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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Me, writing a scene that takes place on a Caribbean Island, unable to stop picturing the pine needles on the ground, the tall northern trees overlooking the scene….

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food stresses me the fuck out and my mom keeps bugging me that we should use this time to teach you to cook! as if thinking about food for longer than microwaving a freezer meal doesn’t send me into a panic

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Ok I know I literally just talked about this in the tags of my other post, but when red dead fans trash Abigail for being a former sex worker, constantly talk and speculate about how many gang members she supposedly slept with, and take Dutch’s (an abuser and manipulator and CANON LIAR) words on her in the first game as word of law, all it really shows is your hatred and distrust of irl sex workers. It has been proven over and over that Abigail didn’t take anybody in the gang as her clients, and that the only gang member she really was involved with is John. Who, I would like to remind people, doesn’t really seem to care about her past, and even at his worst, he never trashed her for being a former working girl. It honestly pisses me off even more when other fans try to paint him as somebody who looked down on her for doing what she had to to survive in such a hostile society, when he already understands what it’s like to be forced to fight for yourself at such a young age. He’s head over heels in love with her for fucks sake!!

Stop pushing your own internalized hatred of sex workers on fictional characters and try to pass it off as some quirky fan theory. It’s not fresh, it’s not interesting, and it is quite frankly disgusting and misogynistic. Not to mention weirdly disturbing. How about instead of hating on her and obsessing over her past, we celebrate and support how she managed to be a successful and loving single mother? Who rose above what society wanted her to be and was able to get her happy ending for a time? That’s hard enough for young single mothers to do in this modern age, let alone in 1899 when they didn’t have the freedom to do anything without a man’s permission. Abigail is just as tough as Sadie and all of the other women in the gang, stop ignoring her just because she wants a family.

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stop!!!! stop posting ur animal crossing content!!!!! it’s making me, personally, sad!!!!!!!!

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