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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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oh my god nooo he looks so soft and sexy at the same time like??? what an accurate description of qian kun, tbh

i’m imagining he’d look like this late at night when you’re snuggling on the couch together. like he’s working on a new song on his laptop and you’re cuddled up to his side and hugging his waist while he works and he feels so warm and soft ;-; maybe there’s rain hitting the window and his fingers are in your hair while the soft music plays askdksks lol omg who am i where is this soft stan shit coming from

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Ayo???? Mind blowing??? Please you’re making me blush…

But go on. Stroke my ego~ :’)

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am i the only one that thinks it’s kinda ridiculous that MDL only allows entries of shows and movies from 7 countries in asia? like i get all the other rules for entries but that one doesn’t make sense to me. why only 7?? and india nor vietnam is one them?? make it make sense

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Just saw a post that was instructions to make a pipe bomb disguised in a rage comic format. What the fuck.

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My professor: “It’s supposed to be a nice day today. Make sure you get out and maybe take a walk or something!”

Us with two assignments due at midnight for HIS class:

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Me: watches season finale of Disenchantment

Me: ARE U KIDDING ME I’M……………………..

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Hey I’m not caught up at all but I caught the last 20-30 minutes of Tommy’s stream before he did his outro and in so confused

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who decided that all nail polish colors had to be puns. like where did that come from

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also vegeta follows beerus around like a puppy so i like these dynamics. 

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I have 6 science book things. I finished studying one of em (like taking note son them and shit) and that took me like… 2ish hours. And I have 5 more to do.

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People saying Misha is an asshole and wishing him a bad surgery because of his runner comment in yesterday’s live has me like ????????

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Why is Eikichi so obscenely tall, this emo teen with an eating disorder is taller than Katsuya and Baofu?!? 

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