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the block button looks so appealing rn…

t/w | orange juice in eyes, softness


it’s quick. you don’t even register the juice squirting into your eyes until it starts to sting, burn, and you can’t help but want to punch hajime.

“i…” he hurriedly wipes his hands on his napkin before cradling your face and watching as you rapidly blink to try and ease the pain. “i’m so sorry.”

you pout, eyes now clenched shut. “its okay… i was the one who asked you to peel it.” there’s a deep sigh that leaves you as you visibly sink in on yourself. the air breezes past, trees rustling and swaying as you two sit outside the gym to eat lunch.

“i love you…” you mutter, eyes open and welcomed with his hardened stare— hints of worry laced within.

“i love you too, but when are you going to learn how to peel your own oranges?” his brow is raised and you can’t help but look off to the side with a huff.

“i won’t need to learn as long as you’re around.” it’s whispered and hajime shakes his head with a smile because you’re right— he doesn’t plan on ever leaving you.

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imagine just trying to have dinner with the fam and then you see this white man running like a maniac in the middle of your street

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Watching some local political interviews on YouTube when I see a repetitive long youtube comment under each of the series of interview videos. I briefly skimmed the comment, and it seemed to be about a “conspiracy scandal regarding the state governor stealing thousands of dollars”. I click the user just to see what the hubub is about and see 6 long videos on the channel. I click on the first one because this guy… spent so much time making these… I guess I can spent a few minutes to see what he has to say.

Apparently, he failed an assignment for his class which meant that he couldn’t receive his (8 year?) masters degree. He’s blaming the teacher for losing his assignment (reasonable I guess) and somehow he’s connecting the entire university and school system/teachers/political figures to a massive scandal regarding the thievery of thousands of dollars from students through failing students by losing their homework

I dont know if this scandal is actually real right… but I’m just gonna assume he failed the class and decided to dedicate a large part of his life seemingly convinced the governor is somehow stealing thousands from students by deliberately failing them.

Anyway he was studying to be like an therapist or something and uhm… I really hope he doesn’t succeed in that endeavor.

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a/n: hii nonnie i hope you have a good day today xo (I’m incapable of writing anything short.)


The faint chirping of the birds outside was loud enough to wake you up. As a shinobi, it was difficult not to wake at any sound that’s around you, quiet or not. Your hands stretch out in front of you, running over the smooth chest of the man sleeping next to you. Well, smooth-ish, but that wasn’t his fault.

You slowly open your eyes when your fingers drift over a little indentation near his right clavicle. A brief frown overtook your lips when you remembered how he got it. Your husband had a bit of a bad habit of constantly worrying for you in the battlefield. More than once he has stepped in front of a blade for you and has the scars to prove it.

Each time he does it, the both of you argue that he can’t keep stepping in every time you might get hurt and he argues that you should be more careful. To be fair, both of you had your own points but it’s something that the both of you needed to work on if you wanted to keep going on missions together.

You slowly lift yourself up on the bed and try your best not wake up your sleep-deprived husband. It was both a blessing a curse to wake up to him each and every day. A blessing because, well, it was him, and a curse because it’s so embarrassing to be caught in the act of checking him out.

There are two ways it could go whenever you checked him out. Of course, he would tease you in either situation, but the outcome was different. He could either blush (recover quickly) and then tease you for staring at him because sarcasm is his default defense mode or he would tease you for it and proceed to other events.

He looked heavenly in the mornings. His grey hair was sticking out in every direction. It almost looked like a halo in the soft glow of the early morning light. His eyebrows and eyes were relaxed, and it brought you joy to no longer see the stressed expression he held when he slept before. You can’t help yourself but lean down and pepper feather-light kisses all over his face. Your lips kiss over the scar on his face before they make their way to other scars on his body.

Unbeknownst to you, Kakashi had woken up. He wants to open his eyes and see you, but having your lips pressing against his body is too good of a feeling for him to risk having it end. Instead, he takes a mental note of everything that has changed. He no longer was pulled from his needed slumber because of horrible nightmares forcing him to wake up, but instead is welcomed now into consciousness by your warm lips on his skin.

He focuses on the trail of your lips. They moved along a scar on his abdomen, one that was technically meant for you but Kakashi didn’t care. A small smile played on his lips as your lips moved down further south.

“Kashi, go back to sleep.” He hears your voice and opens his eyes. He blinks away the intrusive sunlight before he could focus on your frame now leaning over him in bed. He stretched his arms above his head and lets a low groan spill from his lips. His lips pull into a smile when he feels you plant a kiss on his mouth.

“How can I go back to sleep when you’re kissing me like that?” He murmurs quietly and focuses back on the kisses you were leaving on his chest. Kakashi lets out a yawn and stretches once more. The breath hitches at his throat and the yawn becomes a quiet gasp. Your mouth was nibbling, kissing, and licking along his hips and v-line. When did you get all the way down there?

Before your hands could slip under the waistband of his sweats, he stopped you.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He teases in a low, raspy, morning voice.

“I wanted to properly congratulate you for last night.”

“Congratulate me?”

“Mhm…” You nodded, gently removing your hand from his grip and sticking it down the front of his pants. Immediately, your fingers wrapped themselves around his growing length and gently squeezed the base of it to get a groan from Kakashi. He rolls his hips into your hand and you smirk. “I think you beat the record by two or three on how many orgasms you gave me. Although I lost count after 3.” and almost lost consciousness after 5

You pull his sweats down far enough to free his length but before you could wrap your lips around the head, he stopped you. “Wait.”

His breath left his lips when he looked down at your innocent, yet eager, expression. He almost laughed when you pouted. “I want to hold you close to me.” He admits.

It’s not something you expected to come out of his mouth. It caught you off guard to hear those words. Sure, he’s said something along those lines to you when you both just got out of a dangerous situation and he needs the comfort that you’re safe and there (i.e. cuddling after missions) but considering that neither of you were in immediate danger nor have been in danger for the last few days, it was a strange thing to hear. It’s not unwelcome, just unexpected.

Before you could ask him what he wanted to do, he turned you over, so your back was to his chest. He pushes a knee in between your legs and moves it so one of your legs drapes over his waist. He wraps on arm tightly around your body while the other snakes down to swiftly move your panties aside. He runs two fingers along your folds to make sure that you were wet enough for him before aligning himself at your entrance. He slowly pushes in and you both sigh out in relief.

He started off with slow thrusts, relishing in the feeling of his cock stretching your walls open. Your eyes flutter close when he’s bottomed out. The tip of his dick grazes your g-spot at this angle, and you find yourself wanting to somehow even be closer to him if it was possible. You wanted to whine when he would pull out, wanted to whine at him to give you more but your words were pushed back into your mouth by his fingers. A particularly hard thrust has you biting down on his index and middle finger.

“You feel so good, darling.” Kakashi moans quietly. His hot breath fans over the shell of your ear and a shiver runs down your spine. He removes the fingers from your mouth and uses that hand to rub your clit. You let out a whiny moan from the feeling. You’re letting out little pants for him in no time, begging him for more. Your mind is already hazy when first waking up in the mornings but with the way his dick was pushing in and out of you it somehow made it worse.

In the moment you only knew two things: his name and that he wasn’t lying about wanting you close to him. 

naruto writings

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