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Arthur and Lewis went to the same high school, but Vivi only joined them on like the sophomore year.

During a chem lab, Arthur and Lewis were partnered together, while Vivi was given a different partner. It was a water reactions lab, with certain chemicals given to the students. They were supposed to fill up a tub of water, and drop the tiniest bit of chemicals inside. They were given jars of the substances, and they had to break off the substances with scrapers. Lewis “Unstable waiter” Pepper wasn’t careful with the water tub, and he spilled water on the floor accidentally. Arthur “I’m a complete klutz who needs an adult” Kingsmen completely dropped a jar of potassium on the floor, spilling the jar onto the wet floor. If you don’t know what potassium and water does, massive explosions happen. Needless to say, the entire school had to evacuate because of a potassium bomb. Lewis being the hero he is, grabbed Arthur in his arms, princess style, and ran as soon as the jar dropped. Arthur held onto him like a scared duck. Luckily, everyone was alright. The entire school removed the water test lab, and replaced it with a generic “what happens with acids and bases”.

Vivi jokes about it to this day, and Arthur always tries to defend his actions. It always ranges from “Someone pushed me” to “The sides of the jar was slippery” and every excuse in-between.

(submitted by @loxreaten - thanks!!

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i nearly cried from the memories also the humor: advanced

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