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Jinxed: (tries to warn us how romancing Oracle is a bad idea and might lead to just full of angst and with no gurantee of happy route) // everyone (including me) : PLEASE LET HER DOMMING US

I’ve accepted that there’s a portion of oracle-loving heathens.  Just know if it happens it won’t be happy. 

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Oracle is my appetizer, Little Bean is my dessert and The Mage is my main course. My crime is to love too much.

This has been in my inbox for so long.  I want to face palm every time I see it.  So now its getting posted, in all its heathenish shame. 

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Why isn't Dorin on the official list of ROs on your CoG profile?

I’m too lazy to contact a mod about allowing me to edit my original post and too busy to earn myself the rank on the forum where I’d be granted it.

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Could you please delete that ask about the depressed and suicidal MC. You didn't tag it as a trigger either.

Yeah sure, sorry.  I’ll keep that in mind if there are similar posts like it in the future

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Are we allowed to ask NSFW questions?

Of course, go ahead! If you explore you’ll see a few already answered as well as some stories for most of the ROs.

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I have to ask, did you forget to remove the "Your custom footer message" at the bottom of your blog next to "Jinxed Games 2019-2020", right, Jinx?

I may have not known that was there.  

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Rules: Tag nine people who you want to get to know better tagged by @isthisapenismetaphor

Top 3 ships: I don’t ship in the way I used to so I guess; Drarry (Harry and Draco), Crowley and Aziraphale, and uhhhh…Cecil and Carlos?

Last Song: Run by The Naked Brothers Band (I put my music on shuffle)

Last Movie: In Theaters Emma(2020) at home I think Into the Spiderverse(2018?)

Currently Reading: Pride and Prejudice cause I saw the 2005 movie and wanted to make my own that was more gay and full of POC’s so I figured I’d read it first.

What food are you craving: I honestly don’t know…I guess…ice cream and french fries

Last nine people in my tags:

@ship-it-helicarrier-hard @wildflower182 @goatskedaddle @totalbisquit-tit @betontroybolton @naazaif327 @lazystudentdreamer @nimagine @unnaturalsavior

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I get bored so fast without my computer…like I try and do the other things that I have in the house but nope. Don’t get me wrong I still get bored with my computer but it takes longer. Like hours longer. But without it by like mid afternoon I am just bored. I’m thinking of trying to go to sleep at like 8:30pm 9pm cause I have run out of things to do today…

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can the MC flirt with multiple RO’s at once or does the MC get locked into (or get to pick) a specific RO’s route? sorry if this has already been asked!

There are going to be multiple chances to both enter and exit a route, with the opportunity to flirt even if you’ve entered a route.  I will say that the first time you enter a route, all of the routes of the original ROs will be presented more or less at the same time.

But after that opportunities to enter and exit the routes will be different depending on the RO relationship, choices you’ve made, or just how you’re roleplaying your character.  

The least spoilery example of this is if you originally choose one of the original ROs path but decide you want to romance Dorin the first time you get the chance.  You’ll get the opportunity to end the romance and start Dorin’s or just end the romance and express interest if you want it to be more of a slow burn or you don’t feel comfortable going from one romance to another, (Plus you know just straight up ending the romance without joining another). 

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Do you ever see sparks of lite just fall to the ground like embers but a lighter color? Like it’s a pretty suprise but so fleeting

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“angst IS the healer” thanks now I’m even MORE ready to slap a ring on their finger than before

Don’t say you weren’t warned anon.   

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My thirst for Dorin seems to be escalating with this lockdown. Not even met them yet and I cant wait to smooch. I keep scrolling through your blog reading old asks!

Then you’ll be glad to know you’ve still got a few days before they run out!  I think I got the majority of the old asks at one time so I’ve just been doing a couple everyday.

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My computers hardware might have died with like 5 years of information (I know I should have backed up I was getting to it) I still have my iPad so I decided to draw a bee and then it became this animation. If I had a switch I would be playn’ animal crossing cause I am tired 💤.

Anyway hope you enjoy!

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