cute fluffy Baby!Peter AU stories. 💖🥰

Dad!Tony and Baby!Peter for you all 💖

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tonystarksintern·2 years agoAnswer
Fostercare peter fixing himself up after he got hurt because no one cares enough to do it for him and by the age of nine he has the basic knowledge of a med student in college on some of the medical stuff. And after Tony adopted him and comes home after a fight with a black eye Peter runs over and asks if he should take a look at it because it hasn't been treated but Tony's like "its okay kid, you probably don't know how to do this" because why would a 11year old know? But peter k n o w s.

Tony twisted his ankle and his wrist might be broken.

Peter immediately rests an ice pack on Tony’s foot, props it up on a pillow and follows proper procedures for bandaging.

He checks Tony’s wrist and assured him it’s nothing more than a bruised bone after only five minutes of checking it over.

Tony stares at him in shock, the kid must have taken a million first aid classes and memorised them.

Peter admits that he taught himself how to fix common injuries and sicknesses because he would so often experience them when he was pushed around at school or in the orphanage.

Tony is proud and amazed, but also horrified that a child had to teach himself how to deal with all of those sorts of things.

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tonystarksintern·2 years agoAnswer
Tony having a rare heart disease and needing a heart transplant. Peters Mother dying while peter's a small baby, still in the hospital and she being an organ donor. Tony gets her heart and he is told that the kid of the mother who just died is all alone, with no father or any family member and he won't stop crying but as soon as tony picks peter up and rocks him back and forths or lets him lean agains his chest peter quiets down and stops crying or falls asleep

He’s in recovery and overhears the nurses talking about the woman who donated her heart.

Tony hears them tutting and shaking their heads sadly as they mention the poor baby the mother left behind, “he won’t stop crying, has been wailing for days. It barely ever takes a break to sleep.”

“I heard it’s not eating, they’re almost at the point of having to use an IV…”

“Poor thing needs someone to take care of him.”

Tony spends his first day up and about in Peter’s room. He sees the sobbing child through the bars of a cot, and he reaches a finger through, letting the baby grab his finger and curl up close to it, his sobs stifling for a moment before slowly winding back up.

“Shh, Shh. Everything’s okay,” tony cops as he scoops the child up, smiling as he immediately quieted and burrowed away into Tony’s neck.

Da!” Peter squealed as Tony rocked him softly for the next few hours.

Once he’s free to be cleared from the hospital, Tony gets the legal matters and finds the forms to let him adopt the small child with no mother who won’t stop crying unless he’s held.

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Chapter 5 has now been posted!  Thank you so much to everyone reading, and for liking and reblogging my posts!  Your support means so much!  ♥️

And a huge thank-you to @stjohn27 for being my awesome prereader and sounding board.  😊

“Shh, buddy,” Tony whispered as he combed his fingers through Peter’s messy hair. “It’s okay. I’m here, you’re safe now.”

“I don’t wanna be alone, Daddy,” Peter whimpered, rubbing his nose on Tony’s shoulder that was already damp with fallen tears. “Please don’t leave me alone.”

“I’m not gonna leave you alone again, Pete,” murmured Tony, blinking back his own tears. What in the hell had possessed him to think that Peter might actually sleep through the night on their first night back? “Try and get some more sleep now, bud. I’m gonna stay right here.”

“Uh huh,” Peter said with a loud sniff. He tucked his head down under Tony’s chin and grabbed a fistful of Tony’s shirt, careful to keep pressure off the arc reactor. Even right after a terrifying nightmare, he was still always thinking of others first.

I don’t deserve this kid. I have never deserved this kid.

Tipping his head back, Tony gently dug the pads of his fingers into Peter’s scalp and was rewarded with a contented sigh. Peter had loved getting his head rubbed ever since he was a baby, and nothing ever helped calm him more when he was hurt or sick than Tony massaging his scalp.

Tony had only been down in the workshop for an hour or so when JARVIS informed him that Peter was having a nightmare. Rogers, who had apparently been setting up his new art supplies in his room, had come running down the stairs about three seconds later, nearly crashing headlong into Tony as he made his way up. After tasking Rogers with fetching a glass of water, Tony had raced into Peter’s room to find him screaming and writhing on his bed, his legs tangled up in his sheets and his two tiny robots beeping worriedly as they repeatedly bumped into the legs of the bed.

The whole scene might’ve been kind of funny if it hadn’t been so absolutely horrible.

Read more on AO3/ FFN 😊

I so missed your writing @geekymoviemom. Thanks for all the tags. <3

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Foster care Peter starting to get used to life with Tony, but one night he falls asleep on the couch, and he wakes up and remembers he isn’t allowed to be on the couch. Back in the foster home, all the other kids would be allowed to use it, but it was something he wasn’t privileged enough to get to do. So he wakes up and panics, apologizing to Tony immensely and very fearful. Tony doesn’t know why Peter thought he did something wrong by being on a couch but he knows enough to be bothered by it.

Peter wakes up in such a blind panic that he doesn’t even register the fact that he had fallen asleep against Tony’s shoulder.

He jolts yo and backs away from the couch, almost tripping over the coffee table in his haste.

Tony wakes up, blinking blearily and wondering where his tiny lil clingy kid went, because he genuinely felt like exploding when he saw his son asleep against his shoulder last night, because he felt like he succeeded in making Peter feel safe and comfortable with affection and being a normal kid.

But Peter is apologising and begging not to be sent back, promising he’d never touch the couch again.

Tony tells him to sit his butt back down and curl back up, because they were about to finish the Star Wars marathon they fell asleep through last night.

“Get back here and stop thinking that you’re not allowed to curl up with me. I’ll say it now - you literally have permission to light this couch on fire, kid. This is your home as much as it is mine, and you’re never going to be punished for anything like this. You’re a human, you deserve to be treated like one.”

Peter stiffens and awkwardly sits down beside Tony.

“Please, kid don’t get shy, you can lie on me and the furniture all you want, you’re like a little furnace and you’re my son now, you have every right to curl up and watch a movie with me.”

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“Just remember, when you think all is lost, the future remains.” - Dr. Robert H. Goddard

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I loved that comic you did of Tony surviving after Endgame, but during his memory sequence it's hard to get a good look at each scene. If it's not too much trouble, do you think you could post those pics so we can get a good look at them? Thank you and I love your art style!
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Peter’s scared after Tony adopts him that he’s going to mess up something in Tony’s house. Obviously he lives in a very nice place, & Peter’s terrified he’ll mess something up or break something. Tony’s worried about why he’s always on edge and eventually coaxes the answer out of him. After Peter confesses that he’s scared he’ll break something worth more than he is and Tony will be mad, Tony promises him that he’s worth more than everything in Tony’s house combined and will never be sent back.

Tony takes his hand and walks to the kitchen and takes out a fancy wince glass and puts it on the counter.

“Knock it over bud, seriously.”

Peter just stares at the single glass that would probably be worth several of him and he shakily lifts the glass up and lays it gently on its side.

Tony laughs lightly.

“No, I mean… just do this.” Then he spins it off the edge of the counter and Peter jumps back behind him as it shatters on the floor.

“I literally couldn’t care any less. Break something and I’m more likely to give you a high five than to be angry in any way.”

He puts a smaller glass down and tells Peter to break it however he likes.

“A - are you sure?”

“Hell yeah kid, smash that crap like you’re the hulk, seriously.”

Peter nudges the glass towards the edge for almost thirty seconds, continually looking up at Tony as if he was about to change his mind.

Tony eventually reaches up and cups his hand around Peter’s wrist and gently helps him nudge it off the counter.

It hits the ground, cracks slightly and then rolls across the wood.

“This is excruciatingly uneventful, c’mon, follow me,” he takes Peter’s hand and runs down to the weapons testing lab, helping Peter strap on a pair of safety goggles and handing him a mallet to match his own.

They spend the next hour smashing stuff that Tony genuinely doesn’t care about, it takes Peter a lot longer to get into it than it took Tony.

When they’re done, they run out into the hall and peel off their goggles.

Peter’s curls are all fluffed up from pulling the goggles up, and Tony can’t help but ruffle them.

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062418 - Always know where you are

I couldn’t get the idea of Tony and Peter in a Treasure Planet crossover out of my head after listening to this song…So here is an AU no one asked for 😅

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”Oh God,” Tony whispered.

”I didn’ … I didn’ mean to,” Peter repeated.

Tony pulled him in, feeling how cold Peter actually was, feeling his own clothes soaking through and the icy rain against the skin of his bare arms. He was suddenly glad he’d remembered to at least put on shoes before stepping into the suit. Tugging at the soaked hood, Tony pulled it deeper into Peter’s face to protect him from the sharp wind. With one hand pressed against the back of Peter’s head, he kept him close to his chest as he tried to transfer as much body heat as possible. 

”It’s okay.”

- …and when you can’t crawl… by @jolinarjackson

My weakness are scenes with powerful emotions, and JolinarJackson is really really good at writing such scenes. I loved this moment between Tony and Peter and had to try drawing it ( ; v ; )

definitely another Spiderson & Irondad favourite!

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in class today we had a discussion on bullying and the teacher told us that he and his group of friends used to go places and leave this one kid behind because they thought it was funny; like they'd go to the mall, and the kid would go to the dressing room or the bathroom or something, and the others would get in the car and drive away leaving him all alone(teacher admits he didn't realize it was bullying til later). can u imagine foster care au pete.. thinking he made some friends for once.. :(

Aww… poor baby 🥺

He’d finally be invited somewhere and he’d be really excited, wearing the least torn and faded clothes he had, doing all of his morning chores early so he wouldn’t get in trouble when he got back, all while the other kids would be laughing at him, calling him a liar for pretending he had friends.

He’d get to the mall or the movies or something and then he’d be really nervous but everyone would seem really nice, and he goes to the bathroom (it would be really sad if he saw something kinda triggering and went to the toilets to take a breather and calm himself down before he cried in front of the first people who were actually being nice to him) and when he walks out, he can’t find them.

He would wander around for awhile, maybe checking stores for them or even asking an adult after he starts to think maybe they did leave him.

After ages, he realises he had been ditched, and then had to walk all the way back to the orphanage by himself because he couldn’t go on the bus with his ‘friends.’


After Tony adopts him, and they are both out at a press event or something similar, Peter needs to go to the bathroom but he’s afraid that Tony will have ditched him when he comes out.

He would say really timidly “c - can you… a - are you gonna wait f - for me?” And Tony would say of course he was, not realising how scared Peter was.

Maybe he’s standing in a different place when Peter comes out, and so he freaks out and gets teary eyed because he thinks Tony had left him and now he was surrounded by all these rich adults and had no idea how to walk all the way back to the tower.

Tony ruffles his hair when he sees him, but then Peter’s wrapped around his waist and burying his face in his chest, his shoulders shaking.

And that’s when Tony realises how upset and scared Peter was.


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