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alltoolewin 6 months ago
Lando norris fluff alphabet 馃挏
First alphabet blurb 馃コ
Feel free to send in any requests in a list of who i write for are here x
Tumblr media
Affection~ (how affectionate is he? Favourite way to show affection?)
Lando is one of the most affectionate people you've ever met. Always wanting to be touching you, if its holding your hand or a arm around you waist or shoulder, he is always showing people that you are his and only his.
His favourite way to show affection is hand kisses, its his quite way to tell you he is there and always will be no matter hard it gets.
Best memory~ (his favourite memory of you two?)
Definitely when you first met his family. Loving the way his mum immediately accepted you into the fanily treating you like one of her own. Feeling grateful that his parents can see how amazing you are. Something about that day gives him butterflies just thinking about it. Whether thats the way you treated his younger siblings or the way you always offered to help his parents, helping them regardless if they declined your offer. His dad giving him a silent nod while you played with his sister and uno, a nod that looked like nothing but ment a 1000x words.... they loved you.
Cuddles~ (is he a cuddler? Favourite type of cuddles?)
He is a hugeeeee cuddler! Always wanting to be snuggled up next you even when its boiling, his body always had to be latched onto yours regardless of the situation. His favourite cuddles were post training snuggles, loving the way you immediately opened your arms for him allowing him to climb in your arms and snuggle into your neck. Your soft-scented perfume instantly putting him at ease... you were his medicine and he was addicted.
Daydreaming~ (how does he view the future with you?)
He knew you were the one from the very first time you met. Although your both really young he sees everything with you, buying your first house together maybe even a dog. Then comes marriage and babies... however you both agreed that thoses stages are gonna wait a few years and gonna enjoy eachother as boyfriend and girlfriend first before babies and a ring.
Embarrassed~ (what about you makes him flustered?)
Whenever your around him and his friends he's always got a rose tint on his cheeks. Loving the way you act so naturally around them, never changing yourself for anyone. But what sets him off the most is when you stroke his neck when you have company. Like his hand squeezes this was your special way to say i love you and god does he feel the love. His friends always teasing him that he is whipped.. but he doesn't care. He loves you more than anything and hes not afraid to show it.
First impressions ~ (His first opinion on you?)
From the very first time you met he absolutely adored you. Seeing how bubbly you were with your friends but the minute anyone gave you a compliment outside your group you would immediately go shy. Loving seeing you in two completely different ways.
However you did play hard to get at first. Lando trying everything he could for you to notice him, however he knew he needed to knock down that nervous layer wanting nothing more than the bubbly (y/n) he seen and loves to be all his.
Gentle~ (how gentle is he in your relationship?)
He is the most gentle thing ever!!! Knowing how hard your past relationships were, lando always gives 10000%. Knowing that there will be times where you need a little bit of alone time, but he always shows you that when your going through these times, if you ever need a shoulder to lie on.. hes there.
Hug~ (is he a hugger? What are they like?)
Hugs are his favourite!!! Loving how his small frame wraps around your even smaller frame. And boyyy was he great hugger! Instantly feeling safe in his arms, going into your very own world just you and him.
Post race cuddles were his favourite, loving seeing you in the crowd with his family and your McClaren team lanyard on. Your always the first person he hugs, everytime, politely ignoring everyones first bumps and hand fives until he has you in his arms.
Intimate~ (is he intimate? What about?)
He is extremely intimate with you. Touch is his love language, wanting nothing more than being in your embrace. His favourite is when you stroke his hair when you go to sleep, only you have the privilege of touching his hair. Something about how you rake you fingers through his slightly curled locks instantly puts him to sleep, especially after races.
Jealousy~ (does he get easily jealous? What does he get most jealous about?)
He isn't really the jealous type, however when you go out together with your friends he always had a arm around your shoulder or waist. Any long glances at you would be dismissed as he instantly puts his lips with yours. Knowing how some men are he always wanted to make sure they knew who you belonged to... him.
Kisses~ (favourite type of kisses?)
Neck kisses!! The feeling of his lips on your neck while snuggling on the couch watching highlights of the race. Nothing sounds more perfect! However lando loved long passionate kisses, putting all his love in the kiss making sure you know how much he truly loved you.
Love~(who said i love you first? How long into the relationship was it?)
Lando by accident! It was around the 3 month mark when you and lando went out for a sneaky takeaway in the middle of the night! You both just laughing and cuddling in the car until lando let it slip. A mindless thought turned into a memory the both of you would never forget!
Marriage~(do they want to get married?)
Lando already knows that your the one, at the moment neither of you feel the need for a ring to prove that. However in the future... theres nothing more he wants to do than call your mrs (y/n) norris!
Nicknames~ (does he use petnames? If so what are they?)
Oh you both loved a pet name! You mainly calling lando bubba! His little smile everytime you call it him melts your heart. However lando has about 1000x for you.... gumdrop, angel face, rolo, jelly bean, pancake, small fry, sweet pea, sweetie pie, bibi... to name a few. However the one that has stuck the most at night time is... roo. You have no idea where he got it from however you weren't gonna complain, finding it the sweetest thing ever!!!
Orange~(what colour reminds him of you?)
Baby blue! Everytime he's sees baby blue he instantly thinks of your eyes! Hes favourite body part of you! It also happened to be the colour of the tshirt you wearing on your first date.
PDA~ (is he big on PDA? How does he show it?)
You both are quite private so PDA is not really your thing. However that doesnt me he wont throw a arm around you if there are some long glances at you. He also likes to hold your hand.... ALOT! His silent way to tell you he loves you!
Quirks~ (what weird quirks does he have that you find cute? )
Your favourite quirk of his is the way he laughs at his own jokes. You've never met anyone who finds themselves as funny as he does! His giggle is music to your ears, its addicting instantly causing a smile to appear on your lips.
Romance~ (is he a romantic? Whats his biggest romantic gesture?)
He is a big romantic! Always doing little gestures to let you know how important you sre to him. If thats ordering you your favourite coffee every morning even when hes away or buying you small gifts from every place he visits.
His biggest romantic gesture tho is him writing you a note everyday before he goes to training or every day he will be away. Having a pile of them in your memory box, reading them every time you miss him! It may not be the 'grandest' but it was definitely the biggest!
Sympathy~(how does he comfort you?)
The minute he knows theres something wrong he takes you into your shared bedroom, wraps you both in a huge blanket and puts on cars, which so happened to be your comfrot movie. Letting you take your time with telling him what happened. But you knew he聽 was always there.
Tender~ (how in love is he? How can people see he is in love?)
Everyone knew he was smitten with you as soon as you got introduced to them as the love of his life. Never seeing a softer side of lando, which people already thought was impossible. However when he was you his infectious smile never left his face. You were his ray of sunshine and he never wanted to lose it.
Understanding~(how well does he know you?)
He can read you like a book! Knowing exactly when you need a hug or when you need a little bit of space. It was like he was mindreader!
Regards to your person life he pretty much knew everything about you, however he loves learning more about your childhood and your routes. Theres always something new to learn about each other.
Value~ (how important is the relationship to him? Is it top priority?)
Although racing is incredibly important to him, nothing is more important than your relationship. No matter how big he gets in the racing world, you will always be his top priority. Whenever he's needed hes there no matter the occasion.
Wildcard~ (random fluff)
Although lando isn't a biggggg fan on PDA, that doesn't mean he doesn't like showing you off on twitch.
Always trying to get you involved in his games, even when you don't have an idea whats going on. However when your feeling shy he lets you just sit on the sofa in the corner, wanting to spend every minute he can with you until he had leave for the next grand prix.
Xylophone~ (whats a song that reminds him of you? Whats a song that reminds you of him?)
Song that reminds lando of you: you are the reason~ Callum scott
Song that reminds you of lando: lover~ taylor swift
Yearning~ (how does he act when he misses you)
The crew always teases him when he's away from you because boyyy does he not shut up! Telling random people how much he misses you, stories about you he shouldn't really be saying! & when hes not talking about you, hes talking to you. Phoning you every chance he has. Daniel always messaging you asking you to try and visit lando as he's giving everyone an ear ache.
Zzzzz~(whats it like at night time? Whats the routine?)
Lando gets extremely clingly when he's sleepy, so its hard to really do anything while hes awake. Always snuggling into you neck while you do your skincare routine. Pulling you straight into bed as soon as your done. You move around alotttt in your sleep, one minute your the little spoon next minute your the big one... however no matter how many times you move hes always touching you.
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beingcuteismything 16 days ago
83, 91, 94 馃槉
83: what is a phrase you heard lots growing up?
"Dont say why"/"its rude to ask why"
91: where would you like to travel to?
That's a very very long list but at the top is Antarctica, Norway, and the Seychelles
94: what do you do in your free time?
Lately not much since I dont go to 8 dance classes a week anymore lol but I've been trying to pick up hobbies like painting or pottery or jewelry making
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icefire149 3 months ago
Rachel 馃挏 beloved bestie 馃挏 how do you not have a prom date 馃挏 will you be my date to the prom? 馃挏
Liv, I honestly wasn't expecting anyone to ask! (And I'm way too Dean coded and chicken to ask anyone 馃槀) I'm surprised you didn't have one already either!!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?So yes, absolutely 馃帀馃帀馃帀
Tumblr media
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nightingale-interactive 6 months ago
First of all I want to say that your game is AMAZING, BREATHTAKING, WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL and every other positive adjective 馃挄
Second, I was scrolling through your tumbrl and I found mood board about 鈥淪candal鈥 and in one of the squares was 鈥淲hat kind of coward was I to marry her and not wait for you to show up?鈥 So if it鈥檚 not to spoilery - why do Christian and Alcina got married? Just because they loved each other (cause I assume they did(?)) or there was other reasons?
This one is probably very spoilery but I鈥檓 gonna ask anyway lmao - Did they fall out of love? If yes then why?
And if we wish to end up with Alcina or Chris will we be able to? I mean in legal relationship meaning that they would have a divorce.
Have a good day 馃挄
Thank you so much 馃挄! I am so happy that you like Scandal so far.
Alcina and Christian got married because they loved one another. They had a connection with one another... which they still have. It's just necessarily what they believed it was.
They still love one another. They're just not in love with each other.
You will be able to. There will be a long path to get from Point A to Point B but you will get there in time.
I hope you have a good day too!
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jakelogic 3 months ago
I really liked your art a lot and your blog too
And hoped id learn from it
Hii, darling! 馃挏
How are you doing these days?
Awww thank you so much for your kindness, angel, also, trying to learn from my blog is really leaving me speechless, woah 馃槼馃挏.
I'm trying to do my best, but I didn't expect this, thank you so so much, I really appreciate that 馃挏.
Also, your blog is special in its own way because everyone is unique and special! You're doing an awesome job too! (if Tumblr just made me receive notifications it would be much easier to see everyone's posts, but yeah 馃ゲ).
(also, I saw your other ask and don't worry, I've forgot at least 3765 times to go Anon when saying/asking things 馃ゲ)
Have an amazing day/night, darling! 馃挏
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inky-duchess 3 months ago
Happy Birthday, Your Majesty! I hope you see many, many, many, many more in your looooong life
Tumblr media
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odd-maiden a month ago
Green, pink, yellow 馃槍
Let's nap in the woods <3 and being mysterious is always more interesting isnt it :D
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tri3tri 4 months ago
Dark ask for normal Lover Au but Lucien would probably be on edge constantly because (as Lover au is an offshoot of Canon) he is highly aware Fiancee doesn鈥檛 have romantic feelings for him (if she has anything other than annoyance and, as of right now, pity and compassion, he will be surprised) and would probably still make plans to cancel the engagement when she鈥檚 snapped out of her pity-doting on him to comfort him, so he goes plots for her to end up nearly killed by an assassin, but the blade that scratched her must鈥檝e been coated in extremely lethal poison cause from that day onwards she becomes extremely sick and typically bedridden. Normally, the royalty would break the engagement off not wanting such a sickly queen consort, but considering Lucien鈥檚 mental instability they leave it up to him to decide that. Naturally, Lucien just keeps her in the palace and have doctors attend to her. He pays them off to only just barely let her recover, keeping her in a nearly permanent state of weakness, and he would sometimes have discussions of whatever extremely valuable resources and etcetera he鈥檚 been using up to keep Fiancee alive just outside her door, so she can hear and feel guilty. Ofc, when her family eventually come despondently asking to return their daughter so they can care for her and they鈥檒l find a way to repay Lucien for everything he鈥檚 done, he very blankly has the royal treasurer list off the enormous debt that鈥檚 accumulated for Fiancee鈥檚 medical fees, and its still growing since she hasn鈥檛 gotten better. Fiancee may鈥檝e come from an important high-ranking family, but their wealth wasn鈥檛 as limitless as that of the Draconia family. They would be ruined.
Soon after they leave Lucien returns to Fiancee and tells her about how her family has been thinking of ways to repay the Draconia for the medical fees and he can feel her stiffen under his touch. It鈥檚 quite a significant sum, you know? Your family may have to trade in all their titles, lands, and businesses and Luci鈥檚 worried it still won鈥檛 be enough since Fiancee is still sick. And she doesn鈥檛 want to die either, does she?
Fiancee is trembling as she listens and starts to cry into his chest begging him for mercy on her family. She says she鈥檒l take on the burden of paying him back all by herself so please don鈥檛 take away the things her family tried so hard to build up and maintain. Lucien lightly pats her back and kisses her forehead saying of course he鈥檒l be merciful dealing with her family- she would be devastated if something terrible happened and he wouldn鈥檛 want her condition to worsen because of something like that. But, he says, voice more singsong as he lifts her chin so she has to stare into his eyes, her debt to him is quite large, isn鈥檛 it?
And he can see the way, the moment she realizes she has no way to free herself, no way she could ever repay him, that she resigns herself to her fate. She holds his hand and presses her face against it, pleading softly in ancient tongues, that she鈥檒l give herself entirely to him. Heart, body, soul. Lucien recognizes her oath for the ancient binding ritual of fae ceremonies- a ritual of total submission- and grins as he leans over her, pressing her into the bed as he kisses her fervently, adoringly, as he completes the ritual by accepting her offering and marking her as his.
He thinks the heliotrope- the flower bloom symbolizing their contract- that blooms along her collarbones is a perfect symbol of their union. Devotion and eternal love.
Fiancee 鈥渕iraculously鈥 recovers a week after her oath to Lucien is made. And Lucien smiles as she looks at him with confusion and dread, pressing a kiss to her hand then her cheek and chuckling lowly, asking her that isn鈥檛 she happy she can now spend a full eternity at his side? When he sees the spark of realization in her eyes he taps his finger against the flower on her chest, his smile cold, possessive, as he reminds her of the oath she made to him.
He smiles as he presses his next kiss on her mouth, tilting her head back as he kisses her like a drowning man sucked in air, and grins as he feels her reluctantly cling to his arms and return the kiss.
It鈥檚 fine if she鈥檚 reluctant now. He has an eternity, and their contract, to make her his adoring, loyal wife. He could afford to take it easier now.
And with that thought he brings them both to the plush of his bed as he slips a hand to detangle the ribbons of her corset.
AHDHAKDJAKA I've been rereading this for million times already
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stonerchick8130 a month ago
Mental health issues fucking suck, but you fucking rule.
You鈥檙e hot, you do some really clever, eye-catching sets, and your blog is sexy and just fun鈥 But also? You鈥檙e part of a generation of SWs who are remarkably open about their mental health struggles, and I think that鈥檚 huge. First of all, that鈥檚 just really fucking brave. You, specifically, are really fucking brave. And it鈥檚 powerful, because it slowly de-stigmatizes mental illness for others. People see your honesty and, bit by bit, feel a little less alone, maybe judge themselves a little less harshly, maybe gain a little more empathy for the people in their lives who are struggling. How many people have you positively impacted? Obviously I can鈥檛 know, but I鈥檇 guess at least hundreds, maybe thousands. Many of them may not even realize it, but that鈥檚 almost the point: you鈥檙e changing our culture by example, helping us be just a little more kind, a little more whole.
That all might seem a bit abstract, and I don鈥檛 know how much of a comfort it is. And don鈥檛 get me wrong, I don鈥檛 mean to objectify your struggles by putting them on some kind of pedestal. All I鈥檓 saying is: just by being yourself, you make the world a little bit brighter. Thank you for that.
This made me cry, thank you so much for this I needed it and I think everyone else will need this too! I have my days and I get triggered easily, can I help that no, I can't it's hard and I struggle everyday not to cry, I tried so hard today not to cry and then one thing was said wrong to me and I started crying and it sucks, mental health issues SUCK! like they are for the BIRDS.
it's so hard a lot of the time, I try to make everyone around me comfortable, and sometimes I feel like I make them uncomfortable with how I'm feeling at the time, and I hate telling people they hurt my feelings, cause it makes me feel bad because I feel like it's dumb to feel that way, but it's not. Express how you're feeling in that moment. You're feelings matter!
People like to hide how they feel and this part might be a little triggering for others but that's not gonna help us help you, I don't want anyone to think that if they were not in the right state of mind that I wouldn't do anything in my power to make you feel better! I love making people laugh and if I can do that for you then I did something good, everyone needs laughter in there lives.
I'm rambling, but the point is guys, don't hide how you feel. I care and so do others, some may hate but that's because they don't understand just speak how you feel. If you're pissed say it, if you're excited about something express it, if you're not feeling like yourself then say that, we can't guess how you're feeling.
I love you guys, you guys have made me feel comfortable with who I am more, and for that I am forever grateful.
Peace-love-and-weed <3
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your-nerd-is-showing 2 months ago
51 followers away from 1k! Thank you everyone for your love and support of my crazy ass 馃ぃ YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!
Tumblr media
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What are you currently working on and have you gotten any prompts that got you excited? Bored and boiling hot here lol!
Oh I here that anon, summer is in full swing where I am 馃サ lol
I鈥檓 currently working on editing one where the entire team goes camping (hoping to have that up sometime this weekend) I鈥檓 also working on a teen Buddie fic but the stories kind of all over the place at the moment so I鈥檓 not sure when it鈥檒l be ready to post 馃槵
As for prompts I got one recently about a really hot day, Buddie, and melted ice cream鈥攈oping to have that up next week 馃槈
I got a few other really good NSFW prompts as well as one about realizations with Eddie and the grocery store scene, and a couple about Buck begins. Hoping to get back to writing up more prompts next week!
Thanks for asking 馃グ
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cosmicrealmofkissteria a month ago
Tumblr media
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sharkb0yinthewat3r a month ago
this came up on my youtube recommended & i thought you'd like it!
"Enchanted by Taylor Swift but you're in an old cathedral"
YESSSS. I love when songs have audio effects like this
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tulatodivine 5 months ago
Girl I hope you getting rest!!!!!!!!
Yaas Im taking three days my arm feels like it is about to pop off 馃槯
Thank you 馃槩 for checking on me
Tumblr media
I need a mini-vacation 馃挒
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nightingale-interactive 6 months ago
I swear If you have a patreon, I will give you half of my salary 馃槴 I love this game so much much much
Thank you 馃挋! That isn't necessary but you're too sweet for offering. I may make a Ko-Fi soon if any of you are interested in that but I'm still on the fence about it.
I'm so happy that you love the game so far. It warms my heart to hear that.
I hope that you're doing well.
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wandanatsbaby 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Thank you all so much馃挏
Let me know what I should do as a celebration
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inky-duchess 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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jiminniethemarshmallow 4 months ago
Hello! I really love your stories! They are really so hot and sweet! A perfect blend of smut and fluff, yummy)) For the fanfic ask game: B, I, M, U, if you'd like to share)
Thank you so much lovely, and thank you for sending me these questions! 馃挏
B:聽Any of your stories inspired by personal experience?
鈥淕oing Up?鈥 Is the closest fic to personal experience but it was my roommate who had the love interest, not me. I鈥檓 forever alone 馃槶
I:聽Do you have a guilty pleasure in fic (reading or writing)?
This isn鈥檛 really a secret but I love reading and writing fics with impreg kink or creampies 馃檲 idk, something about reading it just gets me going, especially since I鈥檇 never indulge in that fantasy in real life (always practice safe sex!)
M:聽Got any premises on the back burner that you鈥檇 care to share?
Yes, I have sooo many half-written fics in my drafts that I just have not had the inspiration or motivation to finish and I鈥檓 so sorry for that! The biggest ones being a fic called 鈥淚 Remember鈥 that鈥檚 an amnesia AU and a threesome fic with Jimin and Tae 馃槒 I鈥檝e been working on both of these since last year and everything is all planned out but I鈥檓 having a hard time writing recently so I鈥檓 not sure when they鈥檒l be finished. Also Thank You For Your Service pt. 5 is in the works too!
U:聽Share three of your favorite fic writers and why you like them so much.
Since I first started reading fics on Tumblr, @dovechim, @btssmutgalore , and @kpopfanfictrash have been my all time favorite writers. I love the way that all of them develop their stories. Even though their writing styles are different they all have a special way of creating entire worlds in each fic that I easily get sucked into and writing characters that are so realistic and flawed yet perfect. Whenever I read anything from them I feel like I鈥檓 pulled into a different universe and can actually experience everything that they describe and that鈥檚 just amazing to me. Actually, all three of them inspired me to start writing because I wanted to make my own worlds and stories that people could get lost in just like they do. Also, they write amazing smut too 馃槀
(@untaemedqueen is an honorable mention because as I said earlier I love impreg kink and all of her works are so hot and I keep reading them over and over I literally can鈥檛 get enough. I especial love her series Silver and Blue about werewolf!Taehyung, y鈥檃ll should definitely check it out ok bye)
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mettaworldpiece 2 months ago
Just dropped by to say you're really pretty! I hope you're having a great day!
omg thank you 馃ズ馃挏馃挏 I hope you had a great day too 馃グ
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hawksoholic 3 months ago
BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD! Once you are given this award you鈥檙e supposed to paste it in the asks of eight people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing happens, but it's sweet to know someone thinks you鈥檙e beautiful inside and out.
Tumblr media
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