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reallyhardydraws Β· 6 months ago
one of my mutuals started mass reblogging your meatball investigation agency drawings and omg i'd die for them two. i love your artstyle and your ocs they're so cute
😭 thank you!!! i wish i had the strength of will and drawing stamina to actually do the comic i planned for them (legit i have an intro/episode 1 type thing written out like as if i was writing a graphic novel for middle schoolers i just can never work out the panels lmao) anyway THANK YOU SM glad you like them nothing else gives me the excuse to draw the kind of outfits i wanna see between commissions lol β˜€οΈ
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tuff-and-fluff Β· 3 months ago
i'm a gay/mlm self shipper and i would love to see an event like mlmay to happen, but i would rather not have it organized by someone who isn't mlm/nblm.
Thank you for the input. I am startin to get a bit introspective and I'm beginning to understand why I might not be the best person to run the event. I'll try to get somebody I trust to co-run it with me or just take over entirely ^-^; I guess I got pretty defensive cuz this was originally my idea so I didn't want to see it taken from me, but I've realized that's selfish and does make it about me. Like I said, I never wanted this about me! So I'll search around for somebody else to help me out and take over. Sorry if I made anyone uncomfortable, thats of course never what I wanted πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
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goodhairclub Β· 8 months ago
i found another selfshipper who has f/o from hannah montana? :O i'm oliver oken's boyfriend!! you can find my selfship blog @dreamlover-selfshipz and i'd love 2 be mutualz!!
oh hello!!
idk when you sent this. I'll admit I'm only on this blog sporadically.
yeah, sure, let's be mutuals.
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tommyinnitt Β· 4 months ago
i reblogged it to my selfship blog as a platonic f/o BUT.... help girl i have a crush on big chris from roary the racing car. girl help
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michaelmyersthestabbyboi Β· 2 months ago
jsyk, op of this post is a terf
Tumblr media
Oh damn thanks for letting me know!
I just went and deleted my reblog of that
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tommyinnitt Β· 4 months ago
hi awsten im still in denial abt being gay 4 big chris
i find this,, very funny- /lh
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genderstalgia Β· 6 months ago
can i get a musicagender related to birthday by the sugarcubes? plz nd ty πŸ₯Ί
yeah of course!! ill be working on this tonight :)
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