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OKAYYYYY *Marks Voice*

Today’s JCC was truly a beautiful thing no knew they needed, Johnny and Yuta together is a wonderful mix, it’s like two bubbles of happiness coming together to create one big bubble 💗 them slpashing water on each other was truly a blessing 💗🥺 they are men that still have a little kid inside of them and that makes them just so much more loveable and pure 💗😭🥺☺️

Yuta was happy and smiling so much and that smile hit different 💗🥺☺️ that smile was purely based off him doing something he enjoys so much. I hope to always be able to see that smile ☺️🥺💗

Johnny was happy and smiling so much being with Yuta 😭 he was practically dying going up that mountain though 🤣 so much he became a little delusional 😭 but Johnny! Are we a joke to you? 😭😂

Johnny: I love mountains. The mountains love me.

Me: Johnny, I love you.

Literally what I said after he said that 😭😂💗

Also, Johnny Yuta and I, have one thing in common.

No sense of direction at all whatsoever 😭😂🤣

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