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jadeazora·2 hours agoText

Probably the darkest Pokemon movie for me (that’s not the first with Mewtwo killing all those people in the lab or the Volcanion movie, I just liked this movie more.)

What gets me tho is that Kodai pretty much kills Zoroark, between her exhaustion and ordering his Pokemon to attack her/electrocuting her himself. She legit died from all that, with Celebi intervening to revive her.

Plus, he strangles Celebi, holds Zorua hostage and tells its mother that he’ll kill it if she comes any closer (electrocuting Zorua to prove his point), and threatens to kill Ash (“No one will know what I did here today. I was only trying to stop the evil Pokemon, Zoroark.”) What sets him apart from Alva for me is that it feels more personal between him, Zorua/Zoroark, and Celebi, despite his actions being on a smaller scale.

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jadeazora·6 hours agoText

Hop, Bede, and Marnie collections with autographed promos announced. Contains four booster packs and a small card binder. (Details here.)

Releasing Nov20 in Japan.

Some more Amazing Rares, Ditto V/VMAX, and Crobat VMAX revealed for Shiny Star V! (The V is a promo for this Shiny box. The Shiny Star V set releases Nov20, while the Shiny box collection releases Dec25.)

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jadeazora·6 hours agoText

Lisia Sync Pair scouting and event starts today and ends Nov12. (Will likely be covering tomorrow tho, since we have merchandising and the new Pokeani episode today.)

Additional Masters News:

  • Synergy boosts will be added in December, like if all your team is from Kanto.
  • Zinnia/Rayquaza returns Oct 31
  • Mid-Nov - Time Trial: rewards based on completion time
  • Late-Nov - Prestige: rewards based on leaderboard placement
  • Skyla is the winner of the whole EX contest from a while back, earning 25% of the vote.
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