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“Chubby, ears down, awkward posture standing up, mouth opened, angled eyes, constantly screaming to the void…yeah, that’s just like me.”

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Let’s Play Pokémon Crystal Part 18

It’s finally time to fight the Elite Four!! On my team is Typhlosion, Noctowl, Poliwhirl, Sudowoodo, Wigglytuff, and…a level 14 Eevee. Can this ragtag team make it?

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Man, what is it with the Johto starters? They never seem to get love. Anyways, here’s Cyndaquil.

This is a relatively minor change as far as the Starter Shiny Project goes. I just grabbed the old purple fire and slapped it on the current Shiny with some miniscule shading changes to the rest of the body.

- Dragonis

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Badger skull studies for drawing Typhlosion!  Their teeth are AWESOME.

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Friends on the Streets.

Today is the 6th anniversary of my Pokémon comic, YTWC’s Black! Just a quick painting to celebrate the occasion.

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Day 6 of drawing a pokemon a day

Name: Cynder
Game: Pokémon StormSilver (SoulSilver hack)
Species: Typhlosion (fire)
Trainer: Cleo Bakehoshi
Met at: Newbark Town (Johto)
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Blaze
Always excited at the prospect of battle Cynder can be quite energetic and aggressive, always seeking to become stronger, and very protective and loyal to her teammates and trainer despite being a stolen pokémon. She often scouts around and always keeps an eye for any threat… or the police. She really hates the police. Tried to act like she’s fine but every team member death sticks with her and she just grieves in silence, Fracshun is the only one that can get her to open up and the two are really close.

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More ref sheet updates, this time for Team Shining Souls! I’ve shown off bits of Pyro, Talon, Pitcher, and Lunes as pre-evolved forms back whenever I did the comic reenacting my battle against Morty, and Lunar in mid-evolution once, but every other pre-evolved look is brand new for this. Also even though Astrid is supposed to be the special gift Dratini, I decided to have her join the team as a Dragonair story-wise both because you can catch Dragonair in the same location you get that gift Dratini and because it helps move the story along a bit by giving her a bit of a strength boost. I don’t have to be entirely accurate to in-game events with this, after all :3c

Individual Bios: Pyro - Talon - Pitcher - Lunes - Angeloo - Astrid

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Fire Type- 2/18

These are the top picks for my favorite Fire type pokemon ft. Volcarona, Typhlosion, and Arcanine. Had a lot of fun doing the background on this one, might try more in the future!

Next up is water types!

Types done: Normal, Fire (here)           

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Playing a lot of Pokémon go lately! So I decided to photoshop my favorite Pokémon (which all but one are fire types)

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Jhoto Starters Evolved:


Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius


Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio


Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

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PMD - There Once Were Five Humans…

Admittedly when I first thought of this little PMD comic story, it was just essentially gonna be just one story that was inspired by Ultra Sun/Moon and focused mainly on Adison and Thistle. But then I started getting a bit more into PMD and created more character ideas it kinda spiraled into something a little bigger? Sooo yeah, things definitely changed a lot. XD

I still don’t quite have everything about this series of mine figured out yet, but it is going to be a much bigger narrative than I started out with! 

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While I love Ethan with Typhlosion, am I the only one that likes the idea of him having Meganium…?

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