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The creation of Temp

In the beginning, there were two, Time and Space and for a while, that was all. Then in their musings they thought what if there was something and from that brief thought their came to be matter spread throughout and eventually it gathered into planets, stars and all other celestial bodies and with these bodies came new spirits. For this world the spirits of the stars, sun, moon, and earth. This was the first age.

The second age comes with the four primordial spirits. When these four met they imagened more and it came to be. The sea and sky, the plants and animals all that inhabits the world and with all of these things came new spirits. With so many wills influencing the world there was a time of chaos. This is the first age.

The third age came when the elder spirits, what are now called gods, imposed law on the world and bound it to a solid state. It is in this age that the spirits of space and time withdrew from the world. In this age the spirit of law was born.

The fourth age is when the first of what could be call humanoids was made. These firsts were molded and shaped by the gods to become all races today. Most believe that the world is still in the fourth age but some believe that the fifth age started with the war of succession. (To be detailed in another post)

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i’m getting to play in a 5e game, so of course i had to draw my character. her name is lenet, she’s a water genasi cleric of kord, war domain

she’d honestly rather be retired with her wife, but kord has other ideas for her, and all these young idiot adventurers need someone to keep them alive.

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an old-ish DnD character of mine. he’s a Zombie Kobold. he’s just barely smart enough to realize that he’s a dumb zombie, and to want to change that. he’s not smart enough to know how to fix being a zombie, so he just tries to follow anyone who seems friendly under the assumption that they’ll realize he doesn’t want to be a walking corpse and will know how to fix it.

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One of the first items of note gained by the bard Venwyn, a book of songs that has the appearance of a door.

This was bestowed to her by a mysterious stranger who had been listening to her music through a ring that she had (obviously ever so wisely) slipped on to her finger after being handed it from among the loot her party had found.

The book allows her to trigger a random effect once from a non-combat list and one from a combat list per long rest as a bonus action.

Really cool item created by the DM who later printed and painted the doors and gifted them to me so I could create the book in real life!

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dndnet search #4: prismatic population

The multiverse is filled with people of all different shapes, sizes, colors, and heritages - which is your favorite? From the celestial-blooded aasimars, to the stout and snarky gnomes; the tieflings with Hell in their veins and the half-elves with Sylvan ancestry running through their blood - all of the races are unique and special in their own right. What makes them so special?

to enlist in this search:
- reblog this post
- create an original work for your favorite race (please avoid reusing previous works)
- caption it with:

@dndnet search: prismatic population

You have from June 15th to July 1st to complete this task, and it is open to everyone. Show the world what you love about these unique races!

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