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Okay, I am so in love with your daughter!reader works and I’d love to request something like that. McCree, Hanzo, Reaper and Jack (separately) are stressed to the max because of overwatch and work and everything, and they don’t realize that they forgot it was their little princess’ birthday! Reader tires to remind them politely, but they end up snapping at her and sending her to her room, but once they realize their mistake they feel awful! Much love!❤️🥺

Awww my god yes absolutely this is so dang cute!!! Thank you for the request! ~Bambi


Jesse Mccree

  • Being a single father is hard enough as is, but being a single father ontop of being a wanted outlaw, a bounty hunter, a double life as a famous author and now the head of the newly formed blackwatch division was like pulling teeth.
  • He thought coming back to overwatch would be good, he could keep you safe on base, you’d have a stable environment, a bed and your own room. No more travelling, no more hotels, no more camping… but now he hardly had anytime to spend with you…
  • Jesse had never once forgotten your birthday, he circled it on the calendar and would hold you up to it so you could cross off each day of the month leading up to it. But this year he didn’t get to, he was buried in mission reports, paperwork, uniform orders, recruit files. Every time he’d walk past the fridge you’d adorably follow after him with a marker in hand wanting to cross off the dates… he’d just pat your hair and tell you to go play.
  • Your birthday arrived, normally jesse would wake you up with your first present and a big kiss on your cheek… but this time you woke up to nothing… you got up and went to find your daddy… he was sitting at his desk, paperwork all around him. He understood now why Reyes was so angry 80% of the time… he’d been there all night.
  • You walked up to him and tugged on his sleeve, he jumped and patted your hair. “Oh morning sprout… ya hungry?..” he smiled. He didn’t even mention your birthday… he carried you to the dining room and made you a bowl of cereal and himself a cup of coffee. He left you to eat it and headed back to his office… you frowned and watched him go… you spotted the calendar on the wall…
  • Your tiny legs were too short to reach it, so you used all your strength to push your chair to the wall, you climbed up on it and grabbed a hold of the calendar, as you did you lost your balance and…
  • Jesse nearly jumped out of his skin hearing a loud crash from the kitchen followed by you crying. He flew out of his office knocking over a mountain of papers as he took off out to you. He found you sitting on the floor, the chair on its side missing a leg, and the calendar torn up. “What the heck Y/N?!”
  • He yanked you up checking you over for injuries but you’d just gotten a little bump, he tried taking the calendar from you but you kept crying and wouldn’t let go, “Y/N Cut it out!!” He yanked it from you, “Just go to your room I don’t have time for th-…” he went silent seeing the date. “Aw… Aw oh sweetheart… Daddy’s sorry…”
  • He felt terrible for rousing at you, all you’d done was try to get his attention… he picked you up and gave you a big kiss on your cheek, “y’know what… work can wait. Let’s go get you dressed up and we can go into town and get you whatever you’d like honey bee.” He smiled
  • He turned off his work com for the day. He pulled on his serape and hat and got you dressed into your favourite outfit before taking you out. He took you to a diner and got you pancakes for breakfast, followed by a trip to the toy store, he bought you whatever you wanted, then a a visit to the arcade. He finished the day by getting you ice cream and letting you wear his hat as he gave you a piggy back ride home.
  • He sang you a lullaby to rock you to sleep that night… and when he went back to his office he asked Athena to set a reminder for next year so he won’t ever forget again.


Hanzo Shimada

  • A fratricidal rogue assassin, a mercenary for hire, a wanted man with a bounty so large it could run an entire countries economy, a single father trying to do his best to raise a little girl on the run. Hanzo was all of these and more.
  • He’d done his best to provide for you, but you were growing up fast, and it was becoming harder and harder for him to go out on jobs to provide for you. Despite the stress and heartache it caused him, he was glad Genji turned up when he did… he decided to join overwatch, for no other reason than to give you the stable environment you deserved.
  • Despite living a life on the run, he never once forgot your birthday, his gifts for you were always practical, but you loved each one. Your favourite was a Nintendo handheld, it was light weight and you could play it whenever you wanted. Each birthday he devoted his attention completely on you, no work, no study’s, just you. Presents in the morning, then maybe an amusement park, a little clothing shopping, and then cake after dinner followed by a story before bed.
  • He joined Overwatch with only your wellbeing in mind. He never once thought of the emotional baggage and drama that would await him there… to say he was stressed was an understatement. Genji kept trying to crack through the shell Hanzo had built around himself and Hanzo wasn’t ready to let him in. It resulted in a lot of tension, a lot of built up anger exploding out. And now to top it all off he had to focus on the swamp of missions Winston had thrown at him…
  • He was so stressed and wrapped up with everything else he’d forgotten the date… you woke up on your birthday to find Your daddy had left for morning therapy with Genji followed by training. He’d left your breakfast for you at the table with a note like he usually did, they’d range from different things but today’s simply read, “have fun in class, love you little robin”
  • You were being tutored by Mei and Winston, you’d spend every morning in their lab except for weekends but… it was your birthday… You were sure your Tou-San wouldn’t mind you staying home, he never minded the other birthdays… he hadn’t even given you your present yet…
  • You finished your breakfast, got dressed, and sat on the couch playing your handheld. After an hour the door suddenly swung open and Hanzo stepped in, face red with anger, tears already pouring down his cheeks. You’d seen your father angry but never like this. You whimpered as he suddenly punched a hole through the wall. Genji went too far dragging up childhood memories of abuse Hanzo had spent years drowning in alcohol to forget…
  • “T.. tou-san?…” you whimper peeping over the couch. “Y/N?! What the hell are you still doing here! You should be at your study session!” He shouted. He never raised his voice at you, he was so distraught he didn’t even realise he was practically screaming at this point…You tried to explain but too late, he grabbed hold of you and dragged you to your room, “I’ve already put up with enough today and the last thing I need is you disobeying me! If you want to slack off then fine! Spend the whole day in here for all I care!” He shouted pushing you into your room and slamming the door…
  • You started to cry, he’d never been so angry around you never mind at you. He’d frightened you,… you climbed into your bed and hugged your teddy as you sobbed.
  • Hanzo stormed back to the kitchen and began preparing lunch in an attempt to calm down… he froze as he opened the fridge door… your cake was sitting right there… he closed the door and covered his mouth in shock at himself… he’d completely forgotten it was your birthday.
  • You whimpered hearing your bedroom door opened, Hanzo stepped in holding your lunch and your present… it was a very long box… “little robin?… I think Ive forgotten something very important… will you come out from under your blankets so I can say I’m sorry?…”
  • He spent the next half hour apologising for raising his voice at you, you adorably dried his tear stained cheeks with your sleeve, you were a smart girl, you knew your father was hurting. He gave you your present after you finished eating and your eyes sparkled seeing he’d gotten you a bow and quiver, he wanted to teach you archery.
  • You two spent the afternoon on the shooting range, you were a natural! For dinner he got you dressed into a pretty outfit and took you to a fancy restaurant, followed by a movie at home on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn and a slice of your birthday cake. You fell asleep snuggled against his chest.
  • He wasn’t a perfect father, but no father is. He was doing his best and that’s what counts… he asked his dragons to remind him next year so he wouldn’t forget… and he’d make a mental note of telling Genji too… he wanted his brother to be part of your life as well.

Strike commander Jack Morrison

{{this turned into a Drabble! I’m not sorry I love this man lol}}

The poster boy for Overwatch, the hero of heros, a soldier, enemy of evil, friend to all good, and strike commander. That’s how the world once saw him. But now Overwatch was beginning to crumble, people were calling for his head… His wife, your own mother, left him and you behind not wanting to be associated with him any further.

His perfect life was falling apart around him, you were his only piece of sanctuary left in this world he’d worked so hard to save, only for it to turn its back on him… you… his little angel.

He used to take an entire week off for your birthdays. He’d pack the car and take you and your mother on a road trip to Indiana to see your grandparents, go fishing, and have a huge party for you with friends and family, he’d never miss it for the world…

but now even his own parents weren’t answering the phone… He was buried under mountains of paperwork, his superiors and government officials kept berating him, breathing down his neck… he was starting to get grey hairs. He had the literal world on his shoulders, and all it’d take was a straw to break the camels back…

He’d already told you there’d be no birthday trip this year, and you understood, you saw how stressed your dad was though in your innocence you didn’t fully understand why he was so upset or why your mom wasn’t coming home. But with all that said… you still thought at least he’d wake you with a happy birthday…

When you woke to find your family dorm on base empty you knew where your dad would be. You got yourself ready and had your breakfast before running to his office… getting closer you could hear a couple people in there, you knew not to enter if he was in a meeting. You could hear them yelling at your dad… an idea struck and you rushed back to your room.

A few sheets of paper, some glue, some glitter, and some paint and it was done. A picture with a note. You rushed back to his office, it was empty except for jack. He was on the phone looking agitated. You ran over and hugged his side, he just patted your hair continuing the phone all as you tried to show him the picture. “Yeah, that’s great Y/N. Go play… sorry my little ones just come to say hi, you were saying?..” You frown and wait patiently…

As soon as jack finished the call the door opened and Gabriel Reyes stepped in on a war path, eyes practically red with anger… if gabe had seen you behind the desk he would have stopped but he didn’t. He ripped into jack like a feral dog… your dad did the same to him… you were scared, you wanted your dad to be happy… you tugged on his sleeve to tell him you’d leave the picture on his desk. He turned to you and roared like an angry lion, “I SAID GET OUT Y/N!!! NOT! NOW!”

You staggered back and ran behind Gabriel frightened… The blackwatch commander did a full 180° seeing you… “shhh shhh, I’m sorry y/n it’s okay” he cooed picking you up and taking you to the hall. His second in command Jesse Mccree stood there mouth agape having heard everything… Gabriel handed you to him and the cowboy took you back to your room…

As Gabe stepped back into the office his foot found the note.., he picked it up and frowned… “well, good on you Morrison… Forgot her birthday and all she tried to do was cheer you up… well done…” Gabe said softly handing jack the note… his blue eyes welled up with tears as he saw it.

A picture of you and him holding hands, and a note that read, ‘it’s okay daddy! We can have my birthday another day! You’re still the best dad in the world!’

Gabe left him alone stating he’d talk to him later. He could see Morrison was in enough hurt now already… as soon as the door closed jack buried his face into his hands trying to hold himself together, he’d never forget the look of fright on your face.

After composing himself he got up and left the office but not before grabbing your gift he’d hidden in his desk and the picture too, to hell with the rest of the world. You, His whole world, was in tears because of him. Before he left he made a few calls… He walked back to his room to find Jesse only now just leaving. He and the cowboy were hardly on good terms, but they were civil, “I’ve calmed her down… I suggest you apologise for spookin her like that…” he mumbled before walking off.

Jack walked in and immediately noticed that you’d cleaned up your efforts of making the card. Paper was in the bin, specks of glitter still stuck to the dust pan and brush, and paint brushes washed up and drying on the sink. You were an angel, he felt like he didn’t deserve to be your father… he stuck the note to the fridge with a magnet you’d made him years ago now.

After a few moments of composing himself he walked to your room and knocked, “pumpkin?… can daddy come in?… I want to apologise… I got something for you…” after a moment you opened the door and hid behind it looking up at him, he felt terrible, you looked so sad. He knelt down in front of you and stroked your cheek, “I’m sorry princess… I was upset and I had no right to go off on you like that… I think… I forgot something very important today didn’t I?…” he smiled sadly as he handed you your gift.

You opened it up and your eyes sparkled. Your room was filled with overwatch figurines, one of every hero. You’d thrown out the one of your mother after she walked out of your life… so jack had something extra special made to fill that gap. A doll of you, dressed in a cadet uniform with your fathers jacket around you. You looked up at him and he smiled as he playfully saluted. You copied the action and giggled before hugging him. “Why dont we go down to the lake for some fishing?”You nod and adorably run off to get ready.

You both arrive at the lake via car to see it fully crowded with people, overwatch and blackwatch alike, all dressed casually, some swimming, others fishing, you could see Ana riding a jet ski pulling Mccree along with Fareeha on his shoulders. There was a colourful banner over a picnic table that read happy birthday Y/N. And as soon as you stepped out of the vehicle everyone cheered.

You didn’t need to travel across the country to see your family… they were all right here… Overwatch was your family.

It was a fun day, you had snacks, went fishing and challenged jesse to catch a bigger fish than you. He almost did, Reyes, the bastard, swam to the hooks and put the fish onto your line instead. You got to ride on the JetSki with your dad, you played super soaker tag with Fareeha and Brigitte which resulted in you spraying at Genji who ducked just in time for it to hit Jesse midway through him lighting a smoke. “OH COME ON!!” and at the end of the day everyone sang happy birthday and you cut your cake that Reinhardt had kindly made for you.

As the sun set everything had been packed up and everyone had headed back to base, jack sat watching the sky fade from brilliant pinks and oranges to black, you fast asleep in his arms, hugging your dolls of yourself and him… he held you tightly and sighed… while everything else was falling apart around him.. right now? Everything in the world seemed to be just right… He’d be okay…


Reaper (Gabriel Reyes)

  • After the Swiss explosion and the fall of overwatch Gabriel intended to leave everything that was him behind… but he couldn’t… not completely at least. There was one thing and one thing only to him that was more important then existence itself to him. And that was you, his little girl.
  • Needless to say, Stepping into the halls of talons HQ for the first time was terrifying for you. This was so different from overwatch, everyone looked so scary and mean. You recognised moira though, she was always so nice to you… then you met Sombra, she was very kind. You got so scared when you met Widowmaker, you knew miss Lacroix… you like everyone else thought she was dead, and given her purple skin you thought she was a zombie. You quickly realised that wasn’t the case though, and she was just as kind as ever to you.
  • You didn’t like Mauga, he was brash, rude, mean and disrespectful to your daddy. Max was okay, he got along well with your dad but he seemed standoffish about you, he didn’t know how to handle children. You liked Akande, he was very kind to you, he was naturally very good with children.
  • Despite your fathers new job, his new appearance, and your new strange home, you still loved him. He was your dad, nothing would ever change that. He still tucked you in every night with a kiss. He was scared to show you his face, but you didn’t do much as flinch, instead you tried to kiss it better… the sweet action made him cry, he felt like he didn’t derserve to be your father, you deserved a normal life…
  • You didn’t understand exactly what your dad did, he went through a lot of effort to keep anything involving his work hidden from you. And he had a strict rule that you weren’t allowed in his office. All you knew was that he was busy. He was adjusting to his new body, and his new life. You knew you had to be strong for him! He’d leave your base apartment every morning and come home very late at night. He’d have all your meals prepared, all you had to do was put them in the microwave. Sombra or sometimes Amélie or Akande would come by and help you with your studies. You liked it when Amélie would teach you Ballet, she’s already ordered you your first pair of pointe shoes.
  • Some nights you’d stay up late in your bed waiting for your dad to come home, he’d scold you for being up but he’d climb into the covers beside you and read you a story despite how tired he was. He adored you.
  • With how busy and stressed he’d been, it was no surprise that he’d forgotten your birthday. You woke up to a knock on the apartment door. Sombra of course knew it was your birthday, she knew everything. She’d gotten you the latest video game console you’d been wanting. When she asked what Gabe had gotten you and you said nothing she gasped so hard she almost fainted, “QUE?!? No! That won’t do!” She shrieked before hurrying you along to get dressed all the while texting Amélie and Akande as well as Moira to get their asses in gear with your presents.
  • Once you were dressed you both went to the cafeteria to grab breakfast, but instead of getting food for yourself you put together a tray for your dad. You knew he was stressed, he was always working so hard, it was your special day but you wanted to surprise him. You took off to his office before Olivia could stop you. You found Gabriel in there buried under mountains of documents, files, news paper clippings and more, articles of people you knew, people you saw as family… all reported dead.
  • He nearly jumped out his skin seeing you, “Y/N!! I told you to stay out of here!!” He yelled as he wraithed from his desk and appeared in front of you. “But I I-” you tried to explain you just wanted to have breakfast with him but he wouldn’t hear it. “I told you your not allowed in here! And you disobeyed me!” He shouted before dragging you out into the hall making the juice spill on your dress, his clawed gloves accidentally scratching your arm, “go to your room… I don’t have time right now…” he sighed before floating back into his office and slamming the door.
  • You stood there holding the tray with shaky hands, you started to cry as Sombra and Amélie found you… they got you cleaned up and took you out shopping for the day with Akande and moira… they did their best to cheer you up but nothing seemed to work, you even got to ride on Akandes shoulders and still not even a small smile. Olivia was pissed, this was your special day and Gabriel not only forgot but he’d made you cry.
  • She left you with the other three before going back to base and ripping Gabriel a new asshole. He stopped listening after he heard the words, forgotten birthday… he wraithed past her and out of the office to find you. He searched all through the city with no luck, he tried calling everyone but nobody would answer, he was panicking, he had no clue where you were. And the truth was, neither did they…
  • You’d wandered off just wanting to go home, the inner council was in a panic looking for you. Amélie was scouting rooftops for a better advantage point, moira was fading through the crowds, and Akande was pushing his way through them looking for you.
  • A strange man grabbed your arm, a dirty grin on his face revealing crooked rotten teeth, “heeey there cutie~ you lo-” he was cut off by a swift punch to the side of his head. You saw the owl like mask and cried and reaching up to your father. Reaper picked you up and held you tightly, he was trembling. “D don’t ever run away like that again mija…” he scolded lovingly. “I’m so sorry baby… I completely forgot your special day… I’ve ruined everything… please let me make it better?…” he says softly. You nod and nuzzle into him still spooked.
  • He met up with the others, they could tell he was going to rip them a new hole, but not right now… right now he had to look after his little princesa. He said his goodbyes to them and took you shopping for a whole new wardrobe, another year older means another year of growth after all. He bought you a heap of toys, and video games for your new console. He’d have it all delivered to the HQ.
  • He treated you to a little makeover and after picking out your favourite outfit he took you to the local amusement park for a fun afternoon. He walked home with you on his shoulders. It wasn’t easy going out in public without his mask… but everyone ignored him for the most part. All it took was a kiss on the forehead and you telling him he was handsome to give him the confidence to take on the world.
  • When you two arrived back at base everyone was waiting for you, Olivia had planned a gaming party! You had snacks, pizza, and whooped akandes ass in a battle royal. He demands a rematch next time.
  • The evening ended with a story, he sat on your bed and lay against the pillows with you until you were asleep. He gave you a kiss on the forehead and tucked you in.
  • He’d fucked up many things in his life… but you… you’re the most perfect thing he’d ever created. And he’ll do whatever it takes to give you the life you deserve.
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10 and 15 for the special thing- with McCree, the worlds best boy! Please and Thank you if it isn't a trouble you dont have to if you dont wanna-

A/N: He sure is the best Boy! My favourite! I hope this is alright!

Jesse McCree - 10 & 15

Edit: fixed,,,,,thanks to rudy for pointing it out,,,,


Originally posted by elusivechip

You set down your glass, chuckling your soul out as Jesse saunters back over to you from the stage.

“An’ that’s the single best and only way to impersonate Elvis, that actually works.”, He says, cockily grinning as he sits down next to you, letting his view roam over the several glasses still on the table before he decides to go for another shot of whatever the hell that green liquid is.

He’d given his best impression, you had to admit it - even if it inflates his ego to double it’s size.
“Well, those hips certainly don’t lie.”, you say, trying your hardest to sound unimpressed with the absolute hell of a dance he’d put on. That, paired with his voice had made your knees a little weaker - and paired with the alcohol would not do too well for your walk back home.

“Darlin’, you know it.”, He shoots back with a wink.
He watches as your grin reduces back to a blank, thoughtful expression.
He leans his head on one hand, eyes scanning over you intensely now.
You raise a brow, staring back.

“Something on my face?”

He blinks at your words, caught of guard for a moment before raising another glass up to his mouth
“Nothin’ but perfection, man, nothin’ but perfection…”, He slurs into his drink.
You blink slowly, your own tipsiness making itself a little more present in your mind.

Jesse sighs and puts his now empty glass down.

“How long ‘til you realize that I’m interested in you?”

The words hang heavy in the room as you stare back at him. Talk about catching someone off guard, huh?
Interested? In….you? He? What?

“You still there?”, Jesse asks, a careful smile on his face as he tries to catch your eye.
You open your mouth, but no words come out, they silence in your throat as every relationship you’ve ever had seems to replay in your head.

How you slowly found out that you didn’t like them as much as you hoped you did.
The little things that were once endearing turning into annoying habits and the once friendly banter turning into arguments.

What if the same would happen with…? You don’t even want to think about it.

“I-”, you begin, unsure of how to say it as Jesse’s focus on you gets more intense.

“I’m afraid I only remember the feeling of falling out of love…”

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Hello, may I see some Riverboat Mccree x Devil Mercy:D Your art is wonderful and I rate it 5 stars:)

Does this look like it deserves 5 stars? Lmao I’m kidding but yeah, no problem and thank you!! ( ^∇^)

also I know I’m not good at BGs (don’t @ me lmao ) but I wanted to make a dining room on a boat kind of thing so I did my best. But where did the spotlight come from? Who knows lol.

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Hey! What's up? How about a reader who cannot have children and does not want, with Hanzo, McCree, Genji and Jack, Separated, please? sorry if you can't understand!!

It’s no problem! I think I got the gist of it! Thank you for the request! ~Bambi


Jesse Mccree

Can’t have kids:

  • If you can’t have them but want them he’ll be sympathetic, he himself is unsure if he wants to be a parent but knowing he’ll never get the chance now to change his mind has broken him in ways he never thought possible. He’ll comfort you through it all.
  • If you can’t have them but you’re okay with that he will be too though he will admit he’s a bit upset. It’s nothing a kiss and a cuddle can’t fix. Plus, there’s always adoption if you both change your minds.

Doesn’t want Kids:

  • Doesn’t mind in the slightest, again part of him would like to be a father but he’s still a wanted man, and ontop of that he had a horrible childhood himself. He’s terrified he’ll turn out to be an even worse version of his own father.
  • He’s quite happy to grow old with you on a ranch some day with his horses, maybe with a bunch of dogs too… and some chickens.


Genji Shimada

Can’t have kids:

  • If you can’t have children but want them he will 100% sympathise with you. After the incident with his body he was told there was a huge chance the chemicals pumped into him for the cybernetics has made him infertile. He planned on settling down one day and maybe having children but now he’d never get that chance. He’d grieved then, and he’ll grieve with you now… Besides, there’s plenty of orphans from the omnic crisis who need parents.
  • If you can’t have them but you’re okay with that he’ll be surprisingly supportive. He wanted to be a dad, but now there’s a lot more on his mind, besides, his dragon soba is a big enough handful as is.

Doesn’t want kids:

  • A little confused but he gets it. He grew up in a very traditional household so the idea of having children was kind of drummed into him. But in all honesty he doesn’t mind at all. Whatever you reasoning he’ll understand and be supportive… Now help him pull Sobas head out of this vase!


Soldier 76 Jack Morrison

Cant have kids:

  • If you can’t have them but wanted them he 100% understands your pain. When he became an SEP soldier the chemicals pumped into his body had a high risk of making him infertile among a number of other things. While they didn’t dampen his sex drive he’s effectively been firing blanks. He’s come to terms with the fact that he may never be a father. And he’ll help you grieve through your pain. Besides, he’s always been one to adopt those in need anyway.
  • If you can’t have them but you’re okay with that, he will be too. He’s not exactly young anymore and he’s on the frontline of overwatch again. While part of him still wants to be a father he’s okay with it, besides Hana and lucio are enough of a handful as is.

Doesn’t want kids:

  • Doesn’t bother him in the slightest. In his youth he was more upset about not being a father but nowadays he doesn’t mind. He’s practically raised half the people in overwatch anyway. He’ll respect your decision and love you all the same.


Hanzo Shimada

Can’t have kids:

  • If you can’t have kids but wanted them he’ll 100% grieve with you over the loss. He’s always wanted to be a father, maybe it’s the constant reminder of carrying on the clan being drummed into his brain or maybe it’s his paternal need to look after somebody. He’ll be okay, he’ll learn to deal with it. He’s got you and the dragons, and there’s always adoption.
  • If you can’t have them but you’re okay with that he’ll be so confused as to why you’re not upset. He doesn’t understand but he’ll get over it, he might push for you two to adopt in the future but instead of a baby he’ll bring home a dog instead… maybe two dogs. Their names are Dango and Horachika.

Doesn’t want kids:

  • Whooo boy stand back he’s gonna blow! This will 100% result in a fight where neither of you will speak to each other for weeks. He’s always wanted to be a father, he’s always wanted children to spoil and give them a life of choice that he never had, and after everything now he can’t even have that? It will absolutely put a strain on your relationship and it’ll test your love for each other greatly. But eventually he’ll calm down and apologise, he’s still very hurt, but he loves you, he wants to grow old with you. It’ll just take him some time to accept the fact that the spare room won’t ever be turned into a nursery…
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“But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight!”

Aight so, full disclosure, aside from the amount of times I’ve drawn Hanzo– Which you can find on my instagram. I have never been able to properly draw McCree. Until now, anyway.

Another full disclosure, I blame @jiinglespurs for getting me into McMercy while I’ve been elsewhere in the tumblr solar system lmao. (Love you Eden!!) And now I cannot stop thinking about them.

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They woke up with a start but it’s the pain that came after that bothered them. It wasn’t a usual kind of pain, but one that made them shoot up like a bottle rocket in the sky on 4th of July. As they opened their eyes, they saw that there was chaos all around, people screaming but it was what was coming right at them that scared them to no end. Out of nowhere, there was a man with a Reaper mask on his face, aiming his shotguns right at their location.

“Death walks among you.” He says with a darkening edge to his voice as he points the guns, ready to kill.

‘This has to be a dream…Overwatch is a video game…isn’t it? All I can remember is my name but the better question is….HOW THE HELL DO I ESCAPE REAPER WITH HIS GUNS THAT CLOSE TO ME?!’ they are thinking as he keeps trying to shoot at them as they run. ‘Just a dream, just a dream, JUST A DREAM!’ They shout to themselves as they suddenly find themselves tripping over a rock, landing wrong on their leg. Trying to get up, they fall and realize it is not a dream, that the pain is real and that what they thought they knew was wrong.

‘Yep, this is how I die, one of my favorite video games actually killing me in the game.’ They admit as the shotguns is pointed right at them.

“It’s High Noon.” Is all that can heard from behind them as someone shoots a gun off and hits the man in the mask right in the abdomen as he starts to teleport away, trying to keep from bleeding out. “Well well well, if this isn’t worth more than the problems they have around us.” The cowboy who shot the gun says as he holds a hand out to them.

“The name is McCree but you can call me Jesse.” He says with a smile when they take his hand.

“I know exactly who you are but what I want to know is how did I get here?” they start to ask as they hear someone laugh maniacally and look over and see Reaper, preparing to do his Ult.

“Die, Die, Die!” He yells and they push Jesse out of the way taking majority of the bullets to the abdomen.

“Shit, not this. Mercy, we need healing here, casualty to a civilian!” is all they here before they pass out.

*Time Skip brought to you by Hanzo and Genji’s Dragons*

They woke up to a more severe pain but what got them was that the pain was from the headache they had forming in their head and the sound of what could be a heart monitor. They open their eyes and see that they are no longer in a battlefield but in a clean looking medical room.

“Ah, good, glad to see that you are awake.” Is heard as they turn to see a woman who was speaking with a slight accent. They looked over and was surprised.

“I am…” she start to say as they answer for her.

“Angela Ziegler, alias of Mercy, the head medic of the Overwatch Team” they blush as she nods and looks at them, checking their wounds. “How is McCree?” They ask as she smiles and writes down their information.

“He is in perfect health. Barely even a scratch but you managed to take majority of the bullets, about 5 in total. You have been out for about 3 days.” She informs them as they look at the roof.

“You didn’t tell anyone your name or how you came to be in the middle of a battle field during a Talon attack. So if you don’t mind me asking, can you tell me anything?” she asks as they think for a moment and sigh.

“All I can remember is that my name is (Y/N) and that this is supposed to be a video game yet it feels too real to be a dream. The last thing I remember was going to bed in my room then I woke up in the middle of the battle field.” They reply as she nods and looks at their chart.

“You will have to stay here for at least 2 days but then you will be ready to leave. Do you have any family to contact regarding your whereabouts?” She asks as they shake their head, still in shock that they were now trapped in this world.

“How is that civilian that was hit, Dr. Ziegler?” is heard by them, a rough voice asks as they try to sit up, seeing the familiar visor that belongs to the soldier himself, Soldier 76.

“They will recover but we have a problem, they seem to say that they are from another world and that they know us as a video game.” She says as the masked man looks their way.

“That can’t be accurate. If that was the case, we would have known about that kind of technology.” He says as they sit up, grunting from the pain and looked right at him.

“It’s true. Why else would I try to save McCree? I knew that a blast that close and at that proximity would result in imminent death while if I managed to do a tactical roll, he could shot while I took the lead.” They would say as they looked at him, ignoring the pleas from Mercy to lay back down.

“I knew about Dr. Ziegler before she could introduce herself to me and I knew about how she saved Genji from death.” They say as Mercy looks at them, surprise on her face.

“That…that wasn’t even on record.” She says as they nod.

“So you have insider information that could help us. If so, we will gladly take whatever information you know and then ensure that Talon doesn’t find you again.” Soldier says as they look right at him.

“No, no matter where I go, Talon will find me so I rather fight, I want to fight to save the world, I want to protect innocent people from dying, and I can help!” They yell as Soldier yells.

“Absolutely not! You are a civilian that was caught in the crossfire of one of my best men and the top gun of Talon so I refuse to let you be a part of this war!” He continues yelling as Mercy gets between us.

“Jack…she saved McCree and did so without any thought about herself, just like someone else I know.” She whispers as he looks at them and shakes his head.

“I said no and don’t try to convince the others to have them join, I will make it known that they are to not allow them in!” He yells as she looks away with a guilty expression.

“Angela…you didn’t?!” He yells as she looks at him.

“They took more damage than anyone I have seen that was not a Tank or Reaper…They risked their life to ensure that Jesse got a clean shot at him. This is the least we can do. The few of us….Ana, Lucio, Brigette, Zenyatta and myself…we try what we can to heal you all in battle but we need help too. Talon has more power because of Reaper.” She looks at them and smiles gently.

“Besides, McCree already asked the others and put it to a vote…it was 18-3 Jack…they stick around until we find them a way home.” She says as the look at them and Soldier shakes his head.

“Fine but I am not babysitting them, they better learn to defend themselves.” He says as he shakes his head and leaves the Med-Bay. Mercy smiles at them and holds out her hand.

“Welcome to Overwatch”


McCree: I see them as Offense, they can really take a punch

Reinhardt: They are strong and loyal, they would rather train with us to be the best shield around.

Mei: But they did defend you McCree, I think they are better suited for those of us under Defense.

Lucio: Yo, we need them here, they can learn to be a healer! Besides, we are the smallest group among us!

Junkrat: Maybe I can teach them to blow things up!


*Fighting among themselves as Tracer, Winston, Mercy and Hanzo shake their heads, offering to train them suitably until they decide where to pick*

Tracer: Don’t worry Love, no matter where you pick, we will still support you.

Hanzo: Yes, it seems that we are the only ones who can be mature. We will always be beside you, as long as you stand with us.

Mercy: I better take them back to the infirmary, if everyone all want to train them, they will need to be of perfect health.

Winston: Again, welcome to Overwatch.

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Hi! This my first time doing this so I don’t really know what I’m doing 😂. But could you do a scenario where Mccree falls out of love with fem s/o and ends up breaking up with her. And a few years later (a few months after the recall) they both see each other again and kinda fall back in love? Maybe some soft NSFW if you feel up to it? All good if you can’t though this is a little confusing 😂.

Me likey some angsty love! Thank you for the request!! ~Bambi

Warning! NSFW AHEAD!

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