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#hours late but i just wanted to gif her in this outfit :( she's soo pretty
loversmore · 12 days ago
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The original Christmas Tree Farm version of the song is very poppy, very high energy, there's an amazing choir singing and I think this new version is amazing because it feels like it’s that more… sort of laidback Christmas feel of doing all your shopping and relaxing by a fire. It’s definitely a little bit more of that old-school Christmas song feel. Taylor Swift on Christmas Tree Farm (Old Timey Version)
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stefanmikaleson1864 · 6 months ago
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You and Maddie had been best friends all your lives. Growing up down the street from each other you both became close. 
You two did everything today from school to after school clubs and everything in between. 
You didn’t know exactly when the feelings began to change for you. Maybe when it was when you were getting older and your feelings started shifting.
 It was confusing and weird. You thought they would go away but they never did. 
Then you two started drifting especially after high school and it was normal and even good.
 You both were going in different directions. You went to LA and she stayed behind with Doug not knowing how bad it truly was for her. 
There really wasn’t anymore communication throughout the years anymore and you both had new friends and new lives.
 But you always wondered what her life was like and if she way okay. 
You really thrived in LA thought you really became your own person and finally found your ground and who you were. 
Working as a police officer along Athena you felt like this is what you were meant to do with your life. 
When buck came to town you were surprised about how much he had grown up. Age wise though sometimes it felt like his attitude had to catch up.
  He did tell you about Maddie and how she was now married and it wasn’t good. Your heart broke for her. 
You thought about reaching out after that Buck had given you her number but you decided against it.  You wasn’t even sure if she would wanted to hear from you. 
Then one day over Dispatch you heard a all to familiar voice over your radio. You quickly grabbed the radio 
“Maddie Buckley is that you.”?? You asked into the radio
“OMG Y/N Yeah it’s me this so cool I can’t believe this.” she said to you. 
“I Know I missed you Tell Buck to give you my number so we can properly talk.” you said to her. 
It was so crazy because before you didn’t even know if she would wanna hear from you but maybe know it was more real
. You know like hearing her voice made you wanna talk to her. 
She texted you a hour later saying she got the number and she wanted to catch up. You happily texted her back and told her you wanted to meet her and to come down to this local bar. 
After what seemed like forever and the shift ended you hurried home to get ready. Changing outfits like 3 different times because you wanted to look perfect. 
When you reached there it felt like your heart was going to beat out of your chest. Your hands sweating you suddenly got very nervous. You couldn’t believe this was happening. 
Sitting on the stool waiting for Maddie to come you wondered if those feelings you felt before were gone how would it be ? Like old times or a awkward encounter. 
Then you saw her. She had the most beautiful smile and her hair fell down perfectly.
 Her face was radiant and she looked like amazing she had this glow on her. The feelings were pretty much the same. 
When she reached she smelled really nice and she embraced you into the tightest hug which you gave back to her. It felt soo good like old times. 
“OMG Y/N I can’t believe this I missed you so much I was so happy and surprised to hear your voice.” she said to you sitting down on the stool next to you. 
“I Know I’m a cop i have been for the past  5 years best job I’ve ever had. How long have you been here for “ ? you asked her
“A couple of Months I had to get out of Hershey and Buck was here so I left and never looked back.” she said with a look on her face that said she didn’t want to say more so you didn’t ask. 
“How do you like working with the dispatch center?” you asked hoping to get her mind off of something that clearly bothering her. 
“Honestly I love it I get to help people which I love.” with that smile you loved
“I get it that’s why I love being a cop to give back to my community and maybe make some change.” you said.
The two you talked and talked for hours about what was life like sense high school and Maddie said she had a bad Marriage and you felt for her. 
As the night went on things were like old times for you two. Maddie convinced you to do Karaoke.  You didn’t have this much fun in god knows how long. 
But of course the night had to come to an end. It was getting pretty late and you both got off long shift. 
Madde stopped to look at you before going off to her car 
“I missed you Y/N I wanna do this again and if i’m wrong but please stop me but I don’t just wanna hang out I wanna make it more official and go out on like a date.” she said playing with her hand nervously. 
You don’t even know what took of your body but when over and cupped her face with your hands and kissed her. She kissed back gently and it felt like butterflies going off in your stomach. 
“It’s a date.” you said whispering to her.
Those same Butterflies from before and even back when you were younger were coming back in your stomach. 
Maddie always had that affect on and maybe life was supposed to happen this way. 
The universe always knew you two would find each other again. Giving each other butterflies 
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