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— a girlparx awtto playlist.

❝ i wanna ruin our friendship! we should be lovers instead❞

here it is!!! the girlparx awtto playlist :) for when you have a girlcrush on your hot drummer with sexy abs and you’re desperately trying to make her understand you’re not just trying to be gal pals.

i’m really proud of the lineup!! mostly gay artists and also artists i wish were gay (hayley williams…pls) and 0% girl in red, clairo, or king princess and also frankly i think it just slaps. go forth and go fucking nuts over girl awsten and otto kissing with me

23 notes

ACTUALLY send me songs that remind you of Awtto (that arent parx) and I wanna know whyyy

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wait do you think…do you think awsten picks out or rearranges ottos outfits for him when they have to coordinate because hes color blind……. have you noticed how much more color otto wears since meeting awsten….

45 notes

there was legit no reason for them to do this. Like awsten could have held the headphones in his hand

30 notes

i want to go back to the timeline where awsten would post these kinds of instagram stories

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