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jaebird88 · 4 days ago
This moment will remain imprinted in my mind for years to come.
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captainofthetidesbreath · 9 days ago
Y'know, I wonder if Travis initially said that Maya and Kir were 7 and 5 when it later turns out that Maya is really 14 because he wrote down that they were 7 and 5 when Cerrit became Senior Sightwarden and thus those were the ages that stuck in Travis's brain.
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notreallyuseless · 11 days ago
CERRIT AND HIS KIDS , PART 3 REMIX :(((((((((((( /pos I’M SOBBING THIS IS SO SAD BUT ALSO CUTE BUT ALSO HEARTBREAKING THE FUCKING RING GLOWING AAAAAAH I HATE YOU BRENNAN /j Edit: Thank you Marisha for the box of tissue holy shit I think I need one too
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ghostofwhitestone · 13 days ago
Saying I love you as a last attempt, for an EXU: Calamity pairing of your choice?
Saying I Love You Prompts
A slight AU.
There wasn't much time. The city was falling and the world was ending and the Eyes of Avalir were not trained on their target.
They were trained on the woman he loved, standing with their children under her wings as tears flooded down both of their faces. A part of Cerrit wanted to look away, to turn to the familiar hum of duty rather than the strange pang of guilt and impossible to describe depths of fear he felt when he looked in the eyes of his family.
They told him they were scared. That they didn't understand what was happening. That they didn't want him to leave.
He wasn't sure if he didn't have the heart or didn't have the strength to tell them he was feeling the same way.
He held them all close for a moment, trying to somehow use his wings alone to keep his family safe and together against the magic of every known god and infernal creature, but he knew it couldn't last forever. He knew he had to leave to join the fight.
So he tried to hide the shake in his hands as he held the stones out to them, tried to conceal the fear that was written on every inch of his face. Thankfully, the kids seemed too anxious to notice.
But Wrayne, like she always did, saw right through his disguises. Curse that beautiful mind and the way it could see through the microscopic cracks in his veneer. He loved her for it most days, he needed it more than words could say but in that moment it made it all feel so much harder.
Made the thought of dying so far from the only person who ever really got to know him feel just a little too real.
So she cupped his face, running a thumb from his eye to his beak when she felt him lean in. "I love you," she said softly, like a eulogy and a plea and a vow all at once, far too much for his racing mind to make any sense of.
All he could do was kiss her, and then lean down to hug each of his children for what very well could be the last time.
As he squeezed her hand around the stone, and the magical light grew too strong to stand, he responded to her in the weakest voice she'd heard from her usually stoic partner.
"I love you too. Please, don't let them forget that."
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wiseenoughlol · 13 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Cerrit Agrupnin, Senior Sightwarden of the Eyes of Avalir.
Critical Role Exandria Unlimited : Calamity.
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untitled-cr · 13 days ago
"The price you payed was that here at the end of things, you still don't get to hear the laughter of your children in this home, as was the case so many long nights of devotion and service."
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audoldends · 18 days ago
Unrelated but i feel it necessary to remind ppl that Travis said “the brass ring ensures” not “the ring of brass endures” man’s can’t remember his own name let alone the name of the group he’s in
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mysillypoetry · 18 days ago
Always watching Never seeing Always around Never just being
Tumblr media
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mara-phelion · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
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sheneya · 20 days ago
EXU Calamity Headcanon.
Group Telepathy works in strange ways. When those in The Bronze Ring where almost all lost to Death and Darker, Cerrit Agrupnin thought those last fading communications where just that, the last.
But his children, Maya, Ker recieved pieces of those lost, Patia's Orb, Nydas's Coin, and with that some memories. And as time went on, as more children where born, he noticed, Loquatius's Charm, Laerryn's Innovation.
Until, one night, next to a small crib, he found for the first time in a long while the Other, the only one besides Cerrit who didn't die, although some might say it was worse.
"Born a Warlock... And a Paladin, and loved all the same... Our Seers say this will not last for eternity, that we'll survive this, Zerxus, how says The Lord of Lies?"
"...So strange how he who used that which we built to bring himself into this world, still insists we are helpless before him. Then again, He is the Lord of Lies, it stands to reason he can Deceive even himself."
"Hhm, true."
"What do the Seers say about the last bloodline of the brass ring?"
"... We Survive... Whether this is a gift of not, remains to be seen."
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slippery-peeps · 22 days ago
Okay but Nydas/Patia lowkey slaps…
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kobaltsoul · 26 days ago
Travis confirming that Cerrit is based on the Philippine Eagle is awesome. But revealing that his design was inspired by tomahawks that led to Sayoc Kali is even cooler. Now I'm gonna picture him fighting like a kali master.
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captainofthetidesbreath · 11 days ago
One of the funniest things in ExU Calamity that just slides right by is that it is directly said Cerrit killed someone at one of Patia's parties before and last time it was someone important. It's almost implied that it's something that Patia expects and tolerates from Cerrit.
Loquatius: You killed someone at Patia's party? Cerrit: I did. They're no one important, okay? I wouldn't repeat that mistake. Sam: I'm sure his mother thought that he was important. Patia: Loquatius, it wouldn't be a first. Loquatius: It's true.
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mlymk · 26 days ago
thinking abt how travis loves superman and imagined cerrit as a spin on jor-el, a father who’d sacrifice his own life to make sure his kid(s) escaped the apocalypse unscathed (and thankfully didn’t have to), and now travis gets to play kal-el himself, now also a father, in the super-sons movie :’-)
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ghostofwhitestone · 18 days ago
When comparing Cerrit and Veth’s reactions and efforts of balancing parenting and high risk work, a fascinating commentary on motherhood and fatherhood in the face of severe danger emerges. In this essay I will…
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the-caleb-widogast · 27 days ago
screaming and cheering at how cerrit is based on a philippine eagle. i knew that fucker looked familiar. i had a flashback when i saw his art to a field trip when one tried to eat my classmate.
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read-everything · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
I got a few things wrong, who could have seen that 31 save anyway, but my instinct about Cerrit's kids and that they might have something to do with the Cobalt Soul was spot on (Maya, sorry I didn't include you sweetie). This is from before the 4th episode aired: June 17th, 10:57am.
The Cobalt Soul was found just after the Calamity and Cerrit surviving makes me think that as the Eye of Avalir, the Sightwarden, he might have become a devout of Ioun, and actually be one of Cobalt Soul's founders, training monk shit during the Calamity years, specially training his kids to protect themselves and as a close witness to what corruption can lead to! He would also know the importance of keeping certain knowledge on a need to know basis only.
Now, I just want to read a whole book about the Cobalt Soul now and Patia's fucking library! OMG, give it to me!!!
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