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#what the hell????

My cousin had a rooftop party for her birthday, my sister’s friends took a trip out of town, my other cousin is in the Hamptons with 12 friends, and a girl I know who just had a baby just went to universal studios… like… have people forgotten we’re in a damn pandemic????

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went to doctor to get new referral for trans things (because they had discontinued my treatments wtf) and asked can she write me a sick leave off work and she said no 🙃

the clerk at front was as shocked as I am and just handed me blankly a waiting number for a nurse………….

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Why the hell is this prompt almost 4000 words.  It’s not even a prompt anymore.  It’s a smut fic.  Why do I do this.  I could have kept it simple.  Like, Richie blows Eddie and that’s that.  But NOOOO.  I gotta throw some stupid feelings in there.  Well fuck you.  Fuck you feelings.  Get the hell out of my smut.  Let me write notsfw in peace gdi.  

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Name: (Princess) Melody Athena Triton Andersen
Nature of Feelings ( Platonic, Romantic, Unspecified, etc. ): Romantic of course, you’re like the love of my life!
Sexual & Romantic Orientation: Biromantic Demisexual (aka everyone’s pretty but I gotta be close to someone for serious stuff. Like I’m close with you!)
Personality: Bubbly, adventurous, impulsive
Hobbies / Interests: swimming, shell finding, singing, spending time with her friends and family, 
Likes: Harry, swimming, singing
Dislikes: bullies, Harry’s dad, liars
Goals / Ambitions: to become queen of either Atlantica or her father’s kingdom and/or sail the world with Harry forever
Preferred Foods: Fruit salad, but likes anything that’s not fish
Preferred Beverages: Water
How Will We Spend Time Together / Your Ideal Date: Swimming at our favorite lake, then a picnic with all your favorite foods, and then maybe we can go sailing on one of Dad’s boats around sunset?
Do You Like Dessert: Yup!
Your Thoughts On Love: It’s a lot harder and a lot more work than the fairytales say but it’s worth it
How Many Relationships Have You Been In: Including this one? ….One
Will You Steal My Food: Maybe~
Gold, Silver, or Bronze: Silver
Cake Or Pie: Cake!
Flowers, Chocolates, or Stuffed Animals: I mean I like all of them but I’d probably give you flowers since they smell nice but die so you don’t feel compelled to keep them forever like a stuffed animal, and cause I know you can’t handle chocolate
Can You Cook: I’m not the best cook and the kitchen is gonna get messy but I can definitely make you something!


“Great minds think alike, aye siren” Harry smirked, but his heart skipped a beat when he heard that she knew him well enough to realize that he would hate chocolate “Sounds like the date is maybe a go?”

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