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I’m so sorry to add to this but- I used to love spiders until my dad stepped on one in my room. One that was carrying its babies or something. SO MANY TINY SPIDERS EVERYWHERE


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summary of my fallout 4 game since my mom gave me it for my birthday.
My character is Reed. He’s got greying hair, green eyes and he’s got a bunch of skin splotches and a burn on his left side from where he had some sort of chemical or radiation accident. He is good at Endurance, Agility and Luck. 
He is confused but tries to help. He’s General of the Minutemen now cause Preston thinks this dumbass that didn’t know what ghouls, minutemen, or like… ANYTHING GOING ON is the best leader for his dying cause.

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as dorky™ as Sir Pentious is he could honestly kill me just by looking at me. Like. Just imagine 30+ eyes staring at you idk about u but as an introvert that’s literally my worst nightmare

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