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#afton simpage
nerdbabelovesyou · 7 days ago
Ok so I often see posts from this one blog I follow that are ADAMANT that William Afton doesn't look like the canon version in the game canon and is attractive. And the thing about that is like, idc, anyone can interpret him however, that's part of the fun, but. I am going to personally believe he looks EXACTLY like the Silver Eyes interpretation and he is VERY ugly. And even if he didn't look like graphic novel him, he's still ugly in that skeletal greasy rat man way. But no matter what he's ugly. Like just, so so SO ugly. He is ugly to me. And just as creepy looking as he looks in TSE. Hideous dilf <3
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nerdbabelovesyou · a month ago
Almost every time I've read a springtrap x reader fic (you all know why I was) the concept has been something like "he got into your office and you thought you were gonna die but nope he's just a grumpy zombie furry who you vibe with" and every single time I've absolutely loved it
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