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watermelonlovershigh · 3 months ago
18 Things You Do for Harry When He Gets Sick
AN: i know its not as many as it was for the things Harry does for you when you're sick but i couldn't think of any more. but i'm sure as soon as i post this, another idea will pop in my head. and i plan on doing one for them as parents, taking care of their kids when sick.
first part---- >>>>>>
25 Things I Believe Harry Does for You When You're Sick
This contains: talks of vomit, talks of crying, talks of sweating, & most importantly, comfort
{ husband!harry - married for one year - any solo Harry era - no kids yet }
word count: 1000
The things you do for your husband Harry when he is sick.
Tumblr media
(i'm sorry but what is Harry even doing in this photo??? and why have i never seen it before???)
1. Harry is truly a big baby when he gets sick, though he tries to act tough, but always fails. So that leads to you running around in every-which-way, making sure every and all needs of Harry's are met. You don't mind though because taking care of the love of your life is more of a privilege than a job in your eyes.
2. When Harry is sick but won't admit it and tries to continue working in his at-home studio, you have to drag him out near bout and force him to get in the bed. Saying something like, "Please Harry, for me. I'm worried about you is all and I don't want you to get more sick." Then when Harry can see you're genuinely worried about his well being, he knows he can't say no to you and goes to get into bed like you pleaded for him to.
3. When Harry has a migraine, he'll lay his head in your lap and you'll give him a scalp massage while whispering gentle and soothing words that lead to him falling asleep in your lap (on the couch) and you'll sit there, patiently waiting for him to wake up and hope his headache has gone away.
4. Rub his tummy with your small hands when he complains that his stomach his hurting or feels upset.
5. Laying in bed, Harry will cry silently when he begins to feel sick to his stomach because he hates being sick. Then when he can't take it anymore, he'll stumble to the bathroom in the dark and heave over the toilet, praying you don't awake but unfortunately to him, you do awake from the sounds of retching and pad yourself to your master bathroom where you see Harry on his knees in front of the toilet, puking into the porcelain bowel. You quickly rush to be by your husbands side and rub over his sweaty back to comfort him.
6. When Harry stops puking for a minute or two, you'll ask him why he didn't wake you up when he felt sick and he'll say something like, "I didn't want you seeing me like this." or "You shouldn't have to see this because it's gross." or "It's embarrassing." And you'd retort back with, "Harry, I'm your wife. I'm supposed to see you at your weakest and most vulnerable state. I want too because it means you trust me enough to be vulnerable in front of me." or "Harry, I don't care that you're being sick and it's gross. I want to take care of you because I love you." or "It's not embarrassing Harry. It's called being human. We all get sick sometimes. So please don't feel embarrassed you got sick."
7. Use one of his notorious hair clips to clip back his bangs/fringe when he's hovering over the toilet, puking his guts up.
8. You drive to the studio to pick Harry up when his manager calls you saying Harry just got sick and needs to be driven home.
9. Harry will groan and moan in the passengers seat on the way home from the studio saying he isn't really that sick and you shouldn't have came to get him. But when he gets the sudden urge to throw up and shouts for you to pull the car over, you give him a knowing look, as if to say he should surrender and just admit that he's actually sick. Nevertheless though, you step out the vehicle and comfort him, trying your best to shield him from potential paparazzi.
10. Give him a bath when he stinks of sweat from the fever he ran all day. You may or may not get in the tub with him, depending on his request. When you do get into the tub with him though, you'll lean back on the tub and Harry lays back on you, resting his head on your boobs. You'll give him a scalp massage with shampoo and run a washcloth with his floral body wash all over his sticky body, making sure to get him good as new (clean wise).
11. Just hold him. When Harry is sick, he just likes to be held by you. In bed or on the couch. It makes him feel comforted and safe when he's in your arms.
12. You force him to eat even though he puts up a fight.
13. Check his temperature constantly. You'll wake up throughout the night and use the thermometer that hovers over his forehead. If you see its too high, you'll go down stairs and grab some fever reducer pills with a glass of water and have to wake him up to take them.
14. When Harry has had a bit too much alcohol to drink, he's very clinging towards you. And when he's drank way way too much and is feeling sick, you'll hold him in your lap on the bathroom floor, patiently waiting for him to throw up.
15. You'll rub vapor rub on his chest when he has a cold. Sometimes even waking up in the night, turning the lamp on, and adding some more to his chest while he continues sleeping.
16. Make him some warm tea when he has a sore throat.
17. Just like he does for you, you'll pat his skin with a damp cloth when his skin is heated from a fever.
18. Watch him sleep. That may be weird to say but sometimes you worry about Harry so much that you're afraid to fall asleep, thinking something may happen when you're unconscious. So you just lay awake and watch as the love of your life sleeps beside you, occasionally coughing from his cold and sometimes brush over his cheek bone with your soft fingers.
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