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#hannah.......... i love u
atsu-mia · 10 days ago
Taking a whole break today ;3 logging off of tumblr and some other things to try n get lots of work done! If I come back and say that I have nothing done then u have freedom to make fun of me
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Pass the happy! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and send this to the last 10 people in your notifications! Have a nice day!! <3
1) YOU
2) my dog 🥺
3) Katsuki bakugou (hah)
4) My girlfriend
5) Sun showers
Tumblr media
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alixmayhew · 26 days ago
the backgrounds for shepard are like 
orphan (angsty)
and then their service records are like
butcher of blaviken 
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treasuregrant · 29 days ago
in an alternate universe bobby and michael team up to find the treasure (they do not find it) while david and athena stand in the corner arms crossed shaking head disapprovingly (they end up finding it out of spite, solely to prevent shenanigan-related injuries)
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nerdstreak · a month ago
dbz hannah + 🚲 !! (preferably training w goku too 👁️)
MISS MANI,,,, ofc!!!
🚲 OC in athletic gear
Tumblr media
did my best w action poses n the mooscles even if it took a bit
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1ntak · a month ago
You're so dang aesthetic with the immaculate vibes 😵 oh to be you 💫 what a queen 😭 let me love you 🥺pls🥺
bby me?! have you seen yourself?! a whole queen idc YOURE THE QUEEN HERE 😍
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karasunosimp · a month ago
good luck with your finals miss cas!! you’re gonna knock em outta the park!!
me failing four outta five courses: thanks! 🤠
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acemenagerie · a month ago
“I have been informed I have a natural talent for being irrational.” ( Hannah to Clara or Albrecht, maybe? )
A Guide to Troubled Birds Starters || ACCEPTING @wreckngbll
Carla frowned.  “By whom?”  She knew the world too well to directly give anyone a piece of her mind, but she was skilled in letting distaste become known without breaching etiquette.
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atsu-mia · a month ago
uh huh
i'll go tell tsumu and nami to dye their hair, then
😭 well I mean they should only if they want to yk 🙄
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starions · a month ago
Dance! That sounds cute...or sexy 👀
( DANCE ) leaning in closer while they are slow dancing with mine.
The first time Anya and Astarion danced together, they had been strangers who met at a ball in Baldur’s Gate. The event turned sour quickly, however, and Anya never got the chance to fully savor a dance with an experience partner.
They weren’t strangers now, though, and they were far from Baldur’s Gate. It was Astarion’s idea, to slow dance with no music, and Anya called him ridiculous. But he wanted to make up for the horrid evening of their first encounter, and Anya let her usual pessimism waiver to accept his offer.
Astarion pulled her closer as they waltzed under the lanterns of the stars, brushing a kiss on the crown of her head. A silent apology for the events that transpired after her husband dragged her away from the ballroom, that night in Balder’s Gate.
Anya let out a shaky sigh, nuzzing her nose into his neck as a thank you. Some things didn’t need words.
The rest of the prompts here!
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channoticedmeuwu · a month ago
i will kiss you kai :3333 i love you so much you know
awe really? thanks hannah i really needed that :']
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