( ⸝⸝•ᴗ•⸝⸝ )੭⁾⁾ “Hello~ Welcome all shippers!!” ↢ ♚ ↣ This is a little blog for the ship, even though the community’s pretty small at the moment. I can’t promise to post often, but hopefully this satisfies your thirst for more of the ship. ↢ ♚ ↣ You can request fanart if you’d like, but I may take a while to respond to it, and it might not be digital art because it takes a lot of time to do. So anyways, enjoy! °˖✧ ◝(⁰▿⁰)◜ ✧˖°. . .(By the way, header pic is not mine)↢ ♚ ↣

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skephaloblog·a year agoText

The deafening sound of a phone ringing broke the silence of the room. The music startled Zak out of his half-asleep, half-awake state. He groaned, picking up the call and rubbing at his eyes.

‘Yes?’ He yawned, leaning back against his bed’s headboard and pulling the covers tighter around himself.

'Oh, sorry. Did I wake you?’ Darryl’s voice answered him.

He sighed in defeat, rubbing at the back of his neck. 'No, no… just- Why did you call?’

'I just wanted talk to you about that video idea?’ He sounded genuinely apologetic, so Zak couldn’t really bring himself to be mad at him.

'Couldn’t this have waited until tomorrow?’ Zak sighed, lying back down in his bed, running a hand through his hair.

'No, yeah…’ Darryl sighed. 'I didn’t realise it was already 4 in the morning.’

'You didn’t realise-’ He groaned in defeat. 'Okay, we’ll talk about this tomorrow. Can I hang up now?’

A moment of silence responded to that.

Zak sighed. 'Why do you always call me, anyways? Why can’t you just text me about things like a normal person?’

Another awkward lack of reply answered him.

'Bye.’ The brunette then hung up.

Zak pulled the phone away from his ear to double-check, sitting up in his bed and tearing the covers off of himself. He furiously unlocked his phone and searched for the correct application, dialing Darryl’s number.

'The number you have dialed is unavailable. Please leave a message after the be-’ He ended the call before the voice could finish its sentence. He tapped the messaging app, sending a text to the brunette who had hung up on him and ignored his call.

Skeppy: oh NOW u dont wanna be in a call??

Skeppy: what was that even?????

Skeppy: why did u hang up???

Bad: No reason.

Skeppy: yeah because thats believable

He tried to call the brunette once more, only to have his call be denied yet again. He sighed in frustration, going back to the messaging app.

Skeppy: darryl

Skeppy: im gonna call u 1 more time

Skeppy: n u better pick up

Skeppy: ok?

He let out a sigh of relief the moment Darryl answered the call.

'Talk.’ He huffed. 'Why are you being so stubborn today?’

’… You’re not going to like what I was going to say.“

'What…?’ He questioned, narrowing his eyes at a blank wall. 'About what? Why you always call me instead of texting me?’

'Y-yeah… that.

'What? Why?’

'I’m not telling, Zak.’

'Fine.’ He huffed, laying back down in his bed. 'Just don’t call me anymore then.’

'No, no, okay. I just-’ He drew a deep breath, exhaling it shakily. 'I… I like listening to your voice, okay?’

Yet another moment of awkward silence between them.


He hung up, rubbing his flushed face and dropping his phone on his bed. He let out a laugh, covering his face with both palms and kicking his legs up repeatedly. 

God… why is he so cute…?’

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skephaloblog·a year agoText

“Hey, u-uh… Z-Zak…?” Darryl spoke all of a sudden, removing the glove off his right hand and rubbing at his neck.

Zak promptly turned to him, quickly noticing the brunette shivering in his seat, curled in on himself and stuttering at the chill of the winter air. The two were seated on a wooden bench on the side of the quiet street, awaiting the arrival of a mutual friend.

“Yeah?” He answered, inwardly cursing at Vincent for making them wait in the cold.

A short moment of silence responded, laced with obvious hesitancy and uncertainty. Darryl let out a breath, visible as a puff of mist huffed into the air. As the white fog dispersed, he spoke defeatedly.   “Never-nevermind.”

Zak exhaled, scooting closer towards the brunette and removing the blue scarf he wore. He then threw the piece of cloth around both of them, the scarf long enough that he could wrap it around them twice. A soft red bloomed across his cheeks as he threw the end of the scarf at Darryl’s face, muttering a soft, “There.”

Darryl smiled that smile of his, cheery and goofy and one of the causes of the butterflies in Zak’s stomach. He chuckled at Zak’s refusing to meet his gaze, pink dusting his cheeks.

“… Thanks.”

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skephaloblog·a year agoText

Zak was midway through his breakfast when Darryl dashed past him, slinging his bag across his shoulders and shoving his phone into his pocket.

‘Good morning! Bye, I’m off to work! I’ll be back late today! Don’t forget to feed the cat!’ He blurted out in one breath when he brushed past the dining table.

Zak blinked, watching as the brunette rushed out the front door. Darryl hastily tried to slip his shoes on as quick as he could, hopping around in place a few times as he struggled to do so.

Zak shook his head, a fond smile gracing his lips. Then he spotted an item from the corner of his eye. With his breakfast temporarily abandoned, he snatched the item off the countertop and darted towards the front entrance, hand slamming against the doorway to will himself to a stop before he exited the house barefoot.

“Have you forgotten something?” He asked with a slyness to his voice, a smirk adorning his features as well. Darryl looked up at him, puzzled, until his eyes lit up in understanding.

He slipped a shoe off one foot to take one step back into the house, tiptoeing slightly before he gave Zak a peck on the lips. Pulling away, he casually slipped his shoe back on.

Zak was left speechless and dumbfounded for a moment, utterly stunned and face as red as a tomato. He opened his hand to reveal a ring of keys that he’d nearly dropped at the kiss. “I-I meant this…… b-but thanks.”

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skephaloblog·a year agoText

*Sigh*…. I’m sorry if I haven’t been posting, guys. Big exams coming up (and my History teacher’s been shoving information in my face to memorise).

But I guess that’s not all I wanted to tell you guys.

Even after the exams end, I can’t promise I’ll be posting often on here. Firstly, I do have in Instagram that I’m trying to work on more often (I’ve been doing the Inktober challenge). And secondly, I’m a part of many fandoms, and the Skeppy, BBH, A6d trio is just one of them, you know? (Doesn’t help that I haven’t had the time to watch them either so I’m not up to date with what’s happening at ALL.)

So if you’re here for the story, you can stay and relish in my inconsistent posts. If you’re interested in my art, I think it’s time to move to my Instagram account. I’m not on Tumblr a lot recently anyways, so staying on this platform is kinda odd, but I like the story I came up with and plan to continue it until I finish it (hopefully). I didn’t want to just drop this off all of a sudden because this fandom is pretty great. 

Anyways, see you after the exams, or on Instagram.

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skephaloblog·a year agoText

Passing Notes AU

6. Late

Zak and Vincent arrived at the classroom at the same time. Vincent threw him a friendly grin as his greeting toward the other. Zak playfully rolled his eyes at the black haired boy.

The two took their seats, noticing the lack of their hot headed friend, but thought nothing of it. They chatted idly until they heard the sharp ring of the school bell. Their homeroom teacher walked in soon after. That was when the two friends started to worry about their missing friend. It wasn’t like Darryl the goody two-shoes to be late.

A minute passed. Then three. The two didn’t listen to a single word from the teacher. 

Five minutes. He still hadn’t arrived. 

Then the counter in their minds reached 10 minutes.

Vincent and Zak turned to one another, both pair of eyes sharing the same emotion.

Then he burst into class in a flurry of apologies, flustered and a mess. The brunette’s attire was wrinkled and slightly damp. The books in his hand had papers nearly slipping from between its pages. 

The homeroom teacher yelled at him immediately. When he was done, he scoffed and dismissed Darryl. 

Zak and Vincent both thought the same thing yet again. The two had spotted a huge bruise at the back of Darryl’s neck, which was nearly completely hidden by the turtleneck sweater he wore. The two were both seated behind the brown haired boy, after all. It was a difficult thing to miss. 

Zak got out a piece of scrap paper immediately, passing it to Vincent, who merely glanced at the message before giving it to Darryl.


Vincent frowned at the message, scoffing lightly under his breath.


Vincent corrected.


The black haired boy squinted his eyes at the message, passing it to Zak, hearing him put the paper away.


He sighed at the single letter written for him on a new piece of paper, passing the paper not to Darryl, but back to Zak.


[ First ] [ Previous ]

Hello! I’m back! ^^

My exams just ended today! (I think I did pretty well??) So I decided to post something. Maybe some of you guys have already figured out the direction I’m gonna have this story go in. I just decided that every story needs a plot, ya know? One more serious one, and another more fluffy. 

Ah… I haven’t been watching any of their videos for a while now since I had exams, so imma catch up. 

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skephaloblog·a year agoText

Just a little note:

;-; I’m sorry I haven’t been updating, and I probably won’t for another 2 (maybe 3) weeks. Exams coming up (self explanatory), and I’m seriously not ready for them.

Forgive me… ㄴ(。_。ㄴ)

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skephaloblog·a year agoText

If Badboyhalo was an actual bad boy.

Man I’m feeling really artsy today.

Does it look okay? Criticism would really help. Especially with the anatomy.

The neck might be a little long and the legs might look weird. Feel free to tell me.

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skephaloblog·a year agoText

Does that look better?

(。ヘ°) I think it’s a little derby? Actually, that’s fitting…

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skephaloblog·a year agoText
A6d Minecraft skin fanart

My sincerest apologies. I just realised it was Friday, like, 10 minutes ago. Then I was like ‘Oh shiz what do I do’ for a while before I calmed down. I hope a blushing A6d (Minecraft skin ver.) does enough to satisfy you.

Again, I’m really sorry. (T~T) It’s been a rough week.

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skephaloblog·a year agoAnswer

I’m sorry you’re having bad days, and that you don’t feel your absolute best, but I want to let you know that your blog makes me very happy. Every time you post, I get excited. I love everything, and I honestly don’t mind waiting for it. Take your time, enjoy the better days, and know that we’ll love when you post no matter what. Cheer up, friend. Better days are right around the corner, dancing with a finish in a bucket and eating a muffin. 💕💕

(oT^T)o Oh my god why are you so kind??? Thank you so much~!!! (٭°̧̧̧ω°̧̧̧٭)

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skephaloblog·a year agoText

Domestic Skephalo oneshot

Zak kicked away his blanket and rolled out of bed once he realised that he wasn’t going to fall back asleep anytime soon. He dragged his feet as he made his back to the bathroom.

As he brushed his teeth, he caught sight of a yellow sticky note attached to the mirror. He tore it away from the glass, his eyes quickly skimping over the words scribbled hastily onto the paper.


Zak was quick to recognise the handwriting as Darryl’s. He then noticed the black marker was used to write the note, sitting right next to the toothpaste he had yet to cap.

He spit out the contents in his mouth into the sink, and picked up the marker.


↢ ❦ ↣

Zak made his way to the kitchen, where he found a tray of breakfast already readied for him. He sat down by the island in front of the plate of eggs, sausages and toast, a smile fighting its way onto his face.

He found yet another note attached to the counter.


Again, it was written by Darryl.

Zak rolled his eyes at the words.

↢ ❦ ↣

Darryl was the first to wake up yet again. He made his way to the kitchen for a bite, deciding that he would buy groceries after he had breakfast.

He opened the fridge for some eggs, but as he closed it, he noticed a blue note attached to the fridge with a magnet.


He immediately recognised Zak’s terrible handwriting.

Darryl rolled his eyes. Was a ‘Can you go get some please?’ that difficult to write down?

When he returned later that morning from shopping, he tossed the bread onto the counter, quickly writing down a note before sticking it onto the bread.


↢ ❦ ↣

One day Darryl spotted a note that nearly offended him, attached to the coffee maker in the kitchen.


He furiously tugged the cap off a nearby marker. 


Zak stared, speechless at the message. He did not sing in the shower. What was he talking about?

He put down his coffee immediately and got out a marker. 


Darryl had gotten out another sticky note and patched it over the old one.


Zak had been the first to notice the new handwriting that appeared on the note. He got out another sticky note and paste it over the previous two.


Darryl was the first to read the third housemate’s response when he was sipping on some coffee at 7 in the morning. 


He nearly choked on his piping hot drink, a blush blooming across his cheeks.

↢ ❦ ↣

Hey! Um… I know I was supposed to update the Passing Notes AU today, but I just… I haven’t been okay recently, so I just quickly scribbled this down. Skephalo being domestic, you know, and A6d being a 3rd wheeler, as usual.

Edit: I just quickly plopped the notes into Word and used the fonts I set up for pnau, then took screenshots of the text. (Usually I use photoshop to properly edit the words, to you know… make them look more like real handwriting.)

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skephaloblog·a year agoText

Passing Notes AU

5. Revenge

Vincent immediately got out a blue pen when he felt a tap on his shoulder from behind him.


He rolled his eyes, putting away the blue pen and got out a black one instead before writing down his response.


Having no response, he passed it on to Darryl.


Vincent passed the note back to Darryl, and watched as he furiously got out another piece of paper.


A6d faintly heard Skeppy curse under his breath before passing the note back without a response. Vincent had no more to say either, so he passed it to Bad, only to receive it back seconds later.


[ First ]  [ Previous ] [ Next ]

Creeper. Aw man.

I feel like Bad gets bullied (pranked/trolled) a little too much to be fair so here’s a little revenge for him XD.

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skephaloblog·a year agoAnswer

I keep rereading the latest part of the Passing Notes Au and I’m just so shook. The part where a6d turns around and Skeppy is just pink faced!!!!!!!! It’s so cute, but in a gentle way. A subtle, yet equally unsubtle, show of feelings. I adore everything about this.

( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡ ♥︎ I don’t have a reply. I just really like this comment. ♥︎

I was having a bad day and this cheered me up.

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skephaloblog·a year agoAnswer

We Stan a talented uwu bean.

(。ヘ°) Are we talking about Badboyhalo here? Because if so,

(*´▽`*) 100% yesss

If you’re referring to a6d or skeppy,

(;`O´)o Bad is the superior uwu bean! I’m right! Fite me!

They are all equally talented tho.

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skephaloblog·a year agoAnswer

HI HELLO! hi ok sorry but i just found ur blog and im actually genuinely excited and shaky rn because y your art and writing is just so good and its so good to see this community start to grow on tumblr (i started out here as well) instead of just being on insta and twitter- ur writing is actually so funny and a6d, skeppy and bbh are all in character and i i just- man i love this blog its so funkee- ok ok thats it just know ur doing a great job and ily byE! 💖💖💖

Σ(・口・) Aaaaaaah-!

I’m so grateful for all the support and encouragement. (^^) I really hope this community keeps on growing. Thank you for the compliments too~

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