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Do you have any old OCs you haven’t used in a while?

… yes.

there are only really two that i think count since most of my characters, like blackbox and A. and english and the like are all just canon characters that i’ve twisted until they’re unrecohnizable. their names are sol “phosphor” and matthew gallows. their backstory is very, very long and i WILL rant about it for paragraphs at a time so it’s all goin under a cut thanks.

also please be careful because of, uh… child abuse, acts of violence, murder of parents, cannibalism, attempted fratricide, and just generally monstrous stuff that i really should not have been telling as a bedtime story. please don’t read this if it sounds too violent. i’m a little scared of the things i came up with too.

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it’s so scary having an illness/disorder/symptom/issue which is under researched so, even if i wanted a way out, i’d have such minimal support and help and advice available, i probably wouldn’t be able to “recover” or stop being dependent on my daydreams. like, what if throughout my entire lifetime, nobody ever figures a treatment out for maladaptive daydreaming? and i’m just stuck like this forever? i don’t even know if i would want to recover, but it’s scary not knowing whether it’s even an option or whether i’m literally stuck like this for my entire life.

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Mentions of abuse and mistreatment

Something that I like about Lapis, even though it’s not exactly great in the eyes of most others;

Remember on the ship where Jasper begged Lapis to fuse with her again because she loved feeling strong?

And Lapis refused? Do you remember what she said while she was refusing?

She was admitting that she abused Japser.


Yes, Jasper was bad to Lapis. But Lapis was bad back.

She took things out on Jasper and she liked it. She liked abusing Jasper.

And she ADMITS that. And she points out that it wasn’t healthy for either of them and it’s a huge reason she doesn’t want to fuse with Jasper again.

Now, why do I like that Lapis said all of this?

I like it because she admits that she did it. She knows what she did was wrong and she knows that she needs to keep an eye on her future relationships in order to prevent herself from mistreating any future partners.

She doesn’t try to deny that she was abusive and she doesn’t try to pin all the blame on Jasper.

She knows that her own actions aren’t Japser’s fault, and she’s NOT going to say it is.

She KNOWS what she did, she KNOWS that she was in control of her actions, and she KNOWS that she has to work on herself to prevent mistreating any future partners!

I don’t like that she did it in the first place, I was just so happy to see a character go ‘this is my fault. I was bad to them, I was in control of it and I know that this person didn’t make me do it.’

It’s just…amazing to me. I’m so used to seeing the abuser blaming the victim and never accepting the fact that they where in complete control of themselves the whole time. Seeing them not feel bad for their actions or regret anything.

So seeing the thing just…flipped? Switched? It was just an amazingly pleasant surprise to me.

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narcissists be like:

let us congregate at barbecues to laugh at our children’s mistakes & pains & feel self-righteous

yea let us come together to bolster each other’s fantasy that we never ever did anything wrong as parents or hurt & traumatised our children ever or contributed to their difficulties as adults in any way at all

world without end, amen.

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bold  =  always / often   |   italic  =  sometimes
( repost ! do not reblog ! )

1.   smoking:   the  action  or  habit  of  inhaling  and  exhaling  the  smoke  of  tobacco  or  a  drug.
2.   binge  drinking:   the  consumption  of  an  excessive  amount  of  alcohol  in  a  short  period  of  time.
3.   drug  abuse:   the  habitual  taking  of  illegal  drugs.
4.   nail  biting:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  anxiety/tension.
5.   lip  biting:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  anxiety/tension.
6.   night  owl:   a  person  who  is  habitually  active  or  wakeful  at  night.
7.  early  bird:   a  person  who  rises,   arrives,   or  acts  before  the  usual  or  expected  time.
8.   negative  attitudes:   a  philosophy  of  approaching  life  with  criticism &   pessimism.
9.  positive  attitudes:   a  philosophy  of  approaching  life  with  optimism   &   confidence.
10.  swearing:   the  use  of  offensive  language.
11.  superstitious:   an  irrational  belief  that  an  object,   action,   or  circumstance  not  logically  related  to  a  course  of  events influences  its  outcome.
12.  inspecting fingernails: a common body language sign of boredom.
13. scratching  your  neck:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  uncertainty.
14.  foot  and  finger  tapping:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  stress/impatience.
15.  nose  touch:   a  subtle  body  language  sign  of  deceit.
16.  flipping  hair:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  craving  attention.
17.  twirling  hair:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  flirtation
18.  cracking  knuckles:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  readiness.
19.  hands  behind  back:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  confidence.
20. finger  pointing:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  authority.
21.  hands  on  hips:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  readiness.
22.  hands  in  pockets:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  mistrust/reluctance.
23.  frequent  touch:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  warmth/familiarity.
24.  throat - clearing:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  rejection/doubt.
25.  jaw - clenching:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  hostility.
26.  eye - rolling:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  irritation.
27.  head - tilt:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  interest.
28.  whistling:   to  emit  high - pitched  sound  by  forcing breakthrough  a  small  hole  between  one’s  lips  or  teeth;   usually  to  a  tune.
29. humming:   make  a  low,   steady  continuous  sound  like  that  of  a  bee;   usually  to  a  tune.
30.  perfectionism:   refusal  to  accept  any  standard  short  of  perfection.
31.  photographic  memory:   the  ability  to  remember  information  or  visual  images  in  great  detail.
32.  paranoia:   a  mental  condition  characterised  by  delusions  of persecution,   unwarranted  jealousy,   or  exaggerated  self - importance,   typically  worked  into  an  organised  system.
33.  exaggeration:   a  statement  that  represents  something  as  better  or  worse  than  it  really  is.
34.  intuitive:   using  or  based  on  what  one  feels  to  be  true  even  without  conscious  reasoning;   instinctive.
35.  quick - witted:   showing  or  characterized  by  an  ability  to  think  or  respond  quickly   &   effectively.
36.  interrupting:   breaking  the  continuity  of  a  conversation  with  one’s  own  statements.
37.  doodling:   to  scribble  or  make  rough  drawings,   absentmindedly.
38.  irritable:   having  or  showing  a  tendency  to  be  easily  annoyed.
39.  gambling:   to  play  games  of  chance  for  money;   bet.
40.  travel - sick:   suffering  from  nausea  caused  by  the  motion  of  a  moving  vehicle,   boat,   or  aircraft.
41.  sensitive:   having  or  displaying  a  quick   &   delicate  appreciation  of  others’  feelings.
42.  melancholy:   a  feeling  of  pensive  sadness,   typically  with  no  obvious  cause.
43.  chewing  gum:   the  exercise  of  chewing  flavoured  gum  which  is  not  intended  for  swallowing.
44.  fidgeting:   to  make  small  movements,   especially  of  the  hands   &   feet,   through  nervousness  or impatience.
45.  skeptical:   not  easily  convinced;   having  doubts  or  reservations.
46.  neat - freak:   compulsively  obsessed  with  cleanliness.
47.  gossiping:   divulging  personal  information  about  others.
48.  prim:   feeling  or  showing  disapproval  of  anything  regarded  as  improper;   stiffly  correct.
49.  abbreviating:   giving  others  nicknames/shortening  names/giving  pet  names.
50.  having  a  catchphrase:   having  a  sentence  or  phrase  typically  associated  with  a  specific  person.

stolen from @subject-wyk!! :3
tagging: if u want 2 do it go 4 it friends!!!

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hc // so, if any citizen in his city even dares to abuse or mistreat a child … 

He will fucking murder them. Painfully. Those kind of people are not tolerated in his city, and he doesn’t even give them a chance to fucking breathe.

That being said, Aku may be a dick and kill everything in sight, but he doesn’t harm children.

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