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#it chapter one
Eddie: [Reading Stan’s will] And to two of my favorite people whose commitment to each other has inspired me to look for love in my own life, I leave the sum of $20,000. Eddie Kaspbrak and Richie Tozier, get married already.” What?!
Richie: What?! Did you just propose to me?!
Eddie: No! I was reading the thing. I guess Stan thought you and I were a couple.
Bev: [Clapping] Kiss him!
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please don't be offended
Me: Okay sure it makes me happy
me: Okay okay it's cute and I like it
Me: *inhales sharply* people like it but alright
me: *confused staring* Stan would kill Richie if he had the chance
Me: as a family yes
Me: I didn't know this was a thing
Me: cute but it's no Reddie
me: no just no
me: this is a thing?
me: cute but no thank you
me: eh
me: eh
me: The book doesn't really give me a good mind about this
me: *opens slideshow* let me explain to you why this ship is heaven and real and adorable and the only thing in my life that matters
me: they'd only do it to jealous Bev and Stan
me: it's cute but not Stenbrough
me: eh
me: only to annoy Bill and Bev
me: cute but no thank you
me: I just don't see it
me: stop well your ahead
Bonus: ...
me: there's not enough
me: why not
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First off, let me say that i love your blog. Your headcanons are god-tier. I came up with this weird headcanon where if Eddie was famous, Richie would be the type of person to write a very vulgar thirst tweet. How do you think Stan would react to smexy thirst tweets, or would he be the one to write them?

Wait wait wait, you came up with a reddie scenario but now want me to provide a stenbrough(?) context? Or do you mean stozier? Like Stan is getting tweeted at by Richie? Or Stan is tweeting at Richie? Or Eddie?? 

Either way, Stan doesn’t send thirst tweets. He screams to his friends privately about his celebrity obsessions. Because I am Stan and Stan is me, I know that he creates sideblogs to squeal about whatever his latest embarrassing hyperfixations.

Stan. Is. Never. Horny. On. Main. 

And he plans to keep it that way.

As for being sent thirst tweets, well I’m sure we can all guess how he’d react. If Richie is really out here tagging him and screeching about how he wants to suck Stan’s dick, there’s only one conclusion to this. Stan being like:


Unless it’s Bill, then Stan’s like:

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georgie’s death/eddie’s death parralels

okay, so bare with me here (this won’t be too long)

do you all remember that scene after the losers defeated pennywise in chapter one? when bill finds georgie’s rain coat and starts crying and all the losers surround him to comfort him?

okay, now think about the quarry scene at the end of chapter two when richie’s crying his heart out after they defeated pennywise for good but in exchange he loses eddie (well, they lose eddie), and all the losers are surrounding richie to comfort him (excluding stan and eddie) the same way they had surrounded bill all those years back to comfort him.



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With only a few days left until summer vacation, teachers and students unmotivated alike, and the air heavy with heat - there isn’t much else to do than a paper war to kill some time.

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hey so… when did mike find out that derry makes you forget? it couldn’t have been all at once, it had to be slow. did he run to the mailbox every day after his chores were done and wait, a little ball of kinetic energy? did he wonder what sorts of postcards and pictures and souvenirs his friends would send him? did he try to calm himself down after the first few weeks without a word had passed, they must be really busy, moving is always a big deal, and anyway, bill promised to write? did he try to stave off the creeping realization that his friends had forgotten him? and when he discovered in his research that derry made people forget these things, was he relieved that it wasn’t him? was he angry at It for doing this, making him all alone all over again? was he angry at his friends, at bill, even though he knew it wasn’t their fault, they didn’t mean to, but knowing that doesn’t stop it from hurting? did he pick up the phone to dial them week after week, then put it down, knowing that he could only bring all this back when he absolutely needed to?

do you think he considered leaving, because maybe that would help, forgetting them, forgetting how much it hurt? did he immediately banish the thought because all that pain might one day be worth it, if they only would come back someday, and remember him, and love him again?

idk just a thought lol

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Imagine advent day 6=visiting a Christmas market (stanbrough x oc)

Jaymi was more excited then she thought she’d be “please hurry” she begged her husband’s “we’re coming love, hold on” she hears stan says. He and bill then come into view “let’s go” Jaymi says again and out the door they go and get into tha car, bill is the one driving and they listen to Christmas music along the way. When they finally get there they parks and the headed in together, Jaymi became a little kid seeing everything and that made bill and stan smile at her as she looked at everything she could find. They knew they has to keep an eye on her which was a lot harder then it used to be as she has definitely gotten faster as she has gotten older “love can you slow down a little please” bill asked “okay, sorry guys I’m just to excited” she says. Both bill and stan kissed her head softly “you don’t ever have to apologise for anything” stan said and they continued their shopping, getting the other losers their gifts and getting some decorations for their house. At about lunch time Jaymi had gotten a text that seemed to freak her out and she refused to leave ethier stan or Bill’s sides “what did that text say love?” Bill asked but Jaymi didn’t wanna talk about it and they had just let it go for now. Once they where done they left and as Jaymi was putting the bags in the car stan noticed some guy that was watching her and he pointed him out to bill and they both kissed Jaymi “don’t forget that if something or someone is bovering you Just let us know” stan says and they just get in the car with stan getting in the back with Jaymi. Bill still drove while Jaymi kept a tight grip on stan’s hand the hole ride home, when they arrived Jaymi hurried inside leaving stan and bill to carry the stuff in which they didn’t mind as they could tell something was up with their wife. As stan grabs the last bag he sees Jaymi left her phone so he picked it up and as he goes to call her to get it another text came threw from a unknown number ‘you looked so beautiful today, shame those man whores were there or I could have helped and made you happier then you’ve ever been’. By what he could tell it seen whoever this number belonged to was stalking Jaymi and that pissed him off, he gave Jaymi her phone and once she had gone up to have a shower he told bill about the texts. They were both worried and deside to talk to her about tomorrow as they wanted to at least inform the others about what was happening so Jaymi had all the support and protection she could get. As she came downstairs she noticed the looks on stan and Bill’s faces “you found out didn’t you?” She says quietly “yea, why would you never tell us about this?” Bill asked and Jaymi just sat inbetween the two “whoever this is threatened to hurt or kill and if I said anything to anyone and I couldn’t just let that happen” she says. Both men toke a hold of her hands “listen we informed the others and they promised to help out any way they could, we’re all here for you” stan says and Jaymi smiles “thanks guys, I love you so much” she says as she kissed both their cheeks.

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