#lloyd x akita
Lloyd, sweating: Akita, there’s something i need to ask you-
Akita: Finally! You’re proposing!
Lloyd: How’d you know?
Akita: Lloyd, you’ve dropped the ring five times during dinner.
Akita: I even picked it up once.
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jackdaniel69nice · a year ago
Tumblr media
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the--sparrow · 11 months ago
Ninjago: Students of Spinjitzu AU part 2
Wilbur, Vania, and Sparrow walked to the Game room of the monastery, Sparrow walked over to a dance machine with two platforms. He turned it on and started to dance his heart out, doing flips and spins. He got so into that his eyes started glowing and lightning came out of his right hand like a ribbon, same with water and his left. He landed and the machine exclaimed “Hydroelectric Jaya achieved” The dance squares slid away to reveal a slope. Sparrow leapt down with Wilbur and Vania following suit. The Slope exited into a large cavern with a Mechs of Red, White, Green, Stone, and one that was Yellow and Blue. At a large computer stood a girl with Silver hair clad in White, Pink, and Arctic Blue and a Girl with blonde hair clad in Green, Black and Gold. The Blond girl also had a hat that looked like a dragon’s head. Wilbur looked around in amazement, he was standing in a cave carved by his father’s elemental power, his elemental power.
“Wilbur, Meet Cynthia Julien, master of Blizzard, and Hope Garmadon, master of Energy.” Sparrow said “And my cousin should be around here somewhere.”
“Last I saw her she was with Zippy.” Cynthia stated
“Okay then,” Sparrow said
“Wait!” Vania exclaimed, far too late
“Oh Zippy!” Sparrow Echoed through the cave
Suddenly a rumbling was heard as a green and red dragon with a ninja clad in red holding onto one of it’s back spines run toward the ninja.
Wilbur freaked out and generated a pillar of earth that struck Zippy, sending the poor dragon flying. Then Wilbur heard a growling from nearby as a Wolf with red accents leapt towards him. Wilbur broke the ground beneath it.
“Mom!” Hope yelled, as Sparrow rushed to help Zippy and his cousin, while Cynthia helped Akita.
“Don’t worry Mrs. Akita, I’ve got you.” Cynthia said, filling the whole with Ice
Hope growled at Wilbur and her eyes glowed Bright green. Hope dropped to all fours and took the form of a green and gold eastern dragon. Hope charged up a green energy blast.
“Enough” A booming voice shook the Cave. A man clad in Gold, Gray, and Green walked down the stairs from the elevator. “What is the meaning of this?”
“Sensei” Sparrow said with his Cousin over his shoulder.
Hope shifted back to human form “Dad!”
Sensei Lloyd looked around and saw Akita limping in her wolf form, before returning to human form and nurturing her right arm. 
“Akita!” Lloyd ran to her “Are you okay, what happened?”
“He Happened, Dad” Hope pointed to Wilbur “He hit Zippy and Kylie, then attacked Mom”
“It wasn’t that one sided” A man wearing an Eyepatch said, he was standing next to a woman with a mole on her cheek.
“Hey Dad, Hey Mom.” Sparrow said, before turning back to Sensei Lloyd “New kid lost control, and reflexively attacked anything that seemed to be a threat, probably hopped up on stories like Aspheera, or The Hands of Time, or Garmadon.”
“It seems Dracophobia runs in the family” Cynthia said “Was Cole not also initially afraid of Dragons?”
“Yep, I remember Cole Holding onto dear life when riding Rocky” Jay said, then sighed “If there are two things I miss from those days, It’s my best friend and my left eye.”
“Can we get back to how the new guy attacked the dog and my mom?” Hope asked
“Didn’t you send Sparrow flying when you used your energy blast?” Nya asked “7 times?”
“That was an accident.” Hope said
“And this wasn’t?” Vania and Lloyd asked
“But Mom!”
“I’m fine young lady, now drop it.” Akita used the “Mother Bear” voice on Hope.
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rockification · 2 years ago
heres my akita cosplay
this absolute baddie has my heart- 
Tumblr media
yeah so.... ive fallen way back into the fandom- i just finished watching season 12 and i cannot wait for season 13 to come out
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
I love this Ship so much !
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evil-lloyd · 2 years ago
Fanfic Idea:
The team joins a Ninjago equivalent of Love island. Insert whatever ships you wish lmao. They do it for charity or something idk. I’ve been binging the new season for the past 2 days. Can you tell? 😭
[if you use my fanfic idea pls let me know! Also pls credit me 💖]
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lloydbug · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
im still on the fence about staying on tumblr but heres a llokita (or lloykita? hollyshipping? idk) fanchild i made. love him. he’s the first of many, sadly. he loves uncle kai so m u c h.
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peanutbutter-2196 · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Take advantage before I ruin it with my badly colored~
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iheartninjago · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Skylor Headcannons
skylor enjoys the quite, and prefers to lay down on the grass, while looking at the stars.
shes loves cooking noodles for her s/o, but mostly loves to cook with her s/o, or take them out to eat.
she likes playing video games with nya or s/o, or both, or just chilling on the couch.
She treats lloyd like a brother, or a best friend, they like to gossip sometimes about certain people, but overall i say they’d have a good relationship.
she treats the ninjas wounds sometimes when they’re hurt, or make them some noodles to try making them better.
Tumblr media
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autumn2art · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Basically vex is living with the ninja.
Lloyd forgot to tell Zane that Akita visiting them Zane trying to prevent his boyfriend from being killed but vex isn't exactly helping himself with that
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lilywily143 · 5 months ago
Ninjago Doodles ✏ 📃
Parts: 1 ur here 2 3 4
I made these for a month long prompt list in October and I'm here to show them all!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Akita: How do you cope with sadness?
Lloyd: The trick is to play your music louder than your thoughts.
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sweatshirt-ninja · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
“Do you think Aunt Kita and Uncle Kataru are going to like it?”
“They’re going to love it!”
Akita and Kataru moved to Ninjago to stay close to Lloyd and friends (Lloyd and Akita are just friends). They live within the Malachite Palace with the Garmadon Family and are considered siblings. Kaida likes to make new recipes for Akita and Kataru to try.
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the--sparrow · 5 months ago
Ninjago Students of Spinjitzu AU part 3
After an awkward dinner, the ninja and others went to bed, Cynthia showed Wilbur to his quarters, and where he could hang his axe. 
Wilbur was awoken the next morning by knocking, but not his door, but on the door of the room next door. He peaked outside and saw Sparrow pounding on his cousin’s door. Kylie opened up after a few minutes, wearing an oversized shirt and with her hair in a mess.
“What time is it?” She asked groggily
“8 AM, but that’s not important” Sparrow said, swiftly and with a combination of Annoyance in his voice. “Look at your pile.” 
“My Pile...” Kylie looked around her room for a pile of clothes, the cousins always kept one on their floor as an alarm system for “Grandma’s here!”
Suddenly Maya Smith dropped from the ceiling, right in front of Wilbur causing him to fall back inside his room. Kylie immediately hugged her grandma, while Sparrow crossed his arms... They were definitely their parents children.
“I’ve told you a thousand times about my stuff! I know where it is, You don’t need to move it!” Sparrow scowled, as they started walking towards the kitchen “I swear, If my tools are not where I left them, you’re getting the mother of all splashes” Sparrow sat at the table next to Cynthia and slumped over, he had been trying to fix Desert Lightning last night, but no progress was made. Jay was cooking breakfast, Nya took the seat next to her son and started rubbing his head. Hope, Akita, and Lloyd entered the room, earning a very groggy morning from the Storm Ninja. Cynthia placed a finger on the middle of Sparrow’s neck, Causing him to jerk up from the sudden cold. Cynthia and Nya snickered while Sparrow glared at Cynthia with a look that can only say “Traitor”. Once everyone was seated, Lloyd addressed his students.
“Today, we will hold a tournament to decide who is best to lead you.” Lloyd told them “The Matchups will be as follows, Wilbur and Hope” Wilbur looked over to Hope, only to see her staring back, with a smirk on her face. She slammed her fists together, unleashing a little bit of glowing green energy. “and Kylie and Cynthia” Wilbur raised his hand. “Yes, Student of Earth?”
“Why is Sparrow not fighting?”
“For multiple reasons, first of which is his seniority, second of which is that he will be fighting either Kylie or Cynthia due to their duo elements, and lastly he already beat you with out your weapon. Any more questions?”
“No Sensei” The Students replied
Wilbur returned to his room, armoring up and grabbing his Axe from it’s holster. He met Hope in the center of the Ninja’s underground base. She wielded her Father’s heavy sword. Around them were the other ninja and students. Master Lloyd tapped his staff to draw their attention.
“The goal is simple, defeat your opponent. Without causing any permanent damage” Lloyd glared at his daughter “And no shifting Young Lady!”
“Yes Dad, Can we begin?” Hope asked, Lloyd sighed and Tapped his staff twice, beginning the match.
Wilbur lunged forward, channeling his Earth Strength through his axe. Hope leapt back, she then unleashed an Energy Wave that pushed Wilbur back. Wilbur stomped on the ground launching the ground where Hope was standing Skyward. Hope rolled off the rock, only to have to parry a swing of Wilbur’s axe. Hope’s sword flew to the other side of the arena. Hope fell to the ground, and Wilbur planted the top end of his axe on her chest.
“Say it.” Wilbur ordered
“I...” Hope grunted, Wilbur leaned forward “Will Never!” Her eyes and mouth lighting up as she breathed Green Energy, knocking Wilbur back and blinding him. She pulled her mother’s dagger from her belt and surrounded her other fist with energy. Wilbur was still recovering when she struck him with her fist, he swung his axe at her, which she parried with her dagger. Before striking him again in the knee, causing him to drop to his knees.
“Now you surrender” She said, her eyes reigniting.
Wilbur spat out some blood before lowering his head in defeat.
The Students Weapon’s: 
Tumblr media
Hope Garmadon:
Tumblr media
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rockification · 2 years ago
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This is my new video, I’m really proud of this !
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morromasterofwind · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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odetteandfriends · 2 years ago
I really like Lloyd and Akita's interactions. It's very clear that they need someone to talk to. Lloyd is clearly still hurt by Harumi and Akita is hurt by the deaths of her people. This is something that I really relate to given certain things happened to me irl.
I would love for it to remain as a platonic relationship though. Akita has her own story and hopefully they keep up with adding more non-love interest characters to the show.
Seriously Lloyd and Akita is foreshadowing Odie x Lloyd and I finally know how to incorporate it.
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peanutbutter-2196 · 2 years ago
I propose that the Lloyd x Akita couple be called Greenfangshipping (or any other than just combining the names, please).
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iheartninjago · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
akita headcannons
she loves hugs,kisses, she loves kissing her s/o
she loves to hang out with her s/o, when she cuddles with her s/o, she sometimes turns into a wolf, sense she’s fluffy.
she hates when people are rude for no vaild reason towards her s/o, shes a great defender.
you’d be lucky if akitas brother accepts you, he’d ask you some questions like, “why are you dating my sister” “whats her favorite food” “do you really love her?” akita has to slap his head for him to stop, but her brother finally accepts you.
akita is very protective of you, she would do anything for her brother, and you.
She’ll let you do her hair, if you’re lucky she’ll let you comb her wolf form’s hair
Tumblr media
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