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buckycuddlebuddy · a day ago
summary ─ “you’re doing this on purpose,” he murmured through his teeth. You grinned at him over your shoulder.
pairing ─ biker!bucky barnes x reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, leather kink, lingerie, dirty talk, fucking in the woods, rough sex, kissing, light dry humping, language
a/n ─ another day! hope you like it! please leave a comment if you do! thank you <3
Tumblr media
KINKTOBER DAY FIFTEEN: biker!bucky + leather/lingerie + praise kink
Tumblr media
The gang was together at Peggy’s bar; they were drinking and talking and laughing loudly. They were singing sometimes, but the others were quick to shut them up because none of them could sing. It was all good fun, though, and sometimes those good fun times came in handy.
Like now.
They were distracted enough to not notice you and Bucky’s absence. That distraction allowed you to sneak into somewhere where Bucky could get his large paws on you because you looked sinfully delicious in that leather pants of yours. Your ass looked so fucking good, Bucky barely held himself back from grabbing it whenever he could. So, when he realized the others were occupied with their drinks and shitty singing, he grabbed you by the arm and pulled you out of the bar.
Your stop was the woods behind the bar.
“Bucky─” You started, but he cut you off with plastering his lips onto yours. He bent down lightly and grabbed your thighs to hoist you up. You moaned at the show off. He slammed you against one of the trees, making your breath escaping from your lungs with a gasp.
“Do you have any idea how fucking hot it makes me feel whenever you wear leather?” Bucky growled, finally grabbing and squeezing handfuls of your ass, digging his blunt nails. You whimpered when you felt his rings digging into your skin through the leather fabric. When you put on these pants, your intention was to seduce Bucky, and successful you were.
“Mmm,” you hummed. “That’s why I wore them today.” Bucky growled again.
“You’re driving me insane,” he whispered against your lips. His hands squeezed your ass one more time before they slid under your sweatshirt. “What─” You smirked.
“You should see the panties I’m wearing,” you whispered in his ear. “It’s just a bra.” Bucky looked at you with wide, dark eyes. His erection was growing harder and harder each passing second between your legs, and you bit your lip as you ground on it. Bucky’s eyes fluttered closed, and he moaned. God, you loved making him lose it.
Suddenly, you were dropped on the ground and turned around. Your chest was plastered against the tree while Bucky plastered his chest against your back. You moaned lightly as you canted your hips to grind on the bulge against your ass. Bucky grabbed your hips. His smart fingers found the zipper on the back, and he pulled it down, revealing the panties you wore only for him.
“Goddamn, sweetheart,” Bucky moaned loudly into your ear. His nails dug into the meat of your ass; your thong giving him the access he needed. “Lookit this peach, damn.” You giggled and shook your ass, making it jiggle. Bucky hummed appreciatively. His fingers slipped under the elastic band and pulled it, letting it go suddenly to mimic a smack on your ass, and you gasped.
“Baby,” you whimpered. “Don’t tease.” Bucky made a sound, moving his hand to your front to cup your pussy in his palm. You gasped again and ground your aching core into his hand. Bucky slapped it lightly over the fabric, you moaned.
“You’ve been teasing me whole day, love,” Bucky whispered into your ear. His fingers were now playing with your clit over the fabric; his light scruff was rubbing the skin of your neck raw and making you mewl at the feeling. You pushed your ass against his bulge again, rubbing against it a little just to feel it. Bucky grunted. “Y’re so desperate, though,” he said, chuckling darkly. You nodded. He let you rub against him a couple more minutes all the while playing with your pussy. Then, he pulled his hand back to free himself from his jeans. You tried not to fidget excitedly when you heard the telltale sound of zipper being pulled down. “Yeah, gonna fuck you stupid, baby.” You whimpered and pushed your ass out to him.
With a growl, Bucky pulled your panties aside and slid into you in one move. Both of you moaned, your moan turning into a cry when he gave you a sharp thrust without letting you adjust his girth first. His large palms were holding your hips as he started to pound into you. His thighs were slapping against yours harshly, making loud, obscene sounds of sex echoing lightly through the woods. You felt your whole body and face heat up with the thought of someone might hear you, but Bucky was quick to distract you.
“So good, dolly,” Bucky praised. “So tight around me. ‘s like a heaven made especially for me, hm?” You burned even more. The coil in your gut was getting hotter and tighter each of his thrust and the praise fell from his mouth. “Always so good for me. Always gets so wet. Am I turning you on that much, lovie?” You whimpered.
“Bucky,” you whined. You let your chest rest against the tree as your hands grasped his wrists. Bucky hummed. Without acknowledging you, Bucky continued to pound into you. Your pussy was making wet sounds that drove both you and Bucky crazy. You could feel your orgasm edging closes each second, and soon, your nails were digging into his wrists as you tried to warn him about your upcoming relief.
“Yeah, baby,” Bucky groaned. “Come. Come and I’ll give you one more before I let you have mine.” You whimpered. You panted and cried out as his pace got quicker and thrusts rougher. His balls were hitting against your already-sensitive clit in an amazing way, and it was your undoing.
Crying out loudly, you came on his cock; your walls going tight as fuck around his aching cock and making him hiss. Your legs were shaking as you wheezed and let your eyes rolled back. It felt so good, so intense, you thought you were going to pass out for a second if it weren’t for Bucky whispering you praises.
“So good,” he was saying. “God, dolly, you’re so good, so amazing, goddamn, baby.” He panted and started thrusting again. He was slow at the beginning, was being considerate about your sensitivity. Soon, though, his thrusts got rougher again because he was close, too. He sneaked a hand under your panties, and his fingers were quick to find your aching and still-throbbing clit. You whimpered loudly. “Sssh, they’re gonna hear, baby.” You panted.
“Don’t care,” you said between breaths. “Let’em, Buck,” you moaned. “Let’em hear how good you make me feel. Let’em hear the screams you make me let out every time you fuck me.” Your heard him curse, felt his cock twitch in you, and he bit your shoulder as his fingers sped up. You moaned. “God, you’re gonna make me come again so fucking soon.” Bucky hummed. He bit your shoulder and started to slam into you deeper and harder. The sound of wet skins slapping against each other was echoing through the woods, and in a normal day, you’d feel embarrassed about it, but it wasn’t one of those days.
“Shit,” Bucky cursed again. You hummed, tightening around him when you felt yourself at the edge. “God, honey.”
“Mm, I know, baby,” you murmured which came out more like a whimper. “’m close, too,” you whispered. “Make come while you come inside me, please, please. God, I want you to come in me, please.” Bucky snarled, and suddenly you were bent over even more, your thighs were on his as he continued to pound into you. But. But he was in sofuckingdeepholyshit─ You let out a loud cry and felt your world black out as you came again.
Bucky lost it when he saw how hard you came and let himself jump off the cliff right after you. Groaning and snarling in a way, he painted your walls with his come. He plastered his chest against your back and panted through his orgasm.
“Damn,” Bucky breathed, and you chuckled. He pulled out gently. You could feel his come leaking out slowly and shivered. You clenched unintentionally, but Bucky had different ideas. He cupped your pussy in his palm. “Let it out, dolly.” You felt your cheeks heat up and did as he said. You felt all the come you’ve tried to hold it in slip out into his palm and shivered again. Bucky hummed. He took his palm off, turning you around, he offered it to you. “Wanna clean it?” You froze for a second; a fire taking over your body as you leaned unconsciously to lick the come clean from Bucky’s palm. His eyes went dark once more while he watched you lick the come away from his hand. “We’re so fucking again when we go home.”
You chuckled and pulled back. You reached for your pants with your face on flame. You pulled them on quickly and turned around again for him to zip it up. Bucky growled.
“You’re doing this on purpose,” he murmured through his teeth. You grinned at him over your shoulder and shook your ass, making it jiggle like before. Bucky whispered things to himself all the while shaking his head and grumbling. You giggled. Bucky zipped your pants up and smacked your ass for the good measure. You gasped. He zipped himself up while you turned around and threw your arms around his neck.
“Hey, handsome,” you murmured. He smiled widely, crinkles appearing around his eyes in the way you adored. “Love you so much.” His cheeks painted with a soft pink color, and you wanted to squish him.
“Love you so much, too, gorgeous,” he whispered and leaned in. You happily accepted his kiss, burying a small moan into his mouth. Bucky’s arms wrapped around your waist as he lifted you up bodily and plastered you against the tree. His tongue was diving into your mouth to deepen the kiss when you heard Dum Dum yelling.
“Stop fucking!” You pulled back with a gasp. “We heard y’all coming from, like, ten miles away. Go home and fuck there. You’re traumatizing the animals.” You snorted while Bucky rolled his eyes with a smile on his face. Dum Dum shook his head as he grumbled to himself and went back inside. You snorted again and buried your face into Bucky’s neck. He chuckled.
“Let’s go home,” he whispered, and you nodded. He took your hand in his, kissing your knuckles, and pulled you towards his bike. You straddled it after him, snuggling deeper into him and tightly holding onto his waist.
“Finally!” You heard Morita exclaim. “God, y’all were getting me horny.” You buried your laughter into Bucky’s back.
“Go fuck your fleshlight, Morita!” Bucky exclaimed back and revved the engine. With one swipe of his foot, you were on two wheels and off like a bullet on the road; the wind licking both of your faces as you drove towards home.  
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genderoutlaws · a day ago
Tumblr media
Ajamu on pool table | 1983
“When I asked Ajamu about this photograph, he told me that is how he used to walk around Huddersfield when he was 20. It’s erotic and unapologetically about fun, pleasure and kink. I find how he fashioned himself as an isolated Black gay man in a small northern town inspiring because, in his words, he became the very image that he needed to see. It’s a punk aesthetic that I think also provides some diversity to the archive in terms of the youth subcultures Black gay men have belonged to.”
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brigrr · 12 hours ago
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bblpgg · 20 hours ago
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deinemeine666 · 2 days ago
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blazersandmonograms · 2 days ago
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archerinventive · 9 months ago
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When social distancing means you can’t stab at your friends with swords so you end up using a needle to do all the stabbing instead. lol 🗡️
It’s kind of crazy to think over a hundred pairs of bracers went out of the shop in 2020 alone; all hand punched, stitched, and dyed by yours truly. ^^
As always a huge thank you to everyone who visited the shop, and for your wonderful comments and feedback. ❤️
I can’t wait to show you the new pieces coming next month!!
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