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Hey I'm Tricia, I'm 23 and in love with animation, music, art and stories. I'm a total fangirl for life. <3
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cartoonqueen21 · 34 days ago


Yes I love this part!!🏳️‍🌈💖 when they were on screen together I was sensing a vibe. Especially in the beginning when they met, when that started I was saying to the screen. You two should kiss. And then my wish came true hooray!🏳️‍🌈🤩 More gay princesses 🥰

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cartoonqueen21 · 72 days ago

Poor Dafffy he tries to explain why he’s becoming frustrated and depressed in his career and no one is taking him seriously. Not even the so-called good guy Bugs Bunny. Fuck you Bugs and you’re an asshole, an manipulative devious Little shit Hare!BTW you’re actually a hare not a rabbit.

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cartoonqueen21 · 81 days ago


Reblog if you still love this boy <3

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cartoonqueen21 · 106 days ago


First ever completed Explicit One-Shot!!! Can’t believe all I needed was two horny arse demons for me to do something like this lol


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cartoonqueen21 · 153 days ago


Spider-Man’s at work, time for undead boys to meme.

[Hey all, I’d usually put my ko-fi here but instead I’m going to link @savemysister’s  GoFundMe instead, drop a donation if you can]

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cartoonqueen21 · 153 days ago


disney villains magazines

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cartoonqueen21 · 162 days ago

So I know many Cartoon fandoms who enjoy watching young characters’ go on wild unimaginable adventures. And some of those characters can be kids who are around 10-12 and we all see them have great chemistry and friendship and that equals shipping for some reason. Now despite that last thing I said I can be a custom to this at times, whether it’s Hilda and Frida from Netflix’s Hilda, or Dipper and Pacifica from Gravity Falls, or even Webby and Dewey from Ducktales Reboot and others. I know I’m not the only one who can’t help but picture that these pairs could be romantic. And why is this? Why do we ship super young fictional characters? Perhaps they have stuff in common or their chemistry is just really great or they had a great bonding experience. You may be thinking the CQ  you insightful lesbian, and you are right on the dot, now why can’t we ship them. Well, I’m not shaming you for that because as I said I am kind of a custom to enjoy some of these ships.

And why is that? Well, they are endearing probably because of how close they are and yes they have stuff in common as well as just trust each other they have they seem to enjoy each other‘s company and they have a great influence on each other where they can be greater together. But those reason also apply to other older characters(teenagers or older) of any show .

Although because they are young it can seem a little gross,   which is why I cannot picture them being in a serious relationship so soon. For most people, you don’t really experience any romantic feelings until the age of 12 or 13 where that kind of thing comes into play. You become a little more interested in it as you grow up, and you see and experience things differently I know this from experience as well as observation.

For most of us, we always like shipping because we are fans. We love these characters and we love seeing them happy. So whether you are a hardcore romantic or just a casual one. Whether you’re happy and content with your own romantic life or you don’t really have anyone romantically in your life it’s still kinda nice to see another person happy especially if it’s characters or real people that you care about.

And for these characters and others that you may think of as well, I don’t think they can get into a committed kind of relationship right away as well as get it right, right away.  A lot of it comes from the chemistry that these characters have in growing up together. More history together gets them to open up one to one another and trust one another. Most romantic relationships can bloom from friendship.

And I always value that, it’s a lesson that I learned since I was a kid that some of the best romantic relationships had started from friendships first. Now I might be getting off track but when I’m getting out is that I believe that these characters can grow more into a romantic relationship further into their lives grow up together. I see the potential of them becoming a romantic pair, for many characters.  I watch it’s very possible that they are going to spend a lot of their time together and as they grow up I do believe that the evolution of their relationship can become something more.

Regardless having a strong family-like friendship is great too but having someone to having to hold for such a long time it’s also such a great treasure.

So why do we always ship children at times because we believe that there is a great future with them, is it kind of a little weird to ship them at a young age? Somewhat but we still believe that there is a great future for both of them which doesn’t make it so odd? But hey we’re fandom people I know I’m not the only one who loves to be creative, imaginative as well as romantic. As I grow older I can’t stop loving all these animated shows and characters and even shipping is enjoyable.  I hope you all enjoy this article, re-blog if you like and or try to message me and we can talk more. And also have a fantastic year.

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cartoonqueen21 · 181 days ago
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cartoonqueen21 · 226 days ago

2:30 in the morning I can’t sleep so I come across this YouTube video and it made me laugh so hard. Anyone who is a fan of the Animaniacs or just pinky and the brain watch this you’re going to get one hell of a laugh

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cartoonqueen21 · 240 days ago

I made a new animated LGBT humour video. It already has a lot of views and a lot of likes and I would like to share it with you guys I hope you all like it and if you do you come to my channel on YouTube and subscribe for more fun

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cartoonqueen21 · 298 days ago


Behold, Pinky and Brain cuddling! Narf XD!

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cartoonqueen21 · 298 days ago


During the holiday celebration, José and Panchito arrive to the McDuck manor as a surprise to Donald. During their visit, the kids come across their uncle being more than a little friendly with the other two birds. Now the holidays have become a little more stressful when the triplets believe the person that’s cared for them their entire lives is going to leave them behind.  

Fandom: Ducktales (2017), The Three Caballeros.  
Rating: General Audience  
Relationships/Pairings: José Carioca/Donald Duck/Panchito Pistoles 
Other Tags: Secrete Relationship, Misunderstandings, Angest with a Happy Ending, Christmas Themed, Use of Google Translate, Long One Shot.

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cartoonqueen21 · 328 days ago





One of the few times it’s 100% perfect to have an older white dude with a beard mansplain to a young girl.

Except that is not mansplaining – mansplaining is a man, assuming he knows everything better than women simply by virtue of being a man, trying to explain something he doesn’t know that much about to a woman who is expert in that area.  This is a man sharing his knowledge with a woman who has clearly demonstrated she has no idea what she is talking about.  That’s just called explaining.

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cartoonqueen21 · 328 days ago

So I have a bit of a wish for the sequel of space jam but before I say it I want to say that I was very surprised to hear that it was getting a sequel because the movie just was OK on its own. Granted looking back it was not perfect but it was fun and memorable. Granted this is just my opinion. But to get back at the task at hand I have a bit of a fan wish if you may want to call it that. It’s a bit of a tall order though and it might be unlikely to happen but I kinda want Baffy to be included. And for those who don’t know what that is, it’s the couple name for bugs bunny and daffy duck and if you follow my account you should know that I ship them. I know that in the first movie Bugs and Lola became a thing and who knows what’s gonna happen in the sequel with them. 

I’m honestly kind of nervous about how they’re going to present  Lola because in the first one she came off as a kind of a sexy tomboy. And throughout the years in her adaptation, she’s kind of cool but honestly her performance in The Looney Tunes show when she was more of a valley girl was a lot more entertaining and fun. 

But I’m getting off track what I would like to see is perhaps a change of pace there are so many LGBTQ couples in animation today and I am so proud and so happy about that. I want to see that continue in many places, I even saw an article that states how there is some cartoon characters out there who hasn’t admitted to their queer identity yet  and Daffy and Bugs are one of them. I’m not asking it to become a romantic film, I guess I just kind of want to see some inclusion as well as the possibility of my ship becoming Canon.

I know, I know it’s a tall order and it’s probably unlikely to happen but I don’t know I kind of desire something new when I wrote in an article before how I kind of wanted more of the emotional dramatic story for Daffy in Back in Action, but no The Looney Tunes whole thing is slapstick comedy. And don’t give me wrong I love comedy and they are great they have been for such a long time but who would like to see a little change. The least I will except to get is perhaps the two of them flirting sincerely with each other or just the same sex or just showing some kind of confirmation of them being bisexual. They have been on my mind a lot lately and so many other ships have become canon and I would like to see some sense of hope here even a little bit. 

Can a  shipper dream. Please comment to me I would love to talk more about this. And during the time of Covid getting the chance to talk to anyone else was a blessing.

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