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I remember I made siblings for Tokoyami months ago, and while they are far from perfect, I think they are funny enough to share.

Also, It says on the top of the notepad that It’s a time skip au, which I guess means this is way after Tokoyami finishes school and becomes a hero? Though, I am unsure on how far apart Tokoyami is from his siblings.

I hope none of you get offended by these characters, as by now I’m not sure if I want to make these guys official bnha ocs.

But I do hope that you guys enjoy them, even if It’s only a little.

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A trenchcoat filled with sentient raccoons, an alien and a lizard person become friends, because that is what normal humans do and they are very much normal humans thank you very much.

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so apparently a lot of americans pronounce “niche” as “nitch” rhyming with ditch???

I’ve always said “neesh” rhyming with yeesh because I learned the word in bio and my bio teacher said “neesh”

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Suleiman after Ankhu leaves the Library:

“Okay. No big deal. Five days is nothing. I’m not afraid to be alone with my thoughts. My thoughts are awesome. my father never loved me, I’m gonna die alone. Oh, boy, that happened fast. Ankhu? ANKHUUUU!”

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