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Name's Kyra. i like to digital art. This blog is 99.99% original posts | | Twitter: @kyrartz | Instagram: @kyrartz

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kyrartz·2 months agoAnswer
hey, just discovered your tumblr and I absolutely adore your art and would like to know what program you use for drawing as ive been looking to make some digital art but as of now only have MS paint. also any tips on how to improve with drawing????

MS paint!? Interesting choice. I personally use photoshop. But there are other free programs out there like GIMP or Krita. Your program doesnt really matter, it’s just a tool. However, i do admit MS paint can really limit the things you can do.

As for tips, it’s really all just practice and mileage. Do some studies, pick up books or video tutorials and practice practice practice. Also have fun practicing

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kyrartz·3 months agoAnswer
I am looking into drawing tablets and programs. Which do you use? Btw your art is absolutely incredible! Like Damn girl, DAMN.

First off, thank you for the kind words!  Before I discuss drawing tablets and software, please note that this is my personal opinion and it may be different for you. Now onto the tech stuff:

Drawing tablets

Recently I’ve been using a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24. Not too long ago I was using a Wacom Cintiq 13HD, and before that I used an intuos. I also use an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil for loose sketching. I personally prefer drawing tablets with a screen, so I would recommend getting one with a screen. Although I’ve been mainly using Wacom products, I hear there are other brands of display tablets that are doing very well. Personally, I prefer Wacom because it has pen tilt function. I also recommend you make sure the active area of the screen is something you’re okay with. A small screen can really cramp up your wrist, which is why I decided to upgrade to a larger screen. It’s also annoying having to zoom in and out all the time.


A program is just a tool. You can make great art as long as you know how to use it. I personally use Photoshop on PC and Procreate on iPad Pro. But I know of other artists *cough* CTchrysler *cough* that use free software like GIMP and are killing it!!! Just pick any program and learn your tool well (:

I hope you find something that fits you well!!!

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kyrartz·3 months agoAnswer
Hi!!! First of all your art is AMAZING! Like seriously it's insane. I do have a question for you (its okay if you can't get around to it I completely understand). I just started digital art and I was wonder if you had any tips for blending lines, backgrounds, and the overall shading of works. Thank you so much!!!

hi!!! thank you for the kind words. As for tips, here’s what worked for me: 

  • Blending lines - not sure what you mean exactly but from what I understand, I really just recolor my lines or paint over them if I need it to blend in.
  • Backgrounds - I wouldn’t say I’m great at backgrounds. But studying up on composition and perspective really helped me. I like to set up my backgrounds so that it compliments my focal point (which is usually a character). It’s really all about the composition for me.
  • Shading - understand form and lighting. I think figure drawing and observation really helped me understand form and lighting.

Your eye will get better over time the more you practice and observe. When you practice, really try to understand what you’re drawing. Ask yourself why something is the way it is. In the end it really comes down to knowledge of fundamentals and practice. I hope this makes sense lol.

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kyrartz·3 months agoAnswer
Pls tell me you get payed for this amazing art like DAMN

LOL! Thank you! for commissions, yes. For personal art, I’m paid with the feeling of self-fulfillment.

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