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Zoe and Kra ‘O

Casual conversations: Overpriced cards

Zoe: I’m going to do it Kra ‘O!

Kra ‘O: Do what?

Zoe: I’m going to buy some pokemon cards!

Kra ‘O: You’re going to… what? Zoe, you what? You’re a fully functioning adult. You’re going to what?

Zoe: Hear me out Kra ‘O.  I’ve been watching a lot of pack openings lately. And for the past two months I’ve been thinking, debating it back and forth in my head. And I keep coming to the conclusion they’re not worth it. But then I keep debating it in my head again, and watching more pack openings. I think I just have to do it. 

Kra ‘O: I mean, okay, do what you want. Hey, how much are they anyway?

Zoe: Welp…

Kra ‘O: That much? For little bits of cardboard with cute pictures you’re only going to look at once, then put away in the corner of your room? 

Zoe: It’s kind of like investing! A lot of these items will appreciate in value with the ever constant passage of time. 

Kra ‘O: Zoe, I know you, you’re never going to sell these! You’ll become too attached. I mean, you’ve kept every single one you’ve ever received. 

Zoe: Yea, you’re right. It’s not like I really need them. Besides, I get all the fun of opening them from listening to other people talk about it, without wasting any money. I mean, they were fun as a kid, but as an adult what am I even going to do with them? Just takes up more space. I just have to keep telling myself they’re overpriced, and not buy any this year.

Kra ‘O: Exactly! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need the computer. I’m going to go order some Valentines day cards!

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25.01.2021 Pokémon Card

Pokémon Sun & Moon: Celestial Storm

129/168 - Energy Switch - reverse holo uncommon

Illustration by Ken Ikuji

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The last tag team page with sprinkles of XY era cards that are like “tag teams.” Trying to figure out what to put in the blank spot 🧐

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24.01.2021 Pokémon Card

Pokémon XY: Evolutions

77/108 - Energy Retrieval - reverse holo uncommon

Illustration by Keiji Kinebuchi

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Hate to post a zard but all these Youtubers and streamers buying pokemon cards has made older cards like this SKYROCKET in value. I bought this for 20$ last year. Its worth up to 500$ now.

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Thanks to Kenneth who bought my spare Special Delivery Pikachu from me! I promise it’s 100% going into buying more pokemon cards lololol

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Typhlosion could potentially KO any Pokemon while having just a single Energy attached. This, of course, took a lot of things going right, and it absolutely needed a deck built around it. You’d need ways to both thin the deck out to mostly Energy and ways to get Energy back into the deck to avoid running out of cards. Very tough to do, especially when running a Stage 2, but the damage was so good that it was hard to just pass Typhlosion by.

150 HP was pretty typical for a Stage 2 at this point, and it did give some bulk to take an attack in many games. The Water Weakness was a serious problem, especially in the XY-On format with Greninja, Seismitoad-EX, and all sorts of various attackers being played in various toolbox decks. That type became less common as time went on, becoming rather rare by 2018′s BKT-On format. Typhlosion’s Retreat Cost was quite high, as 3 Energy was too much to give up for a deck like this. You’d usually keep a Typhlosion in the Active position until it fell.

Massive Eruption was a crazy attack. Typhlosion itself just needed a Fire Energy attached to it to use this. You then discarded the top 5 cards of your deck, and the attack did 80 damage for each Energy card you discarded. There was a lot to juggle here, and the goal was to try to get the deck down to where it was more Energy than anything else, use Massive Eruption to KO whatever it could, and use Energy Recycler to get Energy back into the deck and try not to run out of cards. There was a ton of risk, of course, as you’d need to run more Energy than most decks and that could make it harder to set up what you needed to. You could also discard things that weren’t Energy and potentially lose something important. If lucky, you’d hit what you wanted and just wipe out whatever the opponent was using, hopefully a Pokemon-EX or Pokemon-GX. This made for a very volatile attack.

Flare Destroy was a lot more consistent. It did require 3 Energy to use, and you had to discard an Energy attached to Typhlosion to use it. The reward was a rather impressive 130 damage and the ability to discard an Energy on the oppoinent’s Active Pokemon as well. This was a very solid attack that, while falling a bit short of taking out Pokemon-EX, kept up a lot of pressure and could be a pain for decks relying on normal Pokemon that sat at a lower HP. The major problem with Flare Destroy was that it hogged a lot of Energy, meaning that it had no synergy with Massive Eruption.

Typhlosion was a Pokemon that needed a full deck built around it. When it worked, it tore through anything in its path. If the cards didn’t end up in a nice spot, it could fall flat. This wasn’t a rare concept, but Typhlosion did it in a somewhat different way. It was likely best used in a casual setting, where you could just have fun trying to get Massive Eruption to its peak. It wasn’t consistent enough for tournament play due to variable damage and decking out so easily, but it was very fun to use.

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23.01.2021 Pokémon Card

Pokémon Sun & Moon: Unbroken Bonds

169/214 - Electromagnetic Radar - reverse holo uncommon

Illustration by Yoshinobu Saito

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Hi y’all! I finally listed my first four mystery packs for sale on Instagram! I’m so excited! 🤩

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My penpal sent me more stickers for my bday! Thinking of putting this sticker here. 🤔

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Pokémon Card GB: The Comix is now translated into English!

Published as part of the Pokémon Card GB Final Tactical Book strategy guide, a Japanese guidebook for the Pokémon TCG.

It teaches about the basics of the Pokémon TCG, of course. But Himeno Kagemaru’s art is what really makes this manga.

Read here :)

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