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Vivi later realized she is mistaken and questioned how she got them mixed up, but she still messes up cause she tries werewolf myths now. Silver is in Gawain’s future!

((Arthur and Lewis are giggling, by this point, but Gawain still can’t bear to tamp down that wide-eyed curiosity, and goes along with Vivi’s werewolf tests.

She’s probably high-key reminding him of himself, when he was her age. He had that same enthusiastic attitude towards space, though some of that wore off once he finished high school and actually had to start thinking about adult things (like bills and salaries). “You can’t be an astronaut. It’s just not realistic.”

Eventually, Mystery will step in before they spend the entire day subjected to Vivi’s long list of hypotheses. Mrs. Yukino is making chicken for dinner, and he’s sure not going to miss that.))

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Abigail has both her son and husband back now and she’s literally glowing. When Arthur was confronted about rescuing John, Abigail was about to fight Dutch so in a split second John had to hold her back. He knows her so well he didn’t even look XD And she said she has Arthur as a friend, MY HEART <333

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@answrs because I have more AU thoughts.

In this AU, Gawain doesn’t find the Reptilitones until after Lance has officially taken over custody of Arthur. He managed to tag along when Lance drove them both over to the house to collect Arthur’s abandoned belongings (and while it stretched his limits, he managed not to fade back to his anchor).

He finds Griflet’s spirit in the boarded up shell of his old room, just as before, and brings him back to the garage. Both Chopper and Bran are found while Gawain is tagging along with Arthur and friends’ local ghost hunts (where there weren’t supposed to be any actual ghosts but hey what can you do).

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