Ouyang Zizhen Is Underrated.
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zhuilingyizhen 23 days ago

(Sorry if I make grammar mistakes, English is not my first language) Alright, I just had a idea... In every fic I've read, when the OT3 becomes the OT4, it's never Sizhui who is the last one to join the relationship (which is quite logical because he is the one with the braincells). So what if for once, he is the last to join the OT3 ?

Oh no

Honestly, it’s hard to imagine this happen (after all, sizhui has all the brain cells 馃槶) but i can imagine that the other three team up trying to get sizhui to date them ahsjsjsjsj

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zhuilingyizhen 47 days ago

For Sizhui, falling in love is slow. There’s no “oh, I’m in love.” moment. Instead, it’s a unrushed, uncertain process, filled with maybes and lingering glances. But when he’s certain, absolutely certain, then it’s set in stone; he’s in love.

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zhuilingyizhen 71 days ago

Hostess: Before departure make sure all small items are safe

Lan Jingyi: A Ling.

Jin Ling: What?

Lan Jingyi: Do you feel safe?

Jin Ling: wha-?


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zhuilingyizhen 80 days ago

happy (belated) birthday to lsz 馃槶

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zhuilingyizhen 95 days ago

Ouyang Zizhen: They say you attract what you fear.

Jin Ling: Well, I’m absolutely terrified of emotional commitment-

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zhuilingyizhen 119 days ago

Lan Sizhui: What are you looking at?

Lan Jingyi, taking a Buzzfeed quiz to find out what kind of holiday candle scent he is: Porn

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zhuilingyizhen 143 days ago

Lan Jingyi, crying at Jin Ling’s funeral: I was the only person at Sect Leader Jin’s side when he fell off that ladder and lost his life, and I will never forget his haunting last words鈥

Ouyang Zizhen: What were they?

Lan Jingyi: “Stop shaking the ladder you piece of shit!!”

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zhuilingyizhen 167 days ago

Lan Jingyi, to Zizhen: You told Jin Ling about us??

Lan Sizhui: Wait, you told Zizhen we’re dating?

Lan Jingyi: Of course I told Zizhen!

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zhuilingyizhen 191 days ago

Lan Jingyi: Hey, do you want to - stop screaming, it’s just me - do you want to watch Shrek with me?


Lan Jingyi: Okay, after you’re done do you want to watch Shrek with me?

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zhuilingyizhen 239 days ago

Lan Sizhui: …I hope you guys have a good explanation for this. >:C

Ouyang Zizhen: Actually, we have three

Lan Jingyi: Pick your favorite :D

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zhuilingyizhen 263 days ago

Jin Chan, huffing: gee a ling, why does your mom let you have 3 boyfriends?

Jin Ling: oh fuck off

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zhuilingyizhen 287 days ago

tagging other fandom stuff as not mdzs, be prepared for a whole lotta fe3h 馃ぉ

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zhuilingyizhen 311 days ago

Hi! I really love your blog and your headcanons❣️❣️ How do you think would be Sizhui's personality if he had been raised by Wei Ying and the Wens and how would be his relationship with the other juniors? Maybe there won't be a lot of difference but I'm still curious

oh 馃槼 tysm!! i haven’t been as active recently (thank the deities for queue) but i’m glad you like my blog!! everyone is welcome to dm me or send asks (but i don’t really check my messages, more active in discord tbh)

i think wsz would be a little more open outwardly (shows emotions more freely), but guarded when it comes to outsiders. anyone his dad trusts he trusts, but anyone outside of that is suspicious.

he gets along well enough with jl and ljy but probably gets along best with oyzz. zizhen is the most vulnerable (i mean that in a good way, like he doesn’t have as many walls/traumas as jl does and ljy is probably lonlier without lsz and any world in whcih lsz and ljy did not grow up as best friends is a sad one).

and since zizhen is the most vulnerable and open (and he’s just such a sweetheart honestly) wen sizhui just finds it easier to befriend him!!

his relationship with jl is kinda awkward because they grew up either adoring or despising wwx. and og wwx’s body is kinda alive (i’m assuming, idk what au this is)

i’m not sure if he ever meets ljy, but he would be introduced to him as a lan disciple, friend of oyzz’s (and kinda jl’s, it’s complicated). they get along, but they’re not as close as they were in canon.

wsz is mostly curious about ljy, bc jingyi is one of the only people who can get away with pranking lwj. and in this au, wen sizhui and lan wangji’s relationship is very strained

since wsz was raised by wens + wwx, he sees lwj as both an outsider and the guy who his dad loves. so it’s kinda awkward, especially since wwx expected wsz to get along with them all and wsz is not very comfortable with it all, just does it as to not disappoint his father.

wsz was probably sheltered too tbh. anyways i’ve ranmbled enough abt this, love the idea tho!! might make a follow-up post, so if there’s any other aspects of this au you’re interested in, ask :))

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zhuilingyizhen 335 days ago

This is really basic and boring but zhuilingyizhen’s hc of them going on a picnic date maybe 🥺👉👈 (srry my brain is dry rn ):)

awww that’s such a cute idea!! (don’t be sorry i rlly like this!!)

lsz and jl do food prep (they kinda get to bond over different kinds of food and jl spent a lot of time learning his mother’s recipes from various staff and his uncle)

oyzz and ljy find a nice place and do setup. oyzz has a habit of finding the most random nooks and crannies (usually while running away from his dad trying to get him to train or to go exploring)

if this is modern au oyzz and ljy hang up fairy lights bc this is them we’re talking about, but in canonverse they probably get candles (?)

it’s an afternoon date, and they stay til late to watch the stars <3

it’s all very sweet!! if you ignore ljy and jl arguing all the time.

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zhuilingyizhen 359 days ago

Lan Jingyi: Hey, what was your favorite part of the New Year’s livestrea-

Ouyang Zizhen, deadly serious: The balloon dancers.

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zhuilingyizhen a year ago

Ouyang Zizhen: sticks and stones may break my bones but words can reinforce unhealthy thinking habits and amplify negative worldviews in ways that have longterm consequences to my mental health

Jin Ling: a-are you okay??

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zhuilingyizhen a year ago

Lan Jingyi: Jin Ling, we can’t go in there! It says 18+ only and there’s only two of us.

Jin Ling: You’re so stupid, just invite more people!

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zhuilingyizhen a year ago

jl has two moods: constant frustration & annoyance at jingyi.

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