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Leo, scolding Forrest and Kana: We are not mad, just disappointed.
Corrin: No, we are mad.
Leo: Yes, we are mad. We are livid. But we are going to let this one slide.
Corrin: No, we are not.
Leo: I'm not a mind reader, Corrin.
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“Let the dream begin, let your darker side give in”

I watched phantom of the opera, and wanted to draw leorrins in similar outifts. i can’t say it’s an AU because Leo’s not a psycho like Erik but not as boring as Raoul either lmfaoo

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A Commission for an anon on ko-fi! I hope they somehow see this uwu idk how to contact them. Commissions are currently CLOSED.

He makes eye contact with her from across the camp, when she just happens to glance up from her book. It’s not a tactics book, that much he can surmise, and he supposes it is okay that she takes a break from her learning every now and again. Corrin has worked so hard recently, what with the war and her desire to solve every single member of her rag tag army’s problems.

“Why do you look so sad, dearest Leo?” Camilla asks, settling beside him at dinner one night. She too has a book, one with a cover so strikingly similar to the one he’s spotted Corrin with.

“No reason. I suspect I’m not getting enough sleep. What are you reading?”

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are ya takumilla shipper??? owo if yes then wow kamuleo n takumilla is a++++ ily any stuff for them going ona double date ?? - 🍰

I really enjoy the dynamic of Takumilla too!  They’re both strong personalities who make it easy for me to multiship them, but frankly Takumilla is my favorite pairing for both of them.

I haven’t really thought about a Kamuleo/Takumilla double date before now, but that sounds like it would be comedy gold. Thanks for the ask, anon!!

  • Of course Camilla would spend some of the date just cooing over how cute her siblings are because she’s Camilla, but the second she noticed that Takumi was feeling jealous, she’d turn her focus to him.
  • If this is before Takumi and Leo’s support chain, they probably end up bickering at some point during the date, and Corrin and Camilla would do the scolding Big Sister Thing (Camilla to Leo and Corrin to Takumi, I mean… though I guess Corrin could go either way, lol). and probably tease them about having so much in common.
  • If it was after they became good friends, the boys would probably still banter some, but it’d be a lot more good-natured now. And Corrin and Camilla would just be smiling at each other because it’s really nice that all of them get along so well now.
  • If it was after they’ve had kids, I can see them (especially Camilla) setting up playdates so Kiragi can hang out with his cousins Forrest and Kana. It’d be flippin’ adorable.
  • …and if it’s before they’ve had kids, I can see Camilla hinting at least once or twice during a double date that she’d really like some nieces and/or nephews to pamper, promptly flustering Leo into oblivion.

Again, thanks for the question, because I had a lot of fun envisioning this!  Feel free to ask if there’s anything else you’re curious about!

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Got any LeoKamu!Forrest headcanons? Every child can be seen as just a little bit different based on who their parents are. With the fantastic chemistry between LeoKamu and the presence of little bro Kana, I wonder what you think the prettiest prince ever would be like?

Okay, so my first headcanon, tying back into my “Leokamu wedding wouldn’t happen until after the war ended” hc, is the ever-popular “screw the babyrealms, we’re raising these kids like normal people so we don’t mess them up, since both of us know parental neglect SUCKS.”  Jumping off that:

  • I feel like Leo and Forrest would have a much better relationship than in Fates’s babyrealms canon, because Forrest would’ve grown up with his parents around
  • Leo would have been a lot less distracted by the freaking war going on and had more time to pay attention to his son and therefore get used to Forrest’s way of dressing and accept that Forrest is wonderful far sooner than a paralogue when his son’s already grown
  • I mean, I still imagine that Leo is a little uncomfortable with Forrest’s crossdressing at first, because of the way it was drilled into Leo’s own head growing up that a prince had to act only in certain rigid ways–but he’d get over it significantly faster.
  • Especially since Corrin would get really pissy toward him for his attitude toward their precious son.  And since Corrin is generally so kind, her anger is a terrifying beast indeed.  (And we all know she’s a Mama Bear from Kana’s paralogue.)

Other Corrin!Forrest headcanons:

  • He can turn into a dragon like his mother and brother.  He doesn’t do it very often though.  It’s for similar reasons as his initial hesitation to inherit Brynhildr from Leo–Forrest knows this is a lot of power with the potential to hurt people, and he also saw how Kana lost control the first time he transformed.  Forrest does eventually warm to his dragon form, but it takes a long time.
  • Forrest is the best brother ever.  He’s really attentive toward baby Kana from the moment he’s born, and he gives him a lot of affection.
  • (Corrin still remembers her and Leo’s support conversations and how he felt neglected by his siblings growing up, so she might’ve encouraged Forrest to show affection toward Kana–not that she really needed to, Forrest already loved him from the start.)
  • Forrest also likes making little outfits for Kana.  Since babies grow so fast, it gives him a lot of sewing practice and he ends up developing a lot of skill because of it.
  • Of course, Forrest also makes clothes for his parents sometimes.  Mostly for his mother because he likes making dresses the most (and Leo might be okay with Forrest wearing dresses but that doesn’t mean he wants to).  Also just because Corrin gushes over his creations the most so Forrest ends up making more for her anyway.
  • After learning about his mother’s… complicated family history, Forrest starts trying to make her clothes that will honor her Nohrian and Hoshidan families (and also her ties to Valla if this is Revelation!Corrin).  He gets really interested in the way that fashion and culture differ between the lands

Assuming this is Revelation path, he would also be heir to the throne of Valla, in which case:

  • I can definitely see Forrest becoming a much-beloved ruler.  He’s considerate of the people and tries to make progress during his reign instead of just holding the line.
  • He also does his best to make the people appreciate his father and the hard work that Leo put into his own reign (since it’s noted in the end card that Leo wasn’t very popular with the people and all).  Actually, I feel like Forrest and Corrin both do a lot of that.
  • I also feel like Kana would be Forrest’s right hand (as well as his successor if Forrest doesn’t marry).  The two have always been close, and due to Forrest’s influence, Kana grows up into a thoughtful, mature adult (even if he’s still cute and playful when he wants to be), and he makes a good ambassador for his big brother.

Also, regarding his thoughts on Leokamu as he’s growing up:

  • Forrest’s view of true love totally comes from watching his parents when he’s a kid.  They can be very different in some ways (and sometimes too alike in others) but they balance each other quite well, bring out the best in each other, and always make an effort for each other’s happiness.  And even if they’re important people with important responsibilities, they make time for each other, to just sit around reading or bantering or whatnot
  • and some kids would think their parents being really in love is disgusting, but Forrest adores it.  He grows up feeling surrounded by love–his parents’ love for each other, and their love for Forrest and Kana.
  • There is a bit of confusion when Forrest is still pretty young though, and he starts learning about his mother’s complicated family history (”Dad, why did you marry your sister???”).  Corrin comes home from a council that night to find Leo stammering out a long-winded explanation of adoption and just starts laughing her head off.

(And finally, the most important headcanon of all.)

  • Since he’s grown up seeing his mother teasing his father about his collar being inside out so often, Forrest starts teasing Leo the same way too.  It’s probably even worse coming from Forrest since he’s always so fashionable.
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