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Dragon-types were given a lot to work with in Roaring Skies, and this included some support. Reshiram was an awkward form of Energy acceleration, providing a specific type of Energy to a type with varied Energy requirements. Awkward acceleration was still acceleration, and a Pokemon that could do that without needing its own Energy to attack usually found a home as long as there was anything that could make use of it.

130 HP was no joke for a Basic Pokemon. Giving up only 1 Prize while being out of the range of a lot of rather strong attacks was impressive, and Reshiram could potentially sit up front to support for a few turns early in a game. The Fairy Weakness was the same as it always was, though the typical strong attacks did require some set-up themselves and this made it a little less exploitable against Reshiram. It was awkward to require 2 Energy to retreat, so you’d want Float Stone or Hydreigon-EX to get around that.

Turboblaze was an Ability that only worked if Reshiram was your Active Pokemon. Once during your turn, you could attach a Fire Energy card from your hand to 1 of your Dragon-type Pokemon. The best Dragon-types didn’t have Fire in their Energy cost needs, though it could fill a Colorless requirement with Double Dragon Energy picking up the slack. That was a bit risky with the limit of 4 of that Special Energy in a deck, so Reshiram was typically trying to support something like Salamence instead. It would have been nicer if it wasn’t just restricted to Dragon-types or if Reshiram could support from the Bench, but this was what was there to work with.

Bright Wing let Reshiram potentially be a back-up attacker. 110 damage was actually quite strong, though 2 Fire, a Lightning, and a Colorless Energy was expensive and you had to discard a Fire Energy attached to Reshiram to use it. You’d normally want to just power up a different Dragon-type, but if things weren’t going quite as planned this was a potential way out.

Reshiram was a very format-dependent card, providing an extra Fire Energy to only Dragon-types wasn’t what the format needed at the time. It was acceleration for rogue decks, really, helping out decks built around more borderline Pokemon of the type that actually needed Fire Energy. Oddly, the Zekrom in this set didn’t even do the same for Lightning Energy, so Reshiram was the better of the two by a wide margin despite only being okay.

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The Roaring Skies set had a big focus on Rayquaza, and there were two Rayquaza-EX and two M Rayquaza-EX in the set. This first Rayquaza-EX was a Dragon-type, which made its attacks less accessible than the alternative Colorless-type. The other side to that was that it had slightly more bulk and a different Weakness, which could let it shine if viewed as a way to get to the rather impressive M Rayquaza-EX. It was one of the more interesting scenarios when it came to competition between two cards, with both having merits.

This Rayquaza-EX had 180 HP, which was 10 more than the other. It wouldn’t usually make a big difference, but there were always those occasional games where 10 HP was the difference between surviving that one extra turn and taking a loss. Fairy was the Weakness here, with M Gardevoir-EX being the most notable Pokemon of that type. It was likely better than the other Rayquaza-EX’s Lightning Weakness, at least in the XY-On format where Night March and Manectric-EX were rather popular, though it tilted toward being worse in the PRC-On format with Lightning falling off and Xerneas decks getting more play. 2 Energy was a very average Retreat Cost, so a little help with that in tight situations was nice here as it was for so many other Pokemon.

Dragon Claw was sad, at 30 damage for 2 Colorless Energy. Not worth the time.

Dragon Strike was rather strong. 130 damage was no joke, though needing 2 Fire, a Lightning, and a Colorless Energy was extremely annoying, with Double Dragon Energy being nearly required for it. There was also a coin flip, and if that was tails, Rayquaza-EX couldn’t use Dragon Strike during your next turn. It was rare to see this attack since you’d rarely stick 4 Energy on this Pokemon without having it become M Rayquaza-EX by that point anyway.

Rayquaza-EX’s slightly better bulk and different Weakness than its counterpart gave it a small window to see some use. The Colorless version tended to see more play, but there were players that preferred the small perks of this one, and occasionally you’d see a mix of the two in the same deck. While almost entirely a way to get a M Rayquaza-EX into play, that was enough to make some appearances.

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‘Aight where’s my fellow TCG nerds I got a question:

What is your reason for watching booster box/pack opening videos? Like what is your pull to it?

Thinking of making some for Golden Leaf Gaming, but I personally do not understand what the pull is?

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The release day Crown Tundra/Legendaries poster, featuring Calyrex and the three birds!


Hitoshi Ariga, who has designed several other Pokemon such as Inkay and M-Beedrill has confirmed he designed the Galar fossils (and the Corviknight line).


Shiny Snom and Thwackey from S4a Shiny Star V.


Fucking knew they were bros. Not a particularly close relationship between the two then.

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