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okay i realize people may be busy
and could just not care but h

when i send a picture of smth i love that ive been waiting to show and NO ONE EVEN ACKNOWLEDGES IT throughout the entire day its been sitting there-

cant help but think all im bein is just annoying and a bother xdd

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Now I’m really thinking about this though: how Cel and Azu go looking for Sassraa and Carter, and both arrive somewhere unknown with no clear idea where to find their friends, and need to look around for them, need to roll perception checks and take some time to search the place. But Zolf … Zolf doesn’t have to do any of that. He just steps outside, and there’s a feeling. And he closes his eyes and follows it blind, and it leads him right to who he’s looking for, through the whole city, without so much as a stumble. That’s … certainly quite something.

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thanks to my mom for ruining my day by calling me crazy after I told her that I’m stressed out and am about to have a mental breakdown and that her only putting more pressure on me makes me feel worse😊 really thanks

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“Why was Sam the only one at Dean’s funeral? Other people who cared about Dean deserved to be there!!”

Sam Winchester has transported his brother’s corpse across state lines three times before this and buried him twice. Nobody on the planet deserved to be there as much as he deserved to go deal with saying goodbye for the first time either of them actually meant it however the fuck he wanted

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deserts aren’t uninhabited or undistubred by human life. people live there. lots of people for literally thousands of years. we just stole all that land and called it a park so people can’t live there anymore. personally i think the whole like…. tower? statue? thing was dumb but please stop talking about how terrible humans are for invading nature and destroying never before touched habitats like….there are very few expanses of fully uninhabited land…. unless you’re being actively destructive it’s not… a bad thing to exist in nature. i’d be more worried about trapsing on stolen land and not knowing the techniques of those who used to live there in order to be safe & keep the environment around u safe rather than like…. just not “sullying the Great Untouched Wilderness”

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why does tumblr like my incoherent appreciation posts so much i doubt half the people that like it understand it fully



and i’ve wanted to do this for a while because he is my favorite character and HAS BEEN my favorite character! for a few months now, actually!!


look, fundy, prior to season two, this man did NOT get to roleplay. he was actually my favorite chractacter because his backstory was so perfect and could be used in a book and he’s SUCH a well thought out character BUT I WILL GET TO THAT!!

but oh my GOD did he step up to the podium in SEASON FREAKING TWO!!! he! i! oh my god!!! have you guys SEEN his interactions with ghost wilbur?! I didn’t even KNOW fundy was good at roleplay, and YET!!


he pulled this angsty teen bs out of buttfuck NOWHERE and knocked it out of the PARK with it!!! all of his lines in regards to ghost wilbur, all of his little quips and perfectly timed silences, they’re all so realistic and well-done and ajsiadnk he’s just out here to fuel the angst train??

oh yes, he COULD have decided to make amends with wilbur, but would that have been realistic??? HELL NO! he SAW that, and went ‘no <3′ and pulled out lines like “you abandoned me” “im not jealous of tubbo because he’s president, im jealous of tubbo because he probably still has a DAD somewhere and i don’t” “wilbur, LISTEN!!!” “you never take these things SERIOUSLY!” “look, he thinks this is a joke” like UM????



and that’s just the daddy issues, not to mention his commitment to fundywastaken!!!!! it’s stuch an easy thing to forget and brush off, but oh nononono!!! he sticks to it, and he’s stuck to it ever since it was deemed CANON. AND THAT WAS A FEW MONTHS AGO!!!

using his date with dream as a way to cam dreamon!dream down?? THE ONE SCENE, THE SCENE WITH THE FLOWERS, “george will love these” “why george?” I’M.




and on ranboo’s stream the other day, when he mentioned his wedding with dream (the video is coming out tomorrow by the way!!! be ready for THAT one) and the chat just started smiling and people started to yell like “DREAM IS CHEATING ON FUNDY WITH GEORGE,” the way that he paused and read it aloud and started saying things like, “no, he wouldn’t….i don’t think that’s true.” but then started to sniffle and straight up LEFT for a few minutes after audiably starting to cry??? I

it’s like he KNOWS that it’s true and he’s just in denial WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US FUNDY PLEEEASE

this character has been through SO MUCH, like, think about it, wilbur’s abuse/neglect, schlatt, having to watch wilbur die, eret dipping on his adoption day (no hate to eret, nobody told them that it was happening lmao (i have some thoughts about why that is but that’s a topic for another post ehehe)), dream being a adulterous prick, all of that, and fundy plays it PERFECTLY!!!

and also fundy’s desire to be acknowledged and appreciated by a person in a position of superiority or power has been a constant this entire tme, my only real qualm with his character is actually that he WASNT on schlatt’s side, because schlatt actually didn’t treat fundy?? badly?? he definitely acknowledged and even put him into a position of power, something that his own FATHER CONSTANTLY refused to do, so i felt like it should have started out with him wanting to be on wilbur’s side before slowly moving to schlatt but you know what???

he might not have done it FULLY, but the INTENT was definitely there!!!! flash back to the festival, tubbo gets muffined and fundy is like, ‘wait…does that mean i can stand there?’ and when schlatt says yeah he sounds and looks genuinely happy??? like ‘oh my god not only am i in a position of power im actually being treated that way with respect and jkdnasnfwerdsfzk’

we have, frankly, been SLEEPING on fundy and im TIRED of it. GO APPRECIATE HIM MORE!!!! NOW!!!!

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