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people who are kinnies on main are braver than any marine
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fictionkinfessions · 10 days ago
people arent oppressed for being kin of course but often being kin is tied up in being oppressed in other ways yknow? like a lot of otherkin are queer and/or trans people who find comfort in alterhumanity. many are neurodivergent, mentally ill, traumatized or disabled. and indigenous folks or other people of color w divergent spiritualities/religious beliefs that include reincarnation and multiple universes... basically making fun of kinnies doesnt automatically mean youre bigoted but it sure does have severe implications of bigotry when taking it as a whole. its kind of like how "cringe culture" is just a socially acceptable way to make fun of autistics. its disingenuous and fucked up. just let us live lmao
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plural-culture-is · 18 days ago
Plural culture is having a fictive who sees themselves more of a kinnie, but their sourcemates in same headspace are just "that's nice, dear"
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Pssst yo fellow kinnies. Just. Use ur fuckin kin @ Starbucks n shit. Like. Us retail workers don't give a single shit. It can really fucking obvious. We don't care. We get paid to tell whatever name you give us. And if it's some nice validation for you then treat urself to that sick-ass feelin' of feelin' good. - A Retail Worker kin-boy.
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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
tiktok kinnies are infuriating but i will admit they did me a real solid completely changing the meaning of the word kin bc now i can accidentally drop the k word in casual conversation and no one knows i'm actually being serious #🥃👻
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*joins a kin discord to meet canonmates* *doesn't talk to anyone* *joins a kin discord to meet canonmates* *doesn't talk to anyone* *joins a kin discord to meet canonmates* *doesn't talk to anyone* *joins a kin discord to meet canonmates* *doesn't talk to anyone* *joins a kin discord to meet canonmates* *doesn't t- ~a kinnie with social anxiety
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fictionkinfessions · 10 days ago
so i'm a streamer (and a kinnie but shhh) and i saw someone on their carrd here on tumblr have their kin lists and i was on there (more specifically a character i play in an smp and no its not anything dsmp related) and honestly i have no clue how to feel about this man i mean poggers good on you but also huh. huh whu. what huh whu.
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according to all known laws of kin, there is no way one person should have lived this many past lives. the kinnie, of course, kins anyway,
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fictionkinfessions · 29 days ago
interest check for a server for questioning systems (and subsequently kinnies and systems and others)?
party note: If anyone is interested, please reblog, like, or reply to this post! No further ask responses will be posted for this conversation so that no one’s message is missed! Thank you!
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can we start normalising trans kinnies using their kin names irl please
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fictionkinfessions · a day ago
OK this is really funny to me- i have no idea if it *was* actually me but the time and ask itself line up so theres a good chance i just dont remember sending it, but the other day i found a cr/inge comp that had one of my kinfessions in it. it was abt being in the same server as the creator of a kin and being super nervous but too scared to leave? well, glad to say i did leave and my mental health has improved lots! rly tho im so proud. i can graduate kinnie school. im cr/inge mom! i did it!
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me, meeting literally anyone: are they.......yknow......(tposes)....a kinnie?
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fictionkinfessions · 14 days ago
am i the only one that hates when non-kinnies reblog my kinfessions to other blogs? i recently sent a ranboo kinfession to a dsmp kinfessions blog and a non-kinnie reblogged it saying they “didnt get the whole kin thing”
their blog also doesnt have anon on so i cant ask them to take it down without feeling weird
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as a kinnie in a system, can everybody stop using kin as an excuse to roleplay as a system (being in a kin shift is NOT having someone else take over your body. take accountability for your actions)? i know it seems like fun if you don't have did/osdd, but it isn't. please just stop.
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fictionkinfessions · 28 days ago
Why kin a canon character when you can kin a non canon character whose name you can't even remembe! I don't remember my name but I sure as hell remember my brother, my wife, and my grandpa! But a name? Nah, kin gods can't give me that.
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i'm gonna be that guy and say i'm really tired of everyone treating kin like a joke nowadays and i wish the "i'm kin with ___" and "kinnie" memes would just DIE
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fictionkinfessions · 6 days ago
saw someone say all junko kinnies are inherently abusive, manipulative, WILL gaslight you, doxx you, etc, and like... You know I already have a deep deep fear of accidentally hurting people I care about, and my mental illness always leads to me questioning if I'm a good person or not and I wasn't having a good day, either so like!! I really did not need to see that today!! And then people are like "if you kin junko and this upsets you im talking about you" LIKE WHAT THE FUCK?? [1/2] (🖤🧸)
Like I'm not upset because I'm a bad person now!! I'm upset because you're generalizing ALL junko kinnies, assuming things about us, and at the same time basically telling me every bad thought I have about myself is true!! and those bad thoughts have led me to self-isolation and a bunch of other bad things!! Plus, I've BEEN abused and now I fear being like that person so this really upset me!! if you think we're all like that now? well then fuck you!! maybe YOU'RE the asshole here! [2/2] (🖤🧸)
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People in the kin community on tumblr are so mean?? Ive been trying to make friends but people wont even let me join servers because theyre petty about doubles or dont like one of my kintypes. Where are the chill kinnies at pls let me know if u exist
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fictionkinfessions · 20 days ago
*makes grabby hands motion at any ranboo kins* I don’t care if I pretended to hate being picked up I’m lonely and miss my husband and son- Tubbo kinnie who didn’t put 2 and 2 together abt why they’ve been stuck un a Tubbo shift since the 4th 🥲
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introjectfessions · 11 months ago
*Sips Pepsi* Can other fictives learn what fictionkin actually is before commenting on it? I'm a fictionkin-fictive and it feels like I can't interact with other fictives without having to explain "No, fictionkin isn't a lesser identity. No, it's not relating to something. No, it's not something you choose to be. No, it's for fun. I'm fictionkin." If you're saying "kinnie" or "kinning", you're already wrong, and please do more research. Look into FromFiction or Justanotherkin's FAQ idk
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