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The Wrong Thing To The Right Girl



He tried to stay smart, but the dumb came out. If he could just sober up, he could just admit it. In which, Diego is drunk and Vanya finds him endearing.

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Do you think Five ever got pissy cuz he has the least cool codename? Like…

  • Spaceboy is kinda “meh” but at least it’s not generic and you can ref Bowie
  • Kraken? Sick af, probs the coolest name tbh
  • Rumor? Cool nice nice
  • Seance? Also pretty sweet
  • Horror? Hell yes

But…The Boy…

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Diego: You know, on second thought, gum would be perfection.

Patch: [gives him a strange look and hands him a piece of gum]

Diego: [thinking] Gum would be perfection. Gum would be perfection. I could have said gum would be nice, could have said I’ll have a stick. But no no no no no, for me, gum is perfection. I loathe myself.

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Please, Forgive Me: Diego Hargreeves x Reader (Gender Neutral)

Summary: You and Diego get into a fight. He soon comes to regret that decision.

Pairing: Diego Hargreeves x Reader (Gender Neutral Pronouns)

Word Count: 544

Language. Implied car accident on Reader. 

*Just a short little writing piece to try to get back into the swing of things. Been busy and too scared to post something because I always want to exceed or meet everyone’s expectations but I can’t ever grow or post if I don’t try so I’ll be trying to post more and more even if I may not 100% think it’s the greatest thing. I’ve also joined more fandoms like Sally Face! Hope you all enjoy! As always please respond with feedback or even requests so I know what you all want to read! See you in the next piece!

At this point you forgot why you were even arguing. All you remember is Diego came home, in a more than sour mood, and wouldn’t respond to any of your questions. “Listen, I don’t need you to fucking coddle me like I’m some child” He said angrily. Your patience was wearing thin at his blatant disrespect. “Can’t you see I can’t be fucking bothered by you right now?” He shouted. You couldn’t control yourself. You flinched. You didn’t like being yelled at. It made you feel small and afraid. You saw the regret instantly cloud his eyes. But it was too late. Your eyes were wet with tears, “Well, then good luck finding someone who cares then!” You shout and run out the front door. You don’t stop until the Academy is out of sight. It’s snowing and you wish you would’ve brought a jacket. You curse softly and the bitter cold wind wisps it away. You think back over the situation. “Stupid Diego” You whisper, your tears now free falling. You continue to walk along the streets in an attempt to cool off and give Diego his own alone time. You’re lost in your thoughts, saddened at the fact that Diego was capable of talking to you that way. You thought your relationship was solid. Seems like you both still had some issues to clear. There’s a darkness clouding you both. You felt it weighing on you both heavily, almost frighteningly so. You hoped you could talk about it eventually. You just wish you would’ve paid more attention as you were crossing the street. The next thing you knew was just pain.

Your eyes hazily open to bright lights as you’re rushed off into… some room. There’s mumbling, an occasional beeping, and squeaky wheels turning. You don’t remember the next couple of hours. You do, however, remember waking up finally. You’re in a hospital. There are needles and fluids going in and out of your body. And boy does it hurt to breathe. You look off to the side where you can make out a blurry figure of a man. “Uh oh” You thought, how were you going to explain this? Diego rouses from his sleep, looks at you, and frantically jumps. “You’re awake!” He said happily. His own eyes tearing up. “I thought I lost you” He whispered painfully. “I’m so sorry” He grabbed your hand softly, tenderly, like he was afraid he might break you. He reaches his hand out to your face, “I’m sorry I turned you away” He sobbed and continued, hanging his head in shame. “Please forgive me, please, please, please…” You blink lazily and give his hand a slight squeeze. His head whips up and his eyes meet yours. You attempt to smile. He laughs and sniffs, wiping his tears away, “You look funny” He said and you rolled your eyes. “I love… you” You said hoarsely. You didn’t realize how banged up you really were until you tried to speak. His eyes teared up again. “I love you too. So so much” He brought your hand to his lips and kissed it repeatedly. “I’ll never let anything bad happen to you again” He promised. You felt safe with him, again, and drifted off back to sleep. 

* It’s been so long since I’ve written anything and I always feel like nothing I write is ever good but I’ll try! Feedback is always welcomed. I hope you all enjoyed this quick drabble. I’m hoping to branch off into more fandoms and explore more territory once I’m confident enough to write about them, lol. Thanks as always for reading and See you in the next piece!

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