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#taylor swift miss americana

A girl I use to go to school with who wasn’t a fan of Taylor watched the documentary. She had gone into watching it with a narrow mind and now after watching it’s changed her mind about Taylor. She was blown away at her own ignorance towards Taylor before watching it and now it’s opened her mind. She said it was informative and crazy how the media puts negative things in peoples’ minds. And now she’s even encouraging others to watch the documentary to help them understand as well. 😭😁

Hearing that the documentary helped someone to open and change their negative thoughts about you meant so much to me and I’m sure so many of the fandom. We care so much for you. You don’t deserve the hate you get. You deserve to be understood and respected. You do so much for others and to help make things better, and so much more and you should be respected. Thankful to Lana Wilson for creating this movie and thank you Taylor for allowing them to film this. Hoping this documentary will open so many others’ minds. We love you. We just want the best for you. @taylorswift

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that toe scene 🤢 so FAKE, and such bad acting *eyerolls*

It was barely a scene anon. Although, I agree *oe had more chemistry with the actress he was pictured with at the BAFTAs than he ever has with Taylor. I think they are just friends - if that. But I really don’t think we should focus on that part of Miss Americana when there is so much else to unpack!

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Well folks I kept it sort of together until she started singing that verse of Only the Young. I just remember sitting watching 2016 election results come in at 2 a.m. being like HOW and WHY and it’s so real.

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Stephen Colbert’s joke about Taylor not having enough sway (”Looks like Tay Tay didn’t have that much sway sway”) is just wrong, though. I like him generally, and I get that he was making a joke, but it’s not true this time. 

Young voter turnout increased SEVENFOLD?? There’s your sway (sway). And those voters are probably more likely to vote again also. 

Andrea Swift saying they need to build on what Taylor started is great (I love her). Sometimes we lose, but we try again.

@taylorswift should be proud of what she did.

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It is SUCH BULLSHIT that they came to her and said about her wanting to speak out, “imagine if we came to you and said, hey, we’ve got this idea that we could halve the number of people who came to your next tour.” LITERALLY TRYING TO SCARE HER INTO STAYING QUIET. 

That isn’t an argument AT ALL about whether her idea to speak out was a good idea or a moral obligation or her duty or the right thing. It’s a scare tactic and a threat about her popularity. About her reputation. 

She says she knows it’s the right thing, and they try to say “what will people say/write about you?” Playing into a basic fear she has. It’s not okay.

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