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-Me, to my physics teacher a week ago: Im sorry, but i won’t ne able to come to the physics competition after all, i think it will be too hard.

-My phisycs teacher to me, today: *bonks my head with a rolled-up newspaper* Traitor.

-Me: i… uh… i just-

-Physics teacher: TRAITOR

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Are you old enough to remember the early 90’s?:
>> Nope, I was born in 94, my earliest memories would be around 98. 

When was the last time you bought new luggage?:
>> Almost two years ago. 

How long have you lived with the person/people you currently live with?:
>> I’ve lived here for almost two years. 

Do you see yourself still with your current partner in 10 years?:
>> I think so. I hope so.

Are you happy with who you are?:
>> Meh. 

What do you see when you look to your left?:
>> Books, my purse, and a beer. 

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