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#multikin issue
fictionkinfessions · 11 hours ago
me knowing that all kins are valid and doubles are going to happen and that doesn't make them or me any less important or valuable, versus my identity issues making me see myself in all my kins and feeling bad when i see someone else who kins them, fight
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The thing I love about being Dave Strider kin is how fucking chill everyone is with doubles. Like another dave pops into the room and everyone’s like, “yeah it’s totally normal to have 5 daves in a room. That one’s a cowboy. Yeehaw.”
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fictionkinfessions · a year ago
"No doubles," I say forlornly, tears in my eyes. There isn't a single one. I am the last surviving kin of my kind.
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tiny brain: if you’re mutuals with one of my kins then block them | small brain: don’t follow if you have [x] kin | medium brain: doubles ask | regular brain: doubles allowed but on thin fucking ice | regular brain 2.0: doubles welcome | large brain: doubles ONLY | galaxy brain: ALL our kins MUST align for us to be friends | god brain: we kin each other
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fictionkinfessions · a year ago
me liking doubles' posts so they know someone cares about what they said: self care
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People in the kin community on tumblr are so mean?? Ive been trying to make friends but people wont even let me join servers because theyre petty about doubles or dont like one of my kintypes. Where are the chill kinnies at pls let me know if u exist
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fictionkinfessions · 11 days ago
Decidedly unfriendly reminder that your mental health and well being isn't the responsibility of complete strangers on the internet. If seeing doubles makes you want to hurt yourself, you have no right to approach a stranger with whom you have NEVER SPOKEN, and INSIST they do something so that you don't hurt yourself. It is your responsibility to keep yourself safe and protect yourself on the internet, and guilt tripping a random person is NOT the way to go. Not only is this sinister as hell, but you also have no way of knowing what is going on in this stranger's life; for all you know, a random stranger harassing them out of the blue just because they EXIST could trigger them, and you can make THEM hurt themselves or WORSE because, you know, you're a completely random stranger on the internet harassing and guilt tripping them because you believe they're factkin of you.
-An incredibly furious Starscream
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fictionkinfessions · 21 days ago
i’m warming up to doubles and i’m mutuals with another loki kin on twitter. But i have no idea if they’re using kin instead of synpath (or the “for fun” kin) so im scoping things out because i don’t want to be seen as weird if i start talking about memories.
anyway. he challenged me to write a president loki x lightning mcqueen fic. and you bet i’m going to write it.
- loki
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I'm sorry, if you cannot accept that doubles of you exist, and said doubles were with a different person than the one you'e with and it distresses you, like.. maybe work on yourself and how you handle it? Doubles can and will exist and you don't get to play high and mighty about it and treat them like shit in doubles friendly kincords. My god. -×
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fictionkinfessions · 22 days ago
me: *uncomfortable with doubles*
loki fictive who’s been here this whole time and hasn’t said anything until now: so are we going to read hurt/comfort fics with us and thor now? i miss my brother
(me too man, me too)
- loki (#🐕🐌🐕)
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fictionkinfessions · 11 days ago
You know, I sometimes hate being a slendermanKin from marble hornets. In my cannon, I was basically a father figure. Seeing other kins hating on me and doubles is...upsetting for loss of a better word. We know some of things that happened are our fault, you think we aren't aware? Its just mean at this point.
But, I'm sorry and I know they won't forgive me, so the best I can do is just apologise.
-Slenderman (#◽🔘◽ if thats ok?)
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fictionkinfessions · 19 days ago
it's really cool to see other junkos have good relationships with their mukuro and then there's me, who can't remember how to pronounce or spell her name half the time 😬 - a junko who definitely did not have any type of positive relationship with her mukuro
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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
i really don’t consider myself a traditional kinnie anymore because i don’t care about kin memories or canonmates but whenever i see a kasane teto double i literally go rabid that’s me gtfo you probably think teto is a vocaloid 🙄 #🧽🎧🧼
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It's alright to be bad with doubles as long as you dont shit on them for it. Theres no shame in privately blocking people or setting boundaries on your own blog. #😇🦊
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fictionkinfessions · 21 days ago
lemme start out by saying doubles are great and hella cool and i dont actually mind them
that said tho i get mad imposter syndrome when i see other daves idk and sometimes i feel pretty lousy when there's so many of us not saying i should be the only one or whatever thats garbage but like i feel out of place like im not dave enough somehow
maybe its that davesprite side of me i dunno
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You know its a weird time when you and your boyfriend kin the same person
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