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sketch dump
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nhuquyen · a day ago
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Klavier doodles and a klapollo in lieu of the new nendo drop ;P
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marsseana · 2 days ago
klavier gavin's killshot.mp3 (short animatic)
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spock-smokes-weed · 2 days ago
You can’t tell me Apollo didn’t torment Klavier with the “Jetzt zock ich Fortnite und trink Cola! YIPEEE!” meme
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very old klapollo thingie that i think still holds up kinda well! definitely due for a redraw tho
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I am once again not doing what im supposed to be doing. I have very little self control...
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Klapollo Fic Reclist
I should really do these more often.
In advance of the Klapollo Minibang dropping a bunch of reading material for Klapollo fans (which I'm participating in!), I've decided to compile a reclist. All of these fics are SFW, hosted on AO3, and complete. I've done my best to source the authors' Tumblrs, if they have one.
A lot of my bookmarks with Klapollo are all really popular fics, so I decided to go through the tag picking for some less popular fics. The results are a mix of fics you've probably heard of and/or read, and some you probably haven't.
Without further ado, let's get into it.
Perception by @queenitsy | T | 3.6k
Author's Summary: Everyone has a public persona, a way they'd like the world to see them. Apollo's perception lets him see through it all to the truths people try to keep hidden.
My Notes: This fic is more about how Apollo sees the world around him, and the people in it. Includes the things they lie about -- and the things they don't. It's a fascinating lens for a fic.
Things Are As They Are by @hechiima | T | 34.5k
Author's Summary: Klapollo cabin fic. That's really all this is.
Based on the events of "You Ever Been In Love?", in which Edgeworth gets drunk and rents a romantic cabin for Klavier and Apollo in Joshua Tree. Things go about as well as one could expect.
My Notes: You can, imo, read this without having read the Narumitsu-centric prequel (but you should read that anyways!). This fic can stand alone. I love the general laid-back atmosphere in this work -- even at its most tense, they're still on vacation. Almost all the stakes are emotional.
Turnabout Electric by HopeStoryteller | T | 87.9k
Author's Summary: You know, Apollo had high hopes for 2028. He and Klavier were actually kind of friends now, there were no impending disasters for once, and things were looking up. And then, literally on the first day of the new year... this happens.
Some cosmic force somewhere has got to be laughing at him. Some cosmic force somewhere definitely has it out for him, that's for sure. But the joke's on them, whoever they are, because his name is Apollo Justice, he's fine, and he is not losing anyone else... even if Klavier has already confessed to the murder Apollo can't believe he committed. And why does Mr. Wright keep muttering about this entire scenario being so familiar?
Or, Turnabout Goodbyes 2: Klapollo Boogaloo.
My Notes: I really enjoy the look into Gavin Law Offices pre-Turnabout Trump. All the OCs slot into the Ace Attorney universe well, and the way the author formats the cross-examinations is truly excellent.
(they long to be) close to you by @bevioletskies | T | 23.1k
Author's Summary: All Apollo wanted to do during his last summer before starting law school was relax, play video games, and flirt with the boy next door. He never expected to become a small-time Internet celebrity after his mother's YouTube channel for her animal therapy foundation turned into a cat rescue livestream. Things only get more complicated when everyone in the chat is interested in the cute guy who keeps coming around with his guitar and his dog.
My Notes: A sweet slice-of-life-y AU. The cats are all adorable for a bunch of plot devices.
just finally say you love me by ahmackalak | T | 20.4k
Author's Summary: “Backpacking through Europe?”
“Ja! I’ve wanted to go for ages – it’s been so long since I’ve been back home, I figure I might as well make it a whole journey.” Klavier’s smile is as easy and agreeable as always, but Apollo isn’t buying it.
Barcelona, Paris, Geneva, Rome, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Copenhagen.
A trip to Europe with Klavier Gavin...this’ll be fine, right?
My Notes: Written for last year's Klapollo Minibang. Heartfelt. The travel feels very well-grounded in reality.
Words Come Fluently by @queenitsy | T | 50.8k
Author's Summary: Klavier Gavin is the most famous rockstar in the world. Guilty Love is about to go platinum and the tour sold out fourteen stadiums. So there's really, really no reason why one anonymous music critic on Youtube who hates him should get under his skin. And yet somehow he'd do just about anything to convince MikekoMusic to like him.
Apollo has been doing Youtube as a fun side hustle while he tries to break into the talent management industry, and he's just landed an assistant gig working for Kristoph Gavin. Whose main client is his golden boy younger brother. Whose music Apollo has been anonymously trashing for years.
Yeah, this is all going to go fine.
(No lawyers, no murders, just shenanigans. And Clay Terran lives.)
My Notes: I liked this fic so much I drew fanart for it. Identity shenanigans, and a fun Kristoph-Phoenix-Apollo dynamic.
fame vs infamy (the price of writing fanfic out of spite) by @letapollojusticesayfuck | T | 12.1k
Author's Summary: In which Apollo Justice becomes the most popular fic-writer in the Gavinners fandom.
(and, along the way, realizes his Big Gay Crush on Klavier Gavin might not be as hopeless as he thought)
My Notes: I always love a fic with CSS. In-universe RPF can sometimes hit a little too close to home for me, as someone who used to be involved in RPF-dom but got out of it. This fic treats the subject seriously, but still has fun with it, which I like.
despite everything, it’s still you by griffinhawk | G | 8.7k
Author’s Summary: “He’s probably not home, Trucy.” There was his voice, clipped at the edges, yet unease sparking around the edges like his guitar only a few weeks ago.
The same one that pointed, the one that objected, the only voice that had kept him steady throughout the courtroom today. The one that Klavier had learnt onto. The one that would spin Klavier onto the truth, whether he would want it to or not.
The one Klavier had trusted in that moment. The moment where he realized that - like his best friend Daryan - Kristoph had also been a murderer.
One who had manipulated others for their own self control. The one who desired the control so deeply. Having all the puppet strings cut loose after seven years of lies and deceit in three days time.
(or, Klavier, despite all the truths that were unshed during the Misham Tiral - has a few more truths to unlock - with himself and a certain defense attroney.)
My Notes: Klavier recovery fic, spurred by Apollo. Trucy and Apollo’s siblinghood is great, and I love the general softness of this work.
Apollo Justice, Magic Rabbit by EmpireofSocks | T | 9.5k
My Notes: I never realized “Turning Catworth” had a sequel until I read this lmao. Animal transformation is a funny trope, and I love this fic’s expansion of the Gramarye lore. They are literally magic!
Author’s Summary: Trucy accidentally turns Apollo into a rabbit. Chaos ensues.
lose your reputation by @littlethief | T | 8k
Author’s Summary: “Klavier never bothers to clean his office, and last week was no exception. Though everything had changed, the room would look exactly the same as he’d left it; blueprints of Sunshine Coliseum open on his monitor, the charred remains of his favorite acoustic guitar on the desk, and an open file folder, page turned to Daryan’s police department ID photo.”
in which klavier gavin releases his first solo album
My Notes: I love this look into Klavier’s second job -- the musicians he collaborates with, the people managing his career as an artist. Both the law and the music are integral parts of Klavier, and this fic negotiates the balance.
sleep is getting hard to get by @baratrongirl | T | 6.8k
Author’s Summary: The first of four stories about Klavier and Apollo's relationship with each other and with sleep.
December 2026. Klavier has had a difficult Christmas with his family. He invites himself round to Apollo's apartment for dinner and drinks because he's desperately lonely. He ends up staying over, and has nightmares. Apollo has to comfort him in the night.
Also features Apollo's cat, Mikeko, as a major character.
My Notes: Some nice hurt/comfort. Glasses!Klavier is a nice headcanon that I enjoy. 
can i go where you go by parchmints | T | 40.5k
Author’s Summary: Apollo Justice has rotten luck: he actually wins the grand prize for a mail-in contest, but It's a couple's getaway to a fancy ski lodge in the mountains and Apollo is aggressively single. With no one to go with, Apollo offers them to Klavier since surely, a rockstar would be able to find a date before then, but Klavier has a better idea—they go together and pretend they're a couple. That way, they both get a vacation, plus free food and wine.
And well, Apollo's never been one to pass up free food.
My Notes: A very good fake dating fic. I loved every bit of this.
Signed, St. Nostalgia by Synthpop | T | 26.5k
Author’s Summary: The Wright Anything Agency has earned itself an award for outstanding achievement, courtesy of one of the most renowned criminal attorney conferences in the country. Apollo has been tasked with accepting the award on everyone's behalf—problem is, the conference is in Chicago, and he doesn't have any means of getting there. Luckily for him, though, a certain prosecutor is more than happy to give him a ride.
My Notes: Roadtrip fics are always fun, and this is no exception. Written for last year’s Klapollo Minibang.
undeniable you (the currents pulling me onward) by @letapollojusticesayfuck | T | 59.1k
Author’s Summary: Kristoph Gavin is found dead in his prison cell, and Klavier Gavin is the prime suspect.
With nobody else available to defend him, Apollo Justice flies in from Khura'in to take the case--but during the course of the trial and its aftermath, long-hidden secrets come to light.
My Notes: Love the development of Kristoph's world and his complex relationship with Klavier.
it’s all that i am, and it’s all that i have by @x-eternalmagic | T | 58.4k
Author’s Summary: Apollo sucks in a breath, attempting to steel his nerves. Should he honestly send this...? He doesn't even know who this man is. This is a huge, huge mistake. But, even so, he hits send before he can remind himself of how awful an idea this is. 
Dear You,
I think I love you. Just wanted you to know.
Klavier's phone pings with an email notification, and the moment he reads it, the smile fades from his face. God, this was so much easier when he didn't know that the sender hated him in real life.
[ or, the you've got mail au. ]
My Notes: I love a good enemies-to-lovers story, and while I’m unfamiliar with You’ve Got Mail, this fic is impeccable. I love the lowered-stakes of the music store business.
Hot for Justice by indirectkissesiniceland | T | 43.4k
Author’s Summary: After the events of State v. Misham, Klavier finds himself in a slump, stressed at the prosecutor's office and unable to pen new songs. To his surprise, he finds creative inspiration—and unexpected feelings—spending time with Apollo. Now if only he could release the new tracks without raising any suspicion as to whom his love songs are for.
My Notes: A humorous and light-hearted fic. Love Klavier finding inspiration in his pining for Apollo. Some parts of this might trigger second-hand embarrassment for those that easily get that.
the streak of green in sunset skies by @crowned-ladybug | T | 18.6k
Author’s Summary: “I guess I needed a moment when I was just...Klavier,” he laughs at the absurdity of it, but saying it out loud hurts more than he'd expected. It’s been so long since he'd existed without doing it for other people that he's not sure where the expectations end and he begins anymore. He's not sure there's even a him left under everything.
Mia nods, and when Klavier looks over she’s smiling, and he doesn't understand how. “Klavier, who pretends really badly to know nothing about coffee so that Diego will get to talk his ear off about it.”
For seven years, Klavier searches for answers. Along the way, he finds a family.
My Notes: A canon divergence AU featuring found family as the primary theme. Love the slow reconciliation and bridge-building between Klavier and the others.
amor meus, pondus meum by vnjc | T | 3.2k
Author’s Summary: It’s not like their separation agreement had a ‘The parties agree to never sleep together again’ clause, but as far as Apollo knows, the point of separation is, well, separation. Not this. At least that’s what he remembers from law school.
On reconciliation, loss, and awkward conversations. Not in that order.
My Notes: Love the usage of history here and the general structure & vibe of this fic.
if it’s really me you seek by @hychlorions | T | 83.3k
Author’s Summary: “Anyway,” Ema keeps going, fully ignoring his sarcasm in favor of staring at a neat corner where the walls meet the ceiling. “I asked if he wanted to go to your party together, but he said he wasn’t going.”
“What?” Apollo suddenly finds it very hard to breathe. “Why?”
“Hell if I know,” Ema says nonchalantly, but then she turns to him with a smirk. “See if you can figure it out: I believe he told me, and I quote—ahem—'Ach, I would, Fräulein, but I believe Herr Justice would be more comfortable without me there.’”
Or, when Apollo comes home from Khura'in only to learn that Prosecutor Gavin is avoiding him, the last thing he expected was for Gavin to offer to let Apollo stay at his house while he looks for a new apartment.
My Notes: It’s been a while since I last read this fic, but I love the progression of the relationship in this fic.
This list is not a comprehensive list of every single Klapollo fic I think people should read. You can check out my AO3 Bookmarks for more recs, if you so wish.
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Thought about Klapollo incident ten dead countless injured
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compilation of ace attorney doods
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herr babygirl realness
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noctuaaaaa · 3 months ago
today, i offer yet another triumvirate for the gays.
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marsseana · a month ago
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spock-smokes-weed · 2 days ago
I refuse to think Apollo ever had a moment where he panicked over his feelings for Klavier
I have read that man’s internal dialog.
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summer is almost here sooooo I guess beach episode is kinda appropriate
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boom here's a new compilation of AA doodles
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Ace attorney + memes
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this just in: loser simping yet again
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