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wrooom · 2 months ago
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The Secret Room - Dubai Night Club 
"This intimate nightclub at FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai has already developed a luxury feel and a loyal following. Call to get on the guest list, for that’s the only way you’re getting in, and you may even see a supercar rolling onto the dance floor at this cool Dubai nightclub. "
By Mac Rackham
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astrilde · a year ago
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The boyhood of Fionn, from Irish Fairy Tales, illustrated by Arthur Rackham
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fleetwoodmacarthistory · a year ago
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The True Sweetheart by Arthur Rackham // “Silver Girl” by Fleetwood Mac
requested by anonymous
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vladscastle · a year ago
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Irish Fairy Tales by James Stephens (London: Macmillan & Co. Ltd., 1920), illustrated by Arthur Rackham (British, 1867-1939)
The Story of Tuan mac Cairill
“My life became a ceaseless scurry and wound and escape, a burden and anguish of watchfulness."
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my-truest-flinthamilton · 4 years ago
@flintsredhair tagged me, thank you!! here we go
rules: answer 30 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better
1. nicknames: Joe, which is just the english version of my fist name but i go by my second name most of the time so: Lex, Ali or Fuckface
2. gender: male
3. star sign: Leo
4. height: 5′5″ (i know. puberty failed me)
5. time: 15:32 
6. birthday: 18th August
7. favorite bands: The Script, Green Day, Against me!
8. favorite solo artists: Bruce Springsteen
9. song stuck in my head: Legends never die by Against the current
10. last movie i watched: RocknRolla
11. last show i watched: Black Sails
12. when did i create my blog: This one? like…a couple of days ago :D
13. what do i post: Black Sails. I had to make a new blog bc my main was getting flooded with all my flinthamilton feelings
14. last thing i googled: Talon AD build 
15. do i have any other blogs: yes. only eight next to this one (i have a lot of obsessions ok)
16. do i get asks: nope i don’t think anyone has noticed my existence yet hehe
17. why i chose my url: because this is 99% screaming about flinthamilton and people should know that from the start
18. following: 111
19. followers: 35 (i just started this blog don’t hurt me)
21. average hours of sleep: currently? 2
22. lucky number: numbers are evil
23. instruments: piano and clarinet and a bunch of selftaught shit like guitar, bass, violin, tin whistle and saxophone
24. what am i wearing: jeans and a t-shirt 
26. dream job: i mean i’m going to be a teacher but if i could choose, actor.
27. dream trip: Scotland, Greece, New Zealand ofc, Rome..i’d also like to see SF once again but i’m not too keen to visit the USA while their president is orange
28. favorite food: Tuscan chicken Mac ‘n cheese
29. nationality: German
30. favorite song right now: Racing in the street or Streets of Philadelphia i can’t fuckin choose
tagging @bean-about-townn @sexonthebeachisadrink @wolfstarforever @thrandy-themajestic @hamiltonthomas @jack-rackhams-sunglasses (that ain’t 20 i know sue me)
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