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It’s not that I only exclusively watch fem led shows. I just tend to stick around them more because if it’s not a fem led show then the chances of the female characters in it having interesting personalities, having good character development and getting enough screen time are very low. Especially all three of these occurring together.

And those female characters that are interesting, them being liked by fans is even harder, especially in action and sifi. Like Iris and Felicity.

B99, Lucifer and Black Lightning might be some exceptions, but it’s just hard to find a well written and well liked female characters otherwise.

(I don’t know why I’m writing this)

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Cisco and Iris not being in that episode made no sense. Seriously, their absence jarring and distracting. Was an explanation given that I missed?

In short, Marc Guggenheim didn’t want to pay Candice and Carlos money to appear in the episode (money which is apparently above and beyond what they usually are paid per episode). Now, I’m sensible and get there are budget constraints working on the CW, etc. BUT, while Kara had Alex and Nia and Sara had Ray, Diggle and way more, you’re telling me that Barry wouldn’t have gone to see his wife after the whole crisis fiasco? Or that Iris wouldn’t have been sitting with him while they watched the president’s announcement? Or that Cisco wouldn’t have been able to help with tech stuff? Makes zero sense. So to read that MG didn’t want to pay them – a bad look considering the only Flash characters besides Barry to appear were both white and had little, if anything, to do in the episode – is incredibly frustrating.

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I am here to say that The Flash has (1) right for that Westallen loft scene in 6x10. It better not be cut, especially because I don't remember the last time Westallen had a romantic loft scene. Also the latest Loveboat installment was amazing. - Paulina

Hi Paulina! Thanks for taking a ride on the Love Boat with us 😍. As for The Flash, if it’s good at one thing, that’s pulling WestAllen fans back from the brink with a well lit dinner date and sexy fireplace kiss. We see you CW marketing…and we appreciate you.

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white fandoms be really gaslighting poc. like when we’re criticizing problematic racist ships– an example, the white fandom will leapfrog over the characters of color in favor of a white character, who had maybe 5 lines with said protagonist. it’s wild, or it can be canon and white fandom will go though xyz reasons why the ship isn’t valid…. or they completely ignore the characters of color’s existence all together. only propping up the white characters. the actual brain rot. stop it. i’m so tired. the argument “let people ship what they want” is a clever way of shutting us down. invalidating poc’s experiences in racist fandoms is a worn out theme. stop automatically defending racism and maybe take a step back to listen.

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Crisis On Infinite Earths part 4&5 review.

I’m honestly underwhelmed with how the crossover ended to be completely honest.

Don’t get me wrong, on the grand scheme of things I did love the crossover. Especially things like baby Sara being back, Justice League set up, all the heroes being on earth prime together, etc. But there are some serious notable flaws in my opinion, such as:

1. WHERE THE HELL WAS LAUREL IN ALL THIS?!? She was literally one of the biggest characters to the lead up of crisis.

2. Why did they let lex win 😭 Oliver sacrificed himself for the new universe and the writers allowed Lex to disrespect Oliver like this.

3. Lyla? Gone and then all of a sudden popped back with no explanation on weather she has her powers anymore. Also why wasn’t she held accountable for her part in this like Nash was?

4. Where the hell were Iris & Cisco in the last parts? Does Cisco still have his powers?

5. Ryan should be recognised/sat at the table with the league. He was as big of a part to saving the universe as the rest of the heroes.

6. Having no Felicity felt really out of place with having Oliver’s goodbye/official news read from the president.

Which leads me to 7:


8. WHERE WAS MIA & WILLIAM?????? Like their father JUST DIED. They didn’t get to be with the main heroes to say goodbye to Oliver with them? We didn’t even see them reacting to the news read. Do they even know?

9. Beebo SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED. What WASTED time. The CONCLUDING episode and they bring out BEEBO!!!! They chose to do that over bringing back all the other characters/giving Oliver a funeral/monument reveal??

Don’t get me wrong, there are parts that I find phenomenal about this crossover. But there’s also some major flaws and just plain weird decisions going on here. I’m disappointed with how they decided to end it.

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I wonder what’s going on with Iris here. Is that the same white sweater she has on before with smudges or is it a different one?

My first thought was that maybe it might be something future related (if they go the route of her being from the future) but after thinking about it, it’s probably more likely that she got some kind of injury while in the field that is catching up with her

Also, that looks like the S1 suit behind them. I wonder what’s up with that since it was destroyed in S5, but with the new timeline I suppose we don’t know much anymore.

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