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zazrichor·a month agoAnswer

You should do wei wuxian!!! I love your art

I plan to! His sketch is already done ✨ thank you!

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zazrichor·2 months agoText

I was tagged by the lovely @wingyenart to share 5 of my favourite creations & tag 5 people. thank you! 💖

umm I’ll tag only 2 ppl, namely @magxy, @thefailureartist if you want to! don’t hate me pls :D

so picking favourites is difficult because painting is an eternal source of frustration for me which is why this took me *checks calendar* 7 days?? lol no my internet connection was whack & didn’t let me post. it’s back now though.

1) I’ll have to pick Jiang Cheng. He took me 14 days & I will not allow myself to be more dissatisfied than satisfied with the result. I like the way his eyes turned out the most. For a long time there was still his hand with Zidian in the picture but it looked too attention grabbing imo & you don’t even want to know how detailed I went with the cloth until I dropped a water bucket over his shoulders (。T ω T。)


2) Nie Huaisang took me through hell & back :D I’m not happy that the transition from his eyesocket to the bridge of his nose is so harsh but ehh I like his expression! Whenever I look at this, I remember that he smiled in my draft & had his wisps & then I watched Fatal Journey for the first time. :))


3) Isabela - I’m really happy with how the earring & the hand looks, especially the nails. This started as a nighttime piece & I wanted her to stand at Kirkwall’s pier but a) my nighttime colouring needs more work & b) I still cannot squeeze a good background into a portrait.

I miss her.


4) The Outsider - I really leaned on Cedric Peyravernay’s concept art for this.

What I like about this most is the way I used colour in it. I didn’t touch fleshy colours from the start. I just built it up like I would traditionally & it changed A LOT in my approach to colouring digital art.


5) My film studies, actually. They taught me EVEN MORE about how my old approach to digital art sucked bc this is older & slapped me & made me embrace the chicken scratches. Also I really enjoyed working on the trio’s faces which is why I put them here as placeholders.


this was actually quite challenging bc of the above mentioned (me, looking at my archive: i’m supposed to like my own art? *screams in agony*) but I made it, hooray \( ̄▽ ̄)/

if anyone would like to do this, go ahead!

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zazrichor·2 months agoAnswer

Hi dear ^_^ i’m reaching out for you to check my blog since i’m trying to spread awareness of my sister’s condition to get help financially. I might msg you many times on different blogs but i’m trying my best to spread this post since we badly needed help. Thank you for understanding!


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zazrichor·2 months agoAnswer

hi! what brushes did you use for your cql artworks? and on what software/app? ty for your time :)

hello! I’m using Krita - it’s free & open source & so far has never really failed me!

I’m actually not sure whether the brushes I list here are all the brushes I used used bc I definitely zoned out quite a bit while painting. /o\ Better don’t paint during a heatwave, is all I’m saying.

I tried out a few new brushes from this bundle by Pyteo that I’ve had my eye on for ages but there was a compatibility issue that was fixed in 2020 & it was worth the wait!

My most used brush for both pieces was 3)Blocks texture3 from the new brush pack which I modified slightly so that it’s size sensitive.


For the skin texture I additionally used the brush Splat texture2 sparingly which comes with Krita. I just played around with the scatter settings a little bit. I also used it on low opacity all over the paintings.


I did the hair mostly using textured_tilt (default), with only a few brush strokes of 2)Bristles dirty1 (Pyteo’s pack) for a little bit of grain.


Now NHS’ fan & JC dripping all over the place profited from an update we got for Krita recently in which they added an awesome brush bundle solely with watercolor effect brushes! The ones I used the most were j) WaterC Basic Round-Fringe 02 & j) WaterC Basic Round-Grain


I used textured_tilt on on low opacity on JC’s background & 3)Blocks texture3 on both of them. The background on the NHS piece was done with GDquest Watercolor Sponge on very low opacity.


I think that’s all ≧◉◡◉≦


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zazrichor·4 months agoAnswer

Just want to say that your brushwork is amazing and the way you color is gorgeous! 💖💖💖

thank you so much?? 😭😭

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