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So normally, I wouldn’t do it, but I figured now would be as good a time as any to start doing this so…

Hi. My name is Clocky. For the past couple years, I’ve been playing and DMing (on/off) for Dungeons and Dragons. In more recent years, however, I’ve been practicing writing homebrew content for D&D, and I’m hoping to do some work publicly here on this blog. DM me if you’d like to discuss further details, any and all work posted on this blog will only be posted with the permission of the purchaser.

What can I write for you? Well, I can write:

Backgrounds: $5

Subclasses: $ 10

Races: $10

Custom Class: $20 

Spells: $5-10 

Monsters: $1-25 

Magic Items & Artifacts: $1-20 

Lore & Systems of Magic/Society/Hierarchy: $25-30

All commissioned works come with filler text, so let me know if there’s anything special you want me to include! Prices may vary on complexity and rarity/Challenge Rating.

Feel free to message me if you’re interested, and reblogs are always appreciated!

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It took me longer than expected to reach the bottom of the mountain. I mean, I thought there’d only be one mountain. Didn’t expect a range. But oh well. You learn new things.

I miss home. I miss my bed. I miss Uncle Anatole and his bedtime stories. I hope he’s not too cross I caused an avalanche on the way down. Walking would have taken SO much longer. Plus, I didn’t break anything. Yay!

My first task is to reach the village of Weepingbell. There’s a cloud giant settlement there. Uncle Anatole has a message for the giant. I wonder if cloud giants live on clouds. Or are they made of clouds? I guess I’ll find out.

For now, the healer lady tells me that my sprains and bruises have all healed up rather nicely. Nearly a week of bed rest has made my butt all achey. Can’t wait to be up and about. Stretch my legs. The plains should be easier to tackle. Hopefully.

The people at this monastery are pretty nice. They pulled me out of the snow, took care of me. I taught them how to make kites. The Grand Abbott was very welcoming. They have some sort of tea with butter and barley. It’s very filling. And salty. They have a caravan leaving tomorrow, and I’m to leave with them. Should be fun!

Overall, alive and in one piece. Seeing more people feels good. Miss home. But onwards I go!

Here’s to hoping there’ll be more to note down in the coming days.

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Hello everyone, I have a brand new video, and this time we have VOICE OVER!! So if you’ve ever wanted to know some stuff about my art process, now’s a great time to start watching my videos!
I designed some dragon stickers a while ago but only now have I finally put the recordings together and did a voice over for it!

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Any ideas on how to creatively guard a castle? My party is on a princess rescue mission, and I want to give them a lot of options on how to get in, not necessarily all with fighting. Anything helps!

I love traps personally. You could do something where if intruders try to enter through certain parts they are teleported to a random part of the castle. That could be fun and confusing. You could make the door password locked, so they would have to say some special word to get through. You could also have seemingly unguarded doors be guarded or have other traps the players would have to check for. You could add hallways that appear to go on forever unless some check or magic is dispelled. This could also work for trying to scale the castle. I think you could throw in human guards if you can trust that your party’s first instinct might not be to fight them, but instead question it charm them. You could have a room where most tiles are a different magical trap, and some lead to the exit. My players had fun walking through that one.

I’ll post this so other DMs can respond too. My ideas aren’t stellar but I hope they help.

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Finally took a crack at Dragon Age’s assasin specialization, I took some more creative adaptations of the abilities in an attempt to distinguish it from the official assassin subclass. Due to my love of playing rogues, I didn’t really play with Cole until I was exploring other classes and different companions. I immediately regreted not playing with him earlier! After your armor might say the nicest things if you just talk to it. 

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AHHHH my obession for Dungeons and Dragons is getting out of hand, there’s no one near me who apparently plays and i’d have to get the train somewhere to play and it’s always when i’m busy RIP.

Is there like an online GMT timezone community I don’t know about that’s beginner friendly? I have an almighty need <3

ALSO if anyone wants to bond over Dungeons and Dragons, Critical Role or The Adventure Zone HMU cause I need more friends!!!!! 

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I wanna play dnd so bad but im at that stage of adulthood where none of my friends can consistently meet up to do it regularly

Why couldn’t dnd have this big ass renaissance when i was a youth with nothing else to do

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