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#but funny

And Kevin can be forgiven maybe, if he promises to stop stalking, and telling people what to do, and what not to do (I help make that stuff, you think it’s gonna mess me up too? Nope, no siree, and I have no paranoia, psycosis, mental illnesses, or addictions to anything. However, I do occaisionally opt for raging irl, if I know I did something, such as taxes, and then the pc tells me I didn’t, like holy damn, I know I could be doing better too, but the last few years have felt like a zoo. I could also, technically, be a millionaire too. I don’t have to want to be so fucking badly, my soul is gold after a rainbow, and no leprecaun can have me. Much as, tricks are for kids bunny, so you leave people be lol)

And another condition for Kevin forgiveness? Free food in the form of taco bell please, I’m poor currently, and I absolutely adore crunchwrap and fries supreme..

*Licks lips delightfully*

And like the wolf, I’m hungry..

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