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#hanukah 2020

The realities of Chanukah exactly 2159 years ago forced the Jews to find a way to light the menorah with one seemingly inadequate cruse of oil. Amazingly it lasted not only for that Chanukah but to this day.

In 2020 the realities forced us to somehow make one measly cruse of oil work. We had to find ways to make Chanukah joyous despite not being able to congregate and celebrate together.

In 2020 YOU found a way to make one small jug work. You expressed love and care despite physical distance. You supported and sustained the community despite the hardships of this year. Yes I have seen many marriages strained by the pandemic yet I have also seen so many marriages strengthened. When we spend so much time together we realize how much we need each other and how worthwhile it is to invest in relationships with family that are all too often neglected.

Finding the good in 2020 starts with Chanukah. That one small cruse of oil looked measly but now in hindsight it was a powerhouse of energy. This year may have looked like we just would not have enough… In hindsight we’ve grown deeper and overcome barriers that we may have never thought imaginable.

Happy Hanukkah!

Mendel (Menachem) Bluming

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Happy second night of Hanukah 2020!
The theme of this year’s sequence is coming to light here…

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