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#mark wkm

Hope you like it @sharky-g Edit and drawing, took me to hours make!!

I thought you needed a little cheering up, I hope this helps a little!!!

(|Please do not repost, copy or use. Reblogs are welcome)

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Other songs for the WKM DA

Okay so we all except the song “ World burn ” as a song that’s is so GOOD for the DA but I have other options for a different type of DAs you want!

-Angry/angst DA

World Burn ( of course) from the Mean girls musical as drawn by the lovely @tried-eldritchhorror

Exorcism by Creep-P

Swan Song by Set it off

Kill the lights by Set it off

Salt by Ava Max

I’m a Mess by Bebe Rexha

Monster by YusukeKira

-Creepy/Insane DA

Hush by Aviva

911 by Ellise

Cake by Melanie Martinez

-Sad/Angst DA

Lovely by Billie El

Dynasty by MIIA

Hate me by Eurielle

Meet me on the battlefield by SVRCINA

All the kings Horses by Ksrmina

Safe and sound by Taylor swift

-Forgiving/Tried DA

King by Lauren Aquilina

Youth by Daughter

Fools by Lauren Aquilina

Battle Scars by Paradise Fears

-In love/Angsty DA

Distance by Christina Perri ft. Jason Mraz

Kids again by Artist Vs Poet

This is all I have for now, I’ll maybe add to this? Go ahead and repost and add to this as you will and that’s for reading this stupid post.

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I’m redrawing some stuff I did about a year agoish? I’m not sure but I watched Damien, then proceeded to rewatch wkm and wmw and I just had to do this. The first one didn’t have Actor in it though. I’m about halfway through the sketch so it’ll be while before I’m done.

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