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“Really?” Yuuri perked at the words, his eyes carrying that treasure Viktor just saw for first time. Without hesitation, he climbed on Victor’s lap, almost overly enthusiastic in a way Victor found absolutely adorable. Seated firmly atop Victor’s thighs once more, he let his fingers play at the corners of Victor’s eyes as he leaned in. “What is it that you want, Victor Nikiforov? I can give you any desire. I just have to know what it is.”

“I want what you want.”

“I want you, Victor.”

Chapter 2 can be found here:

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Sorry this is a couple days late!  Life happened.  But without further ado, we hope you enjoy. 


“Yuuri!” Viktor exclaimed, holding up a hand to greet him.

Yuuri waved back and smiled broadly, never feeling as light as he did now.  The pure joy on Viktor’s face from seeing him made Yuuri feel welcome.  The friendly cadence in Viktor’s voice was sincere, and Yuuri had an inkling that Viktor was looking forward to their outing as much as he was.

“Hi Viktor,” he said when he reached him, “How are you this fine morning?”

“Better now that you’re here,” Viktor professed, “I thought we could chat before everyone else arrives.”

There was so much Yuuri wanted to say but didn’t want to appear too eager.  He wanted to know everything there was to know about the man called Viktor Nikiforov.  He wanted to know what made him smile, what made him think and what made him tick.  He wanted to know about what he held dear in life and more about his aspirations than he did now but now was not the time.

“Copper for your thoughts,” Viktor said suddenly.

“Oh nothing,” Yuuri said, fibbing slightly, “What would you like to talk about?”

Viktor pressed a finger to his lips and considered the question, Yuuri thinking the gesture endearing.  There wasn’t much about the man that he didn’t find charming and didn’t think there could be anything that changed his mind.  When Viktor started, he broke Yuuri out of his reverie once more.

“Tell me about your family,” Viktor requested, “I know your father is a financier, but nothing about the Katsuki family in general.”

“Well, my father is Toshiya.  As I said, he’s a financier.  My mother is Hiroko and she’s involved in many societal gatherings and charity organizations.  Remember the flooding in the southern part of town last year?” he asked, watching Viktor nod, “She spearheaded the relief effort for that calamity.”

“That’s quite admirable,” Viktor said.

“I’m proud of her,” Yuuri confessed, “Then there’s my sister, Mari.  She’s my older sibling and helps my father out with his business quite a bit.  She has a knack for numbers and trends.  Much more than I ever will.”

“Can she take over your father’s business when the time comes?” Viktor inquired, “That would leave you the chance to achieve your dream.”

“It isn’t acceptable for a woman to be in such a position,” Yuuri said sadly.

“Who knows,” Viktor said, “Maybe things will change between now and then.”

“Mayhap,” he agreed, “What about you?”

“I’m the only child of Ivan and Oksana Nikiforov.  My father inherited the business from his father and so on.  It’s just recently gotten into steel since it’s the material of the future,” Viktor explained.

“It does seem like it’s everywhere,” Yuuri added.

“Business is booming, that’s for sure,” Viktor said, “My mother holds tea parties most days and frets about my father and I, particularly me.  She is convinced I shall never settle down and produce grandchildren for her.”

“You’re still young,” Yuuri said.

“Tell that to my mother,” he muttered, “Twenty-seven is awfully old in her eyes.”

Yuuri smiled at him, Viktor’s heart fluttering when the corners of his eyes crinkled.  It was refreshing talking to Yuuri like this and he felt relieved conversation came so easily between them.  Listening to Yuuri speak and watching his body language, Viktor felt his attraction for the man grow.

The rest of the players arrived as they were speaking and Viktor introduced Yuuri to them.  They were playing at a nearby country club that morning, dividing into two teams of three.  The game was to last an hour, with six chukkers.  While they had three minutes between each chukker, Viktor hoped the hour would fly by so he could spend more time with Yuuri.

The stroll to the club was pleasant with Viktor’s friends asking Yuuri questions.  They were an amiable bunch and did their best to make Yuuri feel welcome.  Judging by the smile on Yuuri’s face, Viktor assumed he was enjoying himself.  

As they neared the club, Viktor went through the rules of the game and how gameplay would progress.  He explained they’d be foregoing the usual fifteen minute half-time, but they’d have fun even though the match was shortened.  Asking Yuuri whether he was right- or left-handed, Viktor was pleased when he replied right.  He explained that the mallet had to be held in his right hand and he’d steer the horse with his left.  Going over the right-of-way and how to steal the ball from other players, Viktor announced that Yuuri would be on the team with himself and Thom.  He told Yuuri there was normally four players per team, but they had been unable to fill the last two spots.

Yuuri was nervous about doing well since he wasn’t known as a sportsman.  Dabbling on the ice when wintertime rolled around was as far as his athletic ventures went, and while he enjoyed it he knew twirling on the ice was nothing compared to polo.  Determined to do his best, he continued to listen to Viktor give him pointers.

“Don’t try to bump anyone with your horse,” Viktor advised, “That’s for those that have been playing for a while.  Likewise, if someone bumps you, don’t fret.  Stay calm and in control of your horse.  That’s the best thing you can do.  If you need a break, let us know.  We’re not in a tournament so the rules will be lax today.”

“I’m sure I’ll do fine, Viktor,” Yuuri fibbed, hoping he wasn’t visibly anxious.

Viktor smiled and patted his shoulder before heading for the stables.  His family had several horses housed at the club and Viktor wanted to visit his favorite mare.  She wasn’t used often for sport but leisurely rides.  He found himself wondering if Yuuri would enjoy a ride on the grounds one day, mentally choosing the perfect horse for him.  

“Hey Viktor,” Thom said, smirking at him, “Are you borrowing someone else’s horse?”

“No, why?”

“You passed your father’s stalls,” Les said in amusement.

Viktor rolled his eyes and shrugged off his preoccupation.  He was busy contemplating the fun he and Yuuri could have that afternoon:  heading off to lunch after the match, eating in the town square while talking about everything under the sun, strolling through downtown and admiring the different selections to buy in the storefront windows.  He dreamed of walking hand-in-hand with Yuuri, but knew it was entirely out of the question.

Viktor signed two horses out of the stable, rubbing his mare’s head lovingly.  The horse had been in the family since Viktor was a teen and he’d grown to love her.  Viktor couldn’t imagine using another horse beside her.

“She’s beautiful,” Yuuri said, coming over to pet her.

“Thanks,” he said, beaming at Yuuri, “We’ve had her since I turned seventeen.”

“I don’t know horses, but she doesn’t look like she’s ten,” Yuuri said, peering thoughtfully at the horse.

“She’s a young soul,” Viktor replied, grinning when Yuuri chuckled, “Time to get your horse.”

“I have to warn you, I’m not very good on them,” Yuuri stated.

“Betsy will be easy on you.  I promise,” he assured him.

Going over the last minute rules and pointers for the game, Yuuri declared himself ready to play.  Viktor told his friends to take it easy on Yuuri, explaining once again that it was his first game.  Viktor assisted Yuuri onto his horse before heading to his own, thinking how much fun he was going to have.

“Ready?” Viktor asked once Yuuri was settled.

“As I’ll ever be,” Yuuri answered.

“Let the fun begin,” Viktor said.

As always, @princessmimoza​ provided the lovely artwork for this part.  Want to read from the beginning?  Check it out on Ao3!

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Yuri!!! On Ice  /  Yuuri POV  /  Victuri


There are a hundred thousand different things he loves about living with Victor Nikiforov, Yuuri thinks lazily one morning, not least of which the fact that he’s living the dream life he’s been fantasizing about since he was about thirteen years old.

But most of all, best of all, by far and without even the smallest of doubts, is waking up like this, every day.

Victor is still asleep, face half hidden in Yuuri’s pillow, a few mere inches from Yuuri’s own face, hair splayed beautifully, lips slightly parted.

He looks soft and young and carefree, in a way that he almost never looks when he’s awake (for all that he still tries to make people think that he hasn’t got a care in the world). One of his hands is tucked under his chin, fingers curled, and Yuuri wants to kiss every single one of them, then his palm, his wrist, all the way up his arm and down the other.

Yuuri wishes he could frame this moment, capture it in amber maybe, and keep it forever. Look back upon it when they’re both old and gray. 

A photograph wouldn’t be able to do it justice.

Slowly, carefully, so as to not disturb Victor’s sleep, he noses Victor’s temple and presses a gentle, lingering kiss to it.

There really is no better way to start one’s day, he thinks and lays his head back down on his (their) pillow.

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They call Synthetic love.

Summary: 2049-After an earthshattering war, humankind struggles against an international epidemic of low birth rates, chronic disconnection, and deep loneliness. The solution to these problems lies with the SHIP Institute and their cutting edge technology, Synthetic.

Synthetic is a compound that recreates the sensations of affection, attachment, and even love if it serves the function – and androids endowed with Synthetic are the perfect tools to collect human reproductive samples and deliver them to willing surrogates.

Victor Nikiforov, Russia’s hero of the ice and son of the world’s two most beloved war heroes, finds himself chosen as a donor. When he arrives in Detroit, Michigan at the SHIP Institute to provide his contribution, he discovers much more than the pleasure he expected; a beautiful Synthetic named Yuuri.

New Fic on Ao3!

If it interests you please consider reading: link below

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