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#intellectual property

Just so you guys know, an author giving you permission to do things with their work (record it, adapt it, etc.) may not actually have the right to do that. If someone paid to publish that work, they very likely don’t. Authors sometimes forget that not everyone outside the industry knows what the rules are, so be careful what you post using published work, esp. if it involves any sort of profit for you, because you could get in legal trouble and “But the author said it was okay!” will not work as a legal defense. If you’re uncertain, ask for clarification or err on the side of caution.

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How are real-life weapons licensed for games? Playing the Modern Warfare 2019, I’ve noticed some weapons have generic names, while others seem to have their actual manufacturer’s name attached to them. If developers are paying for the privilege of using these brands in game, am I indirectly giving money to weapon manufacturers by purchasing games?

Licensed weapons are the same as licensed anything else. If we’re using the copyrighted or trademarked elements like weapon model, name, and manufacturer, we’re using somebody else’s intellectual property and need to secure a license (permission) to use that IP in our game. 


If the team wants to let players use a Heckler & Koch MP5 in it, we must secure a license from Heckler & Koch to use their company name, the weapon model, and the weapon name. Any restrictions the IP owner might have on the weapon’s use that we agree to in the contract must be followed (e.g. must be accurately depicted, cannot be used by terrorists, no weird colors, etc.). There’s also usually some amount of money that changes hands in exchange for the use of the license. The bigger licenses take more (e.g. Batman, Star Wars), while weapon manufacturers don’t usually demand too much. We’re using their intellectual property; they have a right to ask for compensation at the bargaining table.


As you have surmised, not all weapons in games are licensed. If we can’t secure a license from a manufacturer for some reason (they wanted too much money, their requirements were too strict, etc.), we can choose to walk away and make assets that look “close enough” but not violate any trademarks or copyrights. In several cases like with the AR-15, the patents for the weapon design have expired so the weapon design itself can be used as long as we don’t call it an “AR-15″ (the trademark of which is still owned by Colt). I believe these patent expirations also apply to many “classic” firearms like the AK-47, the FN P90, and all of the vintage weapons from older wars like World War II. You are also correct - players are indirectly supporting arms manufacturers by purchasing games with officially licensed weapons.

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The FANTa Project is being rebooted. [What is the FANTa project?]

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Copyright Anarchy and Our Place In It

If you didn’t know I have been planning a new series that will hopefully last me through the rest of the project, but Tom Scott’s video made me pause.

If you didn’t know (sorry for the repetition) Tom Scott has made a good 40 minute video about the current state of copyright, which I have dubbed Copyright Anarchy. One, if you know my project (read previous days), would think that I have that law-abiding jump in my heart and decided to run far far away, but it’s not really the reason I felt the enthusiasm for the subject sapped away. 

If you didn’t know (Rule of Three), recently I have been talking about the looming problem of the Gentrocracy, which now I would think as more of the decay of the Leviathan. The split between the poor/uneducated/young and the rich/educated/old is really underlying the two process of the brain. (Platonic, I know) There’s the sensory public and the intellectual elite. The elite and the public work together to smoothly transition as the society develops.

The problem is that the democratic process has been stalled. There is too many people in the voting block that are outside of the vanguard to have the government be an effective place to transitioning between states.

Copyright is one of the most blantant place it crops up. What we need is a fair, transparent system, and the law that utilize the more transparent process to effectively change how copyright works. (As in not having a hard cutoff line but a slow decaying set of rights that are usually approved through the new courts.)

One of the more out-there ideas (could be part of the Green New Deal) is that government should actively subsidize fandoms. I’m not kidding. Fandoms combines the strength of building communities and also brings creativity and work to people who might be left out. I am way too much optimist on this.

One of the things that people ‘ask’ me in my optimism is that ‘Why do we have to universalize’? And the key thing is that ease of access is a really key part of legimatization of the institution. People don’t care about the public transit as a service for poor person, but they will care if they think of as a right. To freely transport in an accessible way. A healthcare system that would always be there for you, an education system that would always be there for you. We have losing the legitimacy and that’s why we’re in a state of fiefdom and anarchy.

Universalism showcase the government, not as supplemental, but as a cornerstone of our society. We need these democratic institution as place of consensus and solidarity. People who can afford otherwise still should be compelled to get on the subway, because they feel as though it is part of what makes them human. We must make everyone realize they are a part of society.

I think one of the things that Bernie’s campaign has trying to do is to realize that things we take for granted are actually we have to fight for and that we should be able to fight for those things which we take for granted. Once converted, I think it makes people overly optimistic, but I think it’s the sense of ever-present vigor that make people little uncomfortable. Bernie’s campaign gives life.

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I can't demand specifics due to the nature of your blog, but how often are you a big fanboy/girl about the IP you get to work on? If you've ever been put in that situation? Obviously, I expect you like what you're working on, but are you ever like "GASP!! I get the honor to work on an R-Type project!?" Do you have to handle yourself differently in that case? And are there like..."hype tiers" for you based on what you do for the game? Like more excited to do art than be a program lead?

There have been cases where I’ve worked on IP and such that I like, but I’m not the sort of super emotional type to tilt when I’m working as part of a franchise that I really admire. One of the things I’ve learned as I leveled up and gained experience is that every project, no matter how prestigious it is, has tough choices that get made. Plans change, stuff gets cut, cool things I really wanted to work on end up being sacrificed for the sake of the eventual goal. Sometimes there are arguments on the team, stuff I really liked inevitably gets cut or changed, all of the usual development problems still occur even though it’s a franchise I really like. Being a property I personally enjoy does not stop any of the normal problems or awesome stuff from happening, it only magnifies the feelings that I feel when they occur. 


For me, it’s like a range of feelings - I feel better when working on something I believe is really cool, but I also get an insider’s view of how the sausage is made including all of the bad parts. If I’m working on something that isn’t as cool, I still try to give it my best because, even if it isn’t my favorite game, it’s still somebody’s favorite and I owe it to them to give my best efforts. That’s what it means to be a professional. While I might feel more strongly about those sacrifices on an IP I personally like, the ultimate goal remains putting out something that I’m proud of and did my best to accomplish.

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The FANTa Project is being rebooted. [What is the FANTa project?]

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Is BB right about the money? 

She has a doubt, especially after bathing in a crowd environment, she goes through all her recent actions and declarations and gets worried of the receptions, she hears all sorts of accusatory comments about what she fashions to survive and it is really hard to discern who is really hinting… The people or the Masters through the people?… Will that generate more exclusion, misunderstandings and laughing? She tends to forget about it until she is in a space, as she is so used to be alone with all her theories and discoveries, locked in a restrained internet world that gives her half of the necessary infos and some made out facts, pages and discouraging hacking alarms and software bugs. She concentrates for a second; “It’s something SO big that it traumatises all my friends, chosen and blood families, entourage, activists and allies to keep silent, and the police refusals, lawyers and medias ignorance! That much of a level of isolation and efforts in intimidation to keep everyone silent and divided, strait up violence which eventually leads to groups of 10 police and firemen coming to take me by force to hospital to inject hardcore meds in my ass while all details disappear and everyone gets back on their everyday days… Come on! It HAS to be fucking BIG? No? HAS to involve big money!” And she is 99% sure amounts must go high high HIGH and even surer that using her body and brain as objects to bash, fuck and manipulate should grant her with that 66% easy…? Presumptuous? 

After months of being ostracised from friends and fun, buried under incessant brain eating and keeping as healthy as possible BB goes out clubbing parred with a wise amount of drugs. She needs to have a dance so badly, see familiar faces, and feel surrounded by good energies!… Barely touches the substances after her initial start and go line, very surprising and unlike her, but she is content and fulfilled with this change, and only takes half of a pill too late or too early, stupidly just before she decides to actually leave the venue without saying anything, having had enough of nightlife psychosis theatre… Ho one important piece of information for our readers is that, the Bastards want her to believe that people around her can only read her thoughts when she is high on drugs. We will explain in further diving in the story that it is a trick marketed to make her believe the perpetrators are the infamous members of her family, and it is a system with a processus that will only end when she sobers up from all drugs and clubs or music making for years. 

She walks home delighted to have seen her friends and received love hugs and actually danced hard for so much longer than for so long! She remains puzzled on the reason why these public thought reading sessions are still hapening… She THINKS they are really not playing in the “Doctors” favour. The grand realisation of the ampler and spectrum of the operation for BB happened thanks to one of these instances and she is really grateful for it.

This brings us to raising 2 more questions: First: does this mean she is right in thinking that the Masters can decide when and for how long people have access to her thoughts? And second: do they have access to it all, are they aware of what they make her think and what is genuine and how direct is it? BB: “because it feels really fucking live!” In your ears? On your phones? In an inoffensive V2K for the rest of population? Just a couple of the worst words there and there, beamed out to nearing curious heads…? 

BB: “I feel that I see them come close to me and try and catch my eyes, when that is done they stand still, bend down their upper body slightly in my direction, like waiting to hear something imminently… Or could that be another trap to make me think they hear me live strait in ears and make me tell that to a professional Psychiatrist LIAR?… And so you’re waiting to hear… get informed… about…??? My panicked urged thinking on the way you look? The way you move…? Really…? Is that interesting what I think about the way you look? Do what you get satisfies you? Or can we agree that it is generic, always the same, absolutely non specific, vulgar, and most importantly useless as fuck? Is it somehow interesting and, I can’t grasp why? So hearing the primary thought of a female bodied individual under pressure and harassed in a social environment who was traumatised while growing up, by Patriarchal society’s pressure to work on the way she looks as a priority and to make it fit the selling standards as well as prove it by finding a men against all women is fascinating? Or is it better to get the embarrassed judgements about your races, genders and genitals she wishes never crossed her neurones?”

Unmistakably choosing a social environment at night, which was initially and is even more now an anxious and difficult process for her to go through is the perfect setting to share her brains out, the absolute jackpot if you want her to sound hysterical and obsessed! She systematically scans rooms and analyses level of security within them, trying not to look shaky and scared. She is used to taking shit from her trusted ones under instructions, and so having to assess a full night of energies to open or close to is without a doubt setting her off to make another bunch of enemies. Or so they think! The Evil dumbers trying to play her body want to add to hysterical and obsessed, offensive and ridiculous. Offensive is really important because it raises up many hurt feelings for harassing comments and actions to want to fuse, and ridiculous obviously linked to making people laugh, it is hard not to laugh at something funny, she feels like laughing too when listening to the thoughts farting out of her head… Some she owns up to, some are put through.    

She is a vessel for anything and everything they want to make the female body say! Or shall we even go as far as to say; what they want a feminist to think? An exemplar soft white piece of bread for the sausage of their choice and pile of sauces. Are they really still Witch Hunting? Trying their best and most, lets have a little count… mmmmhhhh fuck loads against 1, to demonstrate that being a feminist is being a hypocrite? Do they need to prove womxn remain women and when you dig into their primary unrepressed thoughts, you can see how much they like to be raped? How much in competition there are with each other and how obsessed they are with their appearance and men? Acting this through BB Womans who never ever had any specifics in gender preferences appears to be worse! She knows she has taken on the role of the bad bad BAD feminist and finds it comical but it is probably not what is read by her surroundings. It could translate in; “Wow heard what she thinks!!! She’s got issues!!! That’s so mean” or… BB: “Insensitive or self-centred and everything else you might want to put in to justify your wish for me to feel ashamed, leave or just move away, bearing your sigh and spare you the consideration or memory of “that game you’re fed up with?”

When confronted with a lot of energies, everything becomes ultra binary; fucking or not fucking the men, “fine!” But then Comparing her size and looks with every female she encounters, obviously pointing out when she wins and noticing awful recurring words come out of her like some unfounded diarrhoea, and if they have a male partner it goes something like how better for them she is, like dog pissing, highlighting ingrained female competition as compulsory? When it comes to trans* people she is stuck by the thought of their genitals… being the worst one of all she can think of being stuck with while trying to be next to her friends.  

Again BB is really fed up to have to justify herself for ANY thoughts at all, but some of these need to be outed as their doings… All the ones that go something like; Fat, ugly, small, dicks, pretty, better, jealous… etc… Could not be further from the way she considers a person for the first time or the people she knows, she would never call them repeatedly fat or ugly or EVER want to categorise anyone with all encompassing description of their appearance, and if it happens that she did, well that would be a good subject to bring into light and discuss. 

The process is simple, they make her stop and wonder with a short and accusatory: “SSSSSSiiiiii” which in french translates to some stronger YES when opposed to a no. “Si” means you are a liar and what you really think is not what you think basically. So they go:”Hoooo, Siiiiiii BB you think that she is….” and wait for a word to be shat. Or: ”No, you don’t think that he…” Back and forth and back and force until they force out some blunt annoyed spelling of raw thinking to be fired out, and here we are, you do not just undo a thought? Do you? It’s out there, it is shared, it has shamed, it has hurt! 

But it crucially needs to be massively underlined as irrelevant! She is not perfect that’s fucking right, and she is not a sleepless moraliser anymore either, although she did take that one, good to work on even, and forced to understand she did not know how to get all her points across efficiently…  She then also got to learn quite a lot through this hyper introspection: the first thing that comes to your mind, and if it does not come, they extract it anyway, is rarely considered or enunciated by your brain. In the same way that you would not just punch the guy next to you in the metro on your way to work because it’s a hard morning and you can not stand anyone, you would also not just describe, judge or attribute some simplistic insulting words describing someone’s appearance in your head.. and even less out loud. No! You refrain your primary urges. Same goes with thoughts. If you’re fast and hold a lot of self awareness you should be able to catch them, but they often just hover deep in your disorders and insecurities. When you got them you can analyse them and decide to give them whatever importance you want to give them and restrain or indulge consequently with the attitudes and reactions related. 

BB thought she had been clear about ways to understand or try to understand how it could feel to be her, but that was with forgetting these special nightlife stretches… If you can imagine yourself in a club night slightly aside fearing to near bodies but still trying to look like you can handle it, having to juggle your thoughts made a public matter, avoid considering the ones they send to your brain and their constant calling you out on the worst of what you think or repeat under pressure, pay or not pay attention to what is said and acted around you, wonder if it is kind or not, scripted and imposed or scripted and acted enjoyably or pure reactions to your turbulent inner voices, steer clear from looking at people not to spew out anything offensive, nor focus on yourself not to seem self obsessed, wonder if you should be here or not, if your friends are ok with what the hear, having a nice time or if you are fucking up their party and your friendships just because you’re here, want to dance and you miss them, add to all of it some high level of anger against the people hired to remotely drill your brain hiding like weak knees, when you should just be free in a space made for body release and expression… and you can probably imagine a mine full of intense emotions to make you give it up very quickly. Last time she held it up for about 5 hours, was never scared or wanting to hide and danced as hard as she could and is really proud! 

BB only has had positive discoveries from these moments, lengthened endurance to keep ok in her favourite environments and countless signs of kindness and support. Which brings us back to wondering why are these brain eats organised and who does it really profit? Does it only happen when she is on drugs? No sorry, checked and checked! It had ceased to happen in the streets in the last couple of weeks. She understood there is a certain distance to respect to receive… the closer the clearest?  

As whispered above; is could be Patriarchy and their demonstration of the limits or incapabilities of womxn, some mindless misogynist droned out revenge, or is there a parent wanting to fully extract their “past the point mentioning” grown up child from rave environments and their consumptions, and if so who is performing the “parent”? Was the family, the evil, backward, jealous mother scenario set out from the get go of a thought reading experiment to create groundbreaking machinery or is it more recent, so to transform some joke that got a bit too far in a love fueled rescue? BB: “Huh… Is this just a fucked up fucking game?… Who is playing? And how do I become the only remotely playable body?” And last thought of option seeming most accurate for BB at this stage; “It just smells like a social media thought reading study and experiment… No? Does this just need to keep on without my consent and full knowledge on mechanisms for my whole life?” It certainly looks like this is what they are hinting at. Unfortunately for them though, this outrageously fucked up, unconstitutional and violent story has taken a turn of NO RETURN; they have let it go too far and too long, they have seen it too big which instead of inviting her to swallow it as impossible, got her to understanding it as impossible not to be REAL. She now knows TOO MUCH she can NOT forget. She already remembers everything from her 2 previous painful reality discoveries after hospitals, medications and all her datas, writings, videos and pictures destroyed. This 3rd time around the amount of support and signs of her sanity she is lucky to have had are printed deep in her memory, she is so grateful to have lended in a coussin of radiant power and love and everything she knows to be truth is most definitely not erasable. And even if their torture and pressure was nearing anything she would cede under and resign to take some anti psychotics giving way to their increased and sustained control of her body and brain, she would stop as soon as possible because this substance is hurting her physically and mentally and would run back to raves, altered states and people she likes to surround herself with, read what she wrote again, remember it all and resume to fight its disgusting doings and presence at all on this planet! 

But she has to admit that she has exhausted ideas on what to write, expose or communicate through her fiction, appart from going down the past slide show of her administered life and sharing all the crusty details of her slow realisation of the deception. They are sensitive and difficult times to recall and describe without emotion and more introspection, and could also loose her in interpreting many aspects and times as inaccurately linked to being a targeted individual. She is still not sure how efficient that would be, thinking that it could also hurt, guilt trip or offend some loved ones involved in hurting her or contributing to her isolation, or tickle the risk to drown herself in greater despair… BB: ”The past is the past… yerrr but… and in 2 days it’s International Womxn’s day! Wowwww!” But then again force is to constate that writing to expose perpetrators’ pestiferous work protocols is proven to be the most efficient tactic she found effective towards increasing tranquility, in small steps but could it eventually lead to owning herself, her mind and her body back? her popularity or NOT, who fucking cares! The worst of her outer and inner self is a public matter… but indispensably her INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS! 

Here is how she is going to power through this misogynistic shit storm. Just keep up what she is doing! Writing it all out and OUT, impose the amount of self care she wants to impose on herself, re-educate to rave environments for as long as it takes to feel at ease, not give anyone a word on her levels of consumption, since it is unquestionably highlighted that she has absolutely no problems, addictions or mental disorders resulting from her monstrous drug taking most of her life… Quite the contrary, it has always unveiled the truth! She will be thinking and dancing in ways that she sees fit or are envisageable under the machine hold in parties, try to not let them destroy chances to get hired somewhere, build her strength up day by day, walk, ride, shit, cry, masturbate and tell her points of views around Blue to whom ever wants to hear them. And If there is any problem with that, “Just let me know!”

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Idk why I have to say this but vines are intellectual property, and they are owned by the person who wrote, recorded, edited and posted them on the platform while it was still around. Sure it FEELS like our generation owns the Road Work Ahead vine, because everyone knows it and there’s nothing wrong with quoting it, but at the end of the day, it’s owned by Drew Gooden. There is still a trend on platforms like Instagram and Tiktok of using vines without the creators’ permission, or even profiting off them.

Once you say something, and post it online, it becomes your intellectual property. The lines on that have been blurred legally, but it’s something that socially we must recognize.

The internet generations must respect intellectual property in an internet flooded with repetitive, copied, or censored garbage.

The worst original joke you could ever write is better than someone else’s.

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I told someone on an intellectual property post that in order for something to be property it has to be tangible and then it could be protected. He said that writing the idea down on a piece of paper makes it tangible and therefore protected. Why don’t people know what tangible means?

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I recently watched a video about a Chinese Mario Galaxy rip off that includes both some blatant rip off of mechanics (the gravity based platforming around small planets, attacking by spinning, several boss designs, etc) and direct copyright infringement (Mario's hand is the cursor, the Jeopardy theme is the hub music). Why don't game publishes do more against these various Chinese rip off titles even when there is direct copyright infringement of art assets rather than just copying of mechanics?

The short answer to this is “because we can’t”. The game in question was developed and distributed in China, and the Chinese government doesn’t enforce international intellectual property laws unless they want to. And… since this is a Chinese company vs a foreign company’s IP… they don’t want to.


You know that enormous trade war between the United States and China that was all up in the news before the corona virus sucked all of the air out of the room? The one where all of the people on the news were talking about tariffs and soybeans and stuff? One of the biggest (and most under-reported) sticking points in that trade war is the recognition and enforcement of foreign intellectual property rights in China. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) refuses to recognize foreign intellectual property rights. 


In order for a foreign company to do business in China, that foreign company must partner with a local Chinese company and must transfer over their intellectual property to that Chinese company or they won’t get permission from the CCP to do any kind of business in China. Every time the trade negotiators tried to hammer out a deal, the CCP was fine with most of the proposed things - buying X amount of foreign goods, selling Y without tariffs, and so on and so forth… everything except for IP recognition and enforcement. They absolutely refused to give on the recognition and enforcement of foreign IP every single time. It makes plenty of sense if you think about it - If you were in the position where everybody who wanted to do business with you had to give you all of their trade secrets, wouldn’t you want to keep the steady flow of trade secrets coming for as long as you could?


If those games were released outside of China, foreign game publishers could sue using local laws to block their release and possibly recover some damages in those territories. Within China’s borders, however, it’s totally fine and legal to rip off foreign companies because the Chinese government set their system up to favor their own. They only enforce IP laws for their own companies and forcibly transfer IP from foreign companies to their own.

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The FANTa Project is being rebooted. [What is the FANTa project?]

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With the mega merchandising success of Pokémon, Fortnite, Minecraft and others, how much do developers consider the merchandise potential as a revenue source? Also, do the developers or the publishers generally get the merchandising rights?

Developers don’t get any of that unless they own the merchandising rights themselves. Whoever owns the IP usually gets those rights - usually it’s some company that owns the IP, not an individua. In Fortnite’s case, Epic owns both and the leadership at Epic decides where the money for merchandising goes. The Pokemon rights are owned by the Pokemon Company, which specifically manages the Pokemon brand and licensing - they’re the ones who handle the scheduling and relationships with companies that make the Pokemon-branded products like plushes, toys, books, shoes, and other merchandise. One line of these products is the Pokemon game franchise, in which the Pokemon Company’s product managers have a large amount of decision-making power. Game Freak develops the game, but their dev team must take direction from the Pokemon Company as the owners of the license.


It’s important to recognize that the Pokemon Company is a separate legal corporate entity from Game Freak, even though Game Freak does own a percentage stake in the Pokemon Company. This means that the Pokemon Company has its own people who make their own decisions about the Pokemon franchise, and Game Freak, as a stakeholder, gets some of the profits from the Pokemon Company’s merchandising endeavors. That licensing profit (including stuff from merchandising and licensing) gets disbursed at the Game Freak leadership’s discretion - it could be given as bonuses for the developers, used as funding for a new game project like Little Town Hero, used for expansion of infrastructure for services like Pokemon Home, tucked away for a rainy day, some combination of any or all of these, or something else altogether.


Generally, merchandising decisions are above the individual game developers’ pay grades. We’re not tasked with deciding whether or not to do something because of the merch, those guidelines and constraints are decided by executives and decision makers whose job it is to handle the merchandising. Once those decisions get made, they’re passed down to us, just like we devs get technical requirements (e.g. must fit within X gigs of RAM, must launch on Nintendo Switch) and scheduling requirements (must ship by X date) that we don’t get to decide. As Tennyson said, “Ours not to reason why, ours but to do and die”. We follow our marching orders. We can offer suggestions and feedback, but it ultimately isn’t our decision to make.


As an example, a pokemon concept artist doesn’t get to decide which pokemon get to be the starters in the new generation or even what they necessarily look like from a high concept; those decisions are made by the Pokemon Company with input from the game team’s leadership. The concept artist is usually given a set of general requirements - e.g. a cute grass-type owl that evolves into a robin-hood style archer. The merchandising folks might add a requirement that the base design can’t be too complicated so plushes and plastic toys of the pokemon aren’t too expensive to manufacture (e.g. Sobble is way easier to manufacture a plushie of than Inteleon’s long and lanky proportions), which the concept artist then has to take into account when coming up with concepts. The concept artist’s job is to come up with many different visual variations that fit the requirements. The higher ups look at the results, offer feedback, the concept artist then comes up with more variations based on the feedback, and the cycle repeats until the decisionmakers are happy (or time runs out).

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The FANTa Project is being rebooted. [What is the FANTa project?]

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Stephan Kinsella-Ctr Study of Innovative Freedom-Has Intellectual Property Become Corporate Welfare?

Despite two decades of IP law practice for Big Oil and other clients, Stephan Kinsella earlier had been exposed to the great Murry Rothbard ( Rothbard) and wasn’t convinced the ancient property rights philosophy had room for intangible ideas - that maybe, he was in the middle of a gross example of corporate welfare that was killing entrepreneurship. 

Founder and Director of the Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom, former adjunct professor at South Texas College of Law, and author of “Against Intellectual Property” and “Law in a Libertarian World: Legal Foundations of a Free Society”, Stephan will present “Property Rights versus Intellectual Property”, and apply that lesson to how crony corporations abuse IP to squash competition and suppress innovation - with Big Pharma and the China “IP theft” as examples.

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Hi!! I really wanna start a blog like yours but I’m afraid someone will steal my novel idea :( do you have any advice to this or do you just put blind faith into everyone 😂 thank you answering this if you doooooo!

according to tumblr’s terms of service, “you retain ownership of any intellectual property you post to tumblr”. so if someone does steal your ideas, your property is protected and you can take action, though i’m not entirely familiar with what to do in case that happens. 

generally speaking, writeblr is a really nice community, and theft of novel ideas doesn’t occur often. also note that someone having a similar plot to yours isn’t necessarily theft, only if specific details (like important names or characters or something unique to your ideas) are copied. 

again, i’m not familiar with laws and such that can protect you or what actions to take if theft occurs, so if anyone else has more knowledge on this, please add to this post!

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I was recently contacted by someone who found another Etsy shop using an illustration of mine without my permission and reprinting it on stickers that they sell in their own shop. I’ve reported this several times, but I must be missing some critical piece of information in my report as nothing seems to be happening. The listing remains up, and now has a ‘best seller’ stamp next to it. Has anyone had any success with getting Etsy to take down a listing that does something like this? 

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