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1) do you have a good relationship with your parents?

absolutely not and i won’t ever have a good relationship w them until they get their act straight, which will happen on the 32nd of never❤️

15) answered! 💕

20) where was the last place you snogged someone?

while sitting at the piano in my house uwu

70) is there anyone you would die for?

my siblings (includes my cousins bc we consider cousins to be siblings) and my best friends

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OH MY GOD thank you sooo much for the compliment and for supporting the zine, that means so much!!! you guys are in for some great content, everyone who worked on it was crazy talented and i went full manic disney fangirl over pretty much everything inside 😭❤ can’t wait for the copies to get shipped out!

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I’ve answered this  but I don’t mind saying it again cuz I love them so let me elaborate a bit more: 

Esther worked night shifts as a cashier at the local supermarket (I haven’t decided what state/city they’re from but it’s USA) and one night, after being lowkey depressed and overworking herself, Lauren realized she had nothing to eat and went into the store Esther works for at almost 2 AM only to buy instant noodles, chips, soda and tampons. 

She got in the first empty checkout she saw and didn’t even look up until Esther was like “The essentials am I right?” and she took Lauren by surprise because she hadn’t talked to anyone irl in like a week and suddenly she’s making small talk with a cute cashier who actually looks interested in her?? 

Anyways she comes back 2 days later and Esther leaves her number on the receipt (Thanks to @sociallyawakwardteen for that idea <3)

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Omg thats a hard one. Uh… Assuming you mean comfort as in characters I think about to help me not be sad: Professor Layton, Yoosung (playing the game for the first time rn lol), Akira Kurusu, Septimus Heap, and Halt from RA. 💖

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My dude I’ve been playing animal crossing like there’s no tomorrow. I know it’s not a lot compared to others but I have near 150 hours in 2&½ weeks. That’s a lot for me.

I am watching Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist on Hulu and it is very good! It’s funny and the secondhand embarrassment has been a lot better than I anticipated ;p

Also I just started Steven universe last night to watch all the way through and I’m v excited.

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Legend of Zelda (any game you want): link + nightmares

((thanks Annie! <3
I got carried away with this. Hopefully it’s entertaining :P
Send me a writing prompt cuz I’m procrastinating?))

In another life time, he would fall out of bed. His feet pat the floor, each step a cry in the night. He’d climb into his mother’s bed and curl into her, snuggle up tight. She’d wrap her arms around him without thinking and sing lullabies into his ear until his heart slowed and he fell asleep in her arms.

Now, he wakes up and reaches for the sword on his back to find nothing there. He’s alone in a dingy stable bed dressed down to his briefs. Sweat slicks his back and he feels his straw colored hair stick to his forehead. The guest in the bed next to him rolls to show him her back. Link imagines a sword bursting out her back and he moves to dress.

He packs his bags, places a few rupees on the sleeping concierge, and leaves for the chilly summer night.

He drops his bags next to a wooden bench and unsheathes his sword. Tabantha is a relatively safe region. Most monsters attack at dawn and dusk, not the dead of night. None the less, Link doesn’t sit until he inspects the back of the stable, the pile of hay bales, even the horses sleeping in their stall.

Satisfied he lights a fire and scrambles eggs in the cooking pot. He hums a lullaby while he works. It was about a father defending his child, at least the pieces Link remembers sound like it.

He makes too much, he always makes too much, and is debating about leaving the eggs simmering when a voice calls out.

“Hello, stranger!”

Link reaches for his sword before he turns to see a woman dressed in rito warm wear. He recognizes her face from the town.

“Mind if I join you?”

Link gestures to the eggs before stepping a bit away to wash his plate.

“You really don’t mind?” She hesitates at pulling a hand made bowl out. Link smiles and shakes his head. She takes what’s left.

“Thank you, stranger. It’s weird to see someone awake so late at night.”

Link shrugs. She must not recognize him. All the better, Link tries to stay inconspicuous when visiting towns.

“I prefer to travel at night. Fewer people. And monsters, if you’re careful. Bokoblins make noise from a mile away.”

The woman eats with her mouth open. Link smiles gently and buckles his pack onto his belt.

“Oh, you’re leaving already?” Link nods and waves at the woman.

“Let me thank you for the eggs, please!”

He shakes his head and starts jogging down the road before she can rummage through her bag.

He hears a gentle, “Thank you!” as he walks. He tucks the kindness in a corner of his brain to help chase tomorrows nightmares away.

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[Pictured: a scribble note on a green and blue floral notepad that reads “@.annieisyourfavourite (in caps) Annie!!!!! Hello you magnificent friend! You bring an incredible amount of joy to my life. Thank you for being a friend, lovely! Love you!”

Sed me the ✒ emoji and I’ll write your url and my opinion of you!

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