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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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It’s funny

At first I was kind of interested in the upcoming DC. It promised a long legacy of heroes, placed Diana as the first superhero, seemed like it would allow characters like Bruce Wayne to age and retire do new heroes could emerge, there was a lot that appealed to me from the concept.

Then my friends reminded me that DC’s editorial leadership and ownership is unchanged, so the same people remain in charge. Likewise they reminded me how messed up DC’s timeline was after prior reboots, and that Dilbo hates Cass and other legacy heroes like Wally West.

So at that point I realized I was clutching a monkey’s paw, with one finger folding down.

It’s a shame, it could be an opportunity to flesh out DC continuity and allow new generations of heroes to emerge, with older heroes still appearing in period pieces, but newer heroes now protecting the modern day. There is a lot DC could go with legacy, especially if they keep Diana as a bisexual.

But with their recent track record, I fear it will be a waste.

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Blach History month Character of the Day: Jeniffer Pierce

Yes, I managed to catch up!

First introduced as one of many legacy heroes in Kingdom Come, Jeniffer made her proper appearance and the majority of her appearances in Justice Society of America #12-54 and related miniseries Blackest Night: JSA and JSA vs Kobra (the last one is unaviable on ComiXology).

She is the daughter of Jefferson Pierce, the Black Lightning, and sister to Anissa Pierce, alias Thunder. Outside of comics, she is featured in CW Black Lightning TV series, DC Super Hero Girls web series and in two DC Nation shorts Thunder and Lightning (which you can watch legally on youtube)

- Admin

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