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rhosart replied to your post “Life in the helping professions is getting a call from an old friend…”

I LOVED CHERNOBYL. But as a side note, @star-anise you think the field is worth getting into now? Is it rewarding or are you frustrated with the state of it? I’ve been considering it as a possibility. Despite all my life failings and being almost 30. While I could give a list of why I think I might be good at it, I’m more thinking about it from a.. we seem to be approaching an era where mental health care is very much needed and very lacking. Especially where I live.

Personally? I love this field and cannot imagine being happy in any other. Like, I know that people do have happy lives as lawyers or truckers or scientists or artists, but I still feel kind of sketchy about how they do so.

But every job interview that I have is far more about me deciding if the employer is going to give me the support and resources that I need. I’m still scrabbling to get those things. I still wish I had the financial resources to hire a permanent personal assistant to do all the business-end things for me. I think it’s desperately important to find a good source of funding and income, if at all possible, separate from mental health work. (Oh, how I envy therapists with engineer husbands.)

So yeah, that’s my take.

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Could you tell me what brand your new cat fountain is? We've gone through a couple.. one that we loved but couldn't find again and another that died early and this one that my moving water only cat doesn't like much.. But yours seems like it might be enticing for him.. and I like the look of it! Thanks in advance and sorry for the weird question.

it’s the ipettie tritone fountain–it doesn’t accumulate bacteria as quickly and grossly as plastic did (and also it looks good) so i’ve been enjoying it so far

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My part of the art challenge we are doing for July. I combined two themes - ‘draw your character as a class/race/etc that they are not’ and 'flowing fabric’. This is a character I play in a tabletop, Mielle Leverett, as a noble lady in a flowy gown.

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Some more personal work because I do what I want nowadays.

This is my character for @roguish-xiv‘s D&D game, Ilianthe. She is a changeling that favors the face of an elf tied to the court of a lesser Archfey of winter, Lord Aarion the Killing Frost, and a sorceress versed in wild magicks. Well known for her love of fine drinks, august company and wild parties, her appreciation for organized chaos has given her the reputation of a charismatic - if not somewhat irresponsible - keeper of peace and voice of her lord’s desires. Fond of stealing characteristics she finds appealing from others, her outward appearance is ever changing, leaving her true form a mystery to all but her lord. Her eye color, a tri-colored band of deepest winter purple and the palest icy blues, is the only trait of hers that remain consistently the same.

I haven’t played a traditional D&D game in years. Should be fun!

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A gift for the awesome @dune-witch of her character X’shah Zinbhe, the high priestess of Azeyma and the spiritual leader of the children of the Caracal totem, elsewise referred to as the Dune Specters. 

She had a very interesting vision with no true reference, so I wanted to see if I could help! I had a lot of fun with her palette and character concept and really enjoyed working on her.

Thanks for being so welcoming and kind.

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A flat-colored sketch for the super sweet J’karha from the awesome @the-wardens-reliquary miqo’te linkshell. I love pretty much everyone there and have had such a nice time making new friends and goofing around at all hours of the night. 

J’karha has been so kind and an absolute joy to hang with. ALL OF THEM ARE. CAT SQUAD.

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A mini gift for my beautiful sunflower @cashew-qq of one of my favorite characters, the adorable Aelwyn. I love her and Yhivi’s bond (even if it STILL NEEDS SOME WORK) and just think she’s the bee’s knees, man.


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